2020 rut predictions
Have had 4-5 different bucks working a scrape in front of my camera for two weeks. Sounds like an awesome trip. The build up to the rut is much longer and easier to hunt than the days that trail after. I would probably stick with the plan, but nothing beats personal experience so if you have had that much success from October 15-25th, it is probably something to consider – maybe a long weekend during that time? I am not sure if the moon effects the time of day that the bucks are most active or whether it causes them to be more active when the does aren’t in estrus – I believe weather and hunting pressure have much more to do with that than moon phase –  but purely from the standoint of peak breeding dates I would not consider the moon. (1/17/20). Lessons Learned From The 2016 Deer Rut Rut Lessons Learned From The 2016 Deer Rut Dr. James C. Kroll - November 15, 2017. Wilmer, the dates should the be the same in all of Ohio. I’ll be filming my TV show in northeast Oklahoma on November 27 and in southeast Kansas the week of December 2, so I hope my hunch is right. This technique has resulted in punching several tags from mid-October until the end of the season!” -Growing Deer TV’s Grant Woods, “Calling and decoying work well during the pre-rut and rut. It seems Rifle season is a tad late for pre rut here so it’s usually post rut bucks we get with rifle on our place! Hey guys how’s it going since were talking about the Rupp I’m still on the cited of what week I should take off during November? I agree with Bill. Usually when your guard is down!” – Drury Outdoors’ Matt Drury. The timing of the rut will vary state-by-state, but possible triggers, like the moon phase and weather, will be good indicators of when you can expect to see whitetail bucks ready to rut. Good luck. As a refresher from our 2019 Rut Predictions article: “The rut is simply the deer breeding season. Good luck. With the moon moving toward dark on November 13, expect to see the most activity at dawn/dusk, especially in the morning. The does are progressively becoming receptive, so maybe it is just a coincidence that we have not seen great hunting from November 1-4. Bill how do I get a chance to go hunting with you and kill a monster buck? Bucks on the move increase your chances of coming across one, or getting one to respond to your calls or lures. “Here in East Texas, November 15-18 are must-hunt days if the weather is right!…[F]rom past years of camera data and in-field observations, mix those three days with cool temps and good wind and you’re for sure to see some action.” -The Element’s K.C. Bowhunters have killed big deer on warm days so there is hope, however small. That is always a good time to be in the woods. This is one of my favorite windows any year and made better by the moon phase this year. Back to moon phases, many hunters have opinions, anecdotes, camera data, and timeworn hunches about how full and new moons affect when deer are on the move. I took my vacation this year 7-15 of November. A good day to hunt whitetails this fall is any day you can get off work. What is your best recommendation for stand locations during that time? Here are my 2020 predictions. Bill I’m getting to hunt northeast iowa this fall looking to go up October 30 thru November 7 or 8 I know your from that area just wondered what you thought of that time of year very northeast tip thanks enjoy your show. The rut offers hunters a chance to lure big bucks into range by attracting them with scents, challenging them with social grunts, or mimicking two bucks in conflict by rattling antlers. I don’t believe that the moon phase effects actually breeding dates.


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