000 buckshot wound
As the range increases, the wad will move outward from the main pellet mass path and will impact the skin either among or adjacent to the individual pellet holes, producing an oval or circular abrasion (Figure 8.35). In addition, their data on buckshot penetration tends to support the conclusion of forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio. At 4 ft, there will be separation of buckshot pellets from the main mass so that there will be a large gaping wound with a few satellite holes. At 15 yards, the area of the pattern of the Federal load remained essentially the same as it was at 7 yards. Figure 8.35 Wounds from 00 buckshot. About Figure 8.36 Shotgun wound of neck with a plastic over-the-shot wad from a Federal buckshot shell embedded in the entrance. | A shotgun cartridge contains pellets, gunpowder, and a wad that separates the pellets from the gunpowder. If the weapon is held in loose contact with the skin, there will be deposition of soot surrounding the entrance. Resources, Entrance Versus Exit Wounds Entrance Wounds. Some ammunition have plastic shot containers that hold the pellets and also act as the wad. In addition, their data on buckshot penetration tends to support the conclusion of forensic pathologist Dr. Vincent Di Maio. The wound edges are abraded and there is a thin linear abrasion on the upper right from the muzzle. As the range increases beyond 4 ft, the pellets start to spread and the hole takes on a circular appearance. No one should limit their choices to the loads I’ve discussed. The result is the reduced possibility of collateral damage, as long as care is taken to pattern one’s gun at several distances and not shoot beyond the range at which all pellets have a high probability of hitting the target. The victim was shot at close range (approximately 1 1/2 to 2 ft). In most cases in which an individual is shot in the trunk with buckshot, the pellets will remain in the body. For digital editions, visit Amazon. See next photo. A contact wound will consist of a circular wound of entrance whose diameter is approximately the same as that of the bore of the shotgun. Write For Us Privacy Policy The mechanical action of the skin rubbing against the muzzle causes the abrasion of the skin. This is due to buckshot’s relatively light weight and low sectional density. On the other hand, every gun patterns differently, so I took my 12-gauge Remington 870 Express Tactical to the range to fire four loads to provide examples of how one gun can shoot very different patterns with different loads. figure 8.18 Scene close-up revealing powder on the shirt and abundant blood. Multiple wound … No intermediary targets were present. Perhaps near point blank ranges are the one time when bird or target loads can be devastating. he was in bed. That’s because my personal experience and work in law enforcement have shown that 12-gauge guns usually shoot tighter patterns with a modified choke. As far as shotgun wounds go, other than a point blank, self-inflicted wound to the head (12ga, buckshot, no head), this was by far the worse. Privacy Policy See next photo. Less recoil allows me to make faster follow-up shots—if any are necessary. These markings allow examiners to test-fire weapons and compare test-fired bullets to those discovered in bodies. 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Note the abrasions from wadding (arrows). The ones I prefer have simply been the ones that performed best for my needs in the guns that I’ve used. Why? Even though these shotshells hold less powder and shot than 12-gauge ammo, the guns that shoot these smaller shells are usually quite light and still kick to a degree when firing buckshot. See next photo. We carry a variety of rounds for 12 gauge, 20 gauge, 16 gauge and 410 gauge shells. His book Gunshot Wounds: Practical Aspects of Firearms, Ballistics, and Forensic Techniques states that buckshot usually doesn’t penetrate through-and-through on torso hits. 2 Trackbacks & Pingbacks The author had a case of an individual shot in the chest with a Federal buckshot shell containing. | In addition, I patterned Remington’s reduced-velocity, 21-pellet #4 buckshot Ultimate Defense ammo and Winchester’s nine-pellet 00 buckshot Super-X load to demonstrate the patterns typical of #4 and 00 buckshot loads designed for general use. | At ranges from contact to 4 ft, discharge of a shotgun through a window screen will result in production of a square hole in the screen. The range (distance) of fire can usually be more easily determined in shotguns than in handguns or rifles. In fact, Federal’s nine-pellet Personal Defense 00 buckshot load delivers 1,575 foot-pounds of energy (fpe) at the muzzle, which is about three times the energy of a .357 Magnum round. Shop I also mounted a Nikon P-Tactical Spur 3-MOA reflex sight and a Crimson Trace Rail Master Pro green laser/100-lumen LED light, making my 870 both fast and accurate day or night. The edges of the wound will be seared and abraded. The Hottest Gun of 2020: The Kimber Rapide Black Ice. Depending on the form of powder present, i.e., ball or disk, powder tattooing in a 12-gauge shotgun will extend out to a maximum range of approximately 90 to 125 cm for ball powder and 60 to 75 for flake powder. The victim was obese and total tissue penetration perhaps equalled 20 inches. This wad does not fragment on firing and is recoverable intact at the scene or from the body (Figure 8.36). Federal buckshot cartridges were formerly closed with a thin plastic disklike, over-the-shot wad. Patterns in inches using Remington 870 Express Tactical with a modified choke. This shows the importance of integrating findings at autopsy with the individual weapon and ammunition. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I tested two tactical 00 loads: Federal’s reduced-velocity, nine-pellet Personal Defense ammo and Hornady’s full-velocity, eight-pellet Critical Defense load.


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