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Some Good and Funny Habits of Pakistani People

Good Funny Habits Of Pakistani PeoplePakistan is a developing country. Most of the people are poor. They have not enough money to purchase necessary household quickly. So instead of throwing old items they try to use them for more days. Though their habits seem to be funny but it is good and interesting. Some poor people with the time become middle class. But they don’t quit their old habits. Some examples are here. If soap became thin after use; instead of throwing they attach it with the new soap. They role and role toothpaste tube and use it until the last drop. Nice and elegant crockery in the house is only for guest use. They always upset when price of gold increases, even they never buy that. When TV remote cell finished and do not work, they shake the remote instead of changing the cell. 

Pakistani Sisters Sung Justin Bieber Song Baby

Two Pakistani girls belongs to a poor family became famous overnight when a video go on viral, in which they are singing world famous singer Justin Bieber's hit song "Baby". Both sisters name are Sania age 13 and Muqaddisa age 14 years, living in Imamia Colony near Lahore Pakistan. It is reported that they were singing along a road with her mother; then someone recorded a video by mobile and put on facebook. That video was much appreciated by people on facebook and was shared in millions.

Media took notice of that song and published news about them in all newspapers in Pakistan as well as in some international newspapers. Pakistani television Sama was the first channel who contacted her and present her programme in its morning show. In that show both girls sung many songs. Then ARY another news channel also call them along with family in it's morning show. Where she go thru makeup,  haircut and dressing. In that programme her father also sung a song. After break both sisters cut a cake and sung few songs including popular English song of Justin Beibre.

Singer wish to became popular singer of India and Pakistan. They also want to meet with Junsin Beiber.

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