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This is the one activity we debated whether to spend the money on, but I’m so glad we did—it was unique and ended up being one of my favorites. There are our clouds, my father's and mine, Everleigh and Ava love training with Autumn Miller at the Space in Brea CA! 'Alopali is of Pahonu, Compare Kamakau: "If the canoe broke to pieces, their dead bodies would be cast up on Lana'i or at Hanauma" (Ka Po'e Kahiko 76). The winds of Waialua blow, It was a reminder that the growing pains we experience will one day produce sweet, refreshing fruit—fruit that will feed many. The tour will end with a flight over Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial, as evening turns into magical twilight. Your thigh bone and upper-arm bone Photos of it are plastered across Pinterest and travel blogs but it turns out, no one shares the exact location because doing so could lead to the state taking them down. The best months to experience this natural wonder are from December until May. Malanai is of Kailua, But this past month, I did get to visit Hawaii for the first time! Sometimes the flesh was used as bait to catch niuhi (tiger shark); or it could be left to scavengers, such as crabs and sea birds. But there’s actually multiple tree swings across Oahu. Caught in the fishing net of the head fisherman, It consists of nearly 600 square miles of mountains, forests, and some of the most amazing beaches and geologic features in the archipelago. Kukalahale is of Honolulu, The guard simply warned us to be careful, but rumor has it they sometimes issue fines. And with that distinct history comes our own fair share of ghost stories. I enjoyed starting each morning at the breakfast table with her, chatting over eggs and big bowls of fresh, tropical fruit. Be sure to snag a window seat on your flight in to catch a view of this crater from up above—its sheer magnitude is incredible! Some college friends and I had talked about taking a reunion trip to the islands this summer, but by the time it was starting to look like it wasn’t going to happen anymore, my friend Kirsten and I were already so excited about the idea, we determined to make it happen anyway! Moa'e is of Punalu'u, When Paka'a's enemies arrive at Moloka'i from the Big Island, Kuapaka'a chants the names of all the winds of Hawai'i and tells the chief Keawenuia'umi to come ashore on Moloka'i, because the winds will destroy his fleet of canoes if it continues on to O'ahu. Whether on a trip or in our own backyards, here’s to choosing adventure and making memories that last twice as long as the tan lines they give us. With the pace of today’s world, it’s easy to get pulled into the routine and busyness of our everyday lives to the point where we end up living in a reactive state. Kaci Nicole. Be sure to arrive early—before 9am to be safe—as they limit the number of people allowed in to preserve the embayment. Ho'e'o is of Moanalua, If you’d rather relax with a cool drink and just observe, that’s okay too. [Map: Ahupua'a and Wind Names of 'Ewa], Kaiaulu is of Wai'anae, At Makapu'u the winds turn, Hawaii has a unique history full of royalty, warriors, and culture. It is one of the few tours that’s officially sanctioned by the National Park Service that oversees the Pearl Harbor sites and museums. Pu'u-ka'ala blows at Ka'ala, Your virtual, audio tour guide will give you amazing facts and stories that’ll provide you with a remarkably personal insight into the momentous nature of that day in 1941. [Map: Ahupua'a and Wind Names of Ko'olauloa], Holopali is of Ka'a'awa and Kualoa, Diamond Head is one of the Oahu coast’s most iconic and recognizable features and there’s no better way to take in its splendor than by a cruise. This tour doesn’t include food, drinks or transportation; you’re welcome to bring your own mask and snorkel if you have them. How To: Honda Grom LED Flush Mount Turn Signals - Duration: 11:56. If you follow along on Instagram it should be no surprise I’m acai-obsessed, and this one from Banzai Bowls was quite possibly the best I have ever had (this was another idea inspired by Barefoot Blonde). Whether you’re interested in the island’s cultural heritage, history, or natural beauty, finding amazing things to do on your trip won’t be a problem. Malualua comes from the northeast, 'Ao'aoa is of Mamala, You’ll set sail on a catamaran that’s nearly 60 feet long, from which you’ll take in the amazing beaches, dramatic cliffs and towering crater rim of Diamond Head – all while gently rocking on the boat’s deck. It’s the location from which world-changing events were set in motion that led to a half-decade of war that shaped world history. Waikiki Sunset Doors On Or Doors Off Helicopter Tour: Diamond Head Luau Farm Experience With Dinner & Show: Diamond Head Hiking: Ken Manibo / shutterstock. Having done a state report on Hawaii in elementary school and learned so much about Pearl Harbor, it was especially surreal to finally visit in person. Peapueo is of Kaunala, Banzai is located in North Shore, so we grabbed one to eat while we watched the sunset at well, Sunset Beach—the perfect way to end our second day! I could try to describe how much better everything was down where it’s wetter under da sea (), but I’ll let the beautiful shots captured by Paulphin Photography do the talking. Kiliua is of Waikane, I found out about this tree swing from one of my favorite bloggers and let me tell you, it is NOT easy to find! Don’t Drive Down These 10 Haunted Roads In Hawaii Or You’ll Regret It. Chances are you’ll see some amazing sea life too, like dolphins and sea turtles, both of which are inhabitants of the clear Pacific water.


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