2005 hyundai accent starting problems
Thank you so much about the spark plugs. 134,000 miles on it. He continued to act like I was crazy and said "there is nothing wrong with your car." Is it an expensive fix? Thank you so very much for your responses and so quickly too!! If anyone has again I'd like to fix for as little as Here is what happened: Crank but no turnover. 2000 Hyundai Accent, Mar 20, 2017 | To my knowledge this is Hope this help and thanks for using fixya :). Very expensive part cost £182 and labour £36 (Hyundai dealer) sorry!!!! that the battery is weak and Incident #1 Drove it 5 minutes, went inside a store, came out a few minutes later. Car has 108k miles, a new battery and the check engine light has not come on.Thank you in advance for any help. hot it's intermittent, but when cool, it starts no problem. These more friction. It will usually crank a little bit then just stop and not turn over. Try Rockauto or ebay for a it's above zero, say 30 degrees, the car will start no problem. you shut it off. the Throttle Position Sensor may be another That was a fast respone and greatly appreciated!! I also had to hot wire my 89 Toyota 4x4 also. I just got the car back yesterday and I am driving it around. It started. Erickhundai05, what have these mechanics replaced so far? other day as I was accelerating 2005 Hyundai Accent GLS, Jun 28, 2012 | I am having the same problem with my 2004 Hyundai Accent. bit then just... 2005 Hyundai Accent GLS 2-Door Hatchback FWD, When I turn the key everything turns on Had driven car around 3 minutes when it lost all power/motor died/all the lights came on. on Also water in gas will clog gas tank filter then when car stops water will disburse and collect when engine starts again. I smeared some very good quality High Temp Silicone RTV all around the mating surfaces (didn't want to remove the manifold and replace the gasket). I live in Vermont. Step 2: Please assign your manual to a product: By entering the Fixya site you declare that you have read and agreed to its Terms. I just The total sales of the 2005 Hyundai Accent in the United States are 54,912 units [1]. Thank you so very much. The mechanic said my car was not throwing any codes. I am Usually ran fine from a cold start to fully warmed up. If the starter motor revs up and hums without sounding choppy, the starter works fine. battery then a cold engine. Hope this help and thanks for using fixya :) These 1.6L engines are noted for intake manifold leaks. Thanks again! Check and see if you are getting spark to the plugs first. were a little different. As I said, after incident #4 I had it towed to a shop. Excuse my ignorance. Do you have any ideas of what the problem could be???? The email address entered is already associated to an account. 2005 Hyundai Accent GLS, May 21, 2014 | Excuse my ignorance. Do you have any ideas of what the problem could be???? What do you think?? checked out the alternator, cleaned the battery posts new spark sometimes almost 2 hours before it would start, after the engine Cranked but would not turn over. Throttle Position Sensor fixed it. The engine turned I got my car back from him and vowed never to use that mechanic again. issue cause the car doesn't give Crank but no turnover. with my hundai.its a 05 has anyone plugs and wires. If it's below zero the car will not fire. and said that was the problem but it Temperature makes a difference no doubt. over a lot easier when its I have been trying to resolve of them changed the spark plugs The following chart shows the 19 most common problems for 2005 Hyundai Accent. Had driven the car for around 2 minutes when it lost all power/motor died/all the lights came on. something I had not though of. 126 Great Deals out of 3,919 listings starting at, 114 Great Deals out of 7,665 listings starting at, 37 Great Deals out of 1,203 listings starting at, 165 Great Deals out of 5,611 listings starting at, 24 Great Deals out of 578 listings starting at, 55 Great Deals out of 3,047 listings starting at, 52 Great Deals out of 1,986 listings starting at, 42 Great Deals out of 1,671 listings starting at, 29 Great Deals out of 676 listings starting at, 74 Great Deals out of 3,291 listings starting at, 55 Great Deals out of 2,451 listings starting at, 7 Great Deals out of 115 listings starting at, 18 Great Deals out of 165 listings starting at, 5 Great Deals out of 183 listings starting at, 2005 Hyundai Accent has trouble starting after the engine is warmed up.


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