5e blade mastery worth it
©2020 Wizards. Wikidot.com Terms of Service - what you can, what you should not etc. Damage increases by 1d8 per extra level you have. Another way of approaching a fix, would be to say, you can only land these killer +10 blows when you have advantage on the attack roll. These days I find the feat inelegant and time consuming (since every attack provokes a decision as to whehter or not to use it) as much as OP’ed. Thief 3 = +5 feet on jump from dex = 35. I didn’t want to break down millions of examples with and without advantage etc., just wanted to glance at some situations regarding why most players think this feat is broken, as per this survey: https://thinkdm.org/2018/01/13/feat-strength-tiers/. And that does more to take away player options. Which has always kind of bugged me, because by and large dropping "feat tax" was a major design element of 5E, and its odd to see a feat that really doesn't do much cool other than making your math better. If you want to discuss contents of this page - this is the easiest way to do it. It’s just wrong. Find out what you can do. The second benefit is where the controversy comes in. To say that great weapon fighting isn’t even viable without great weapon mastery is just incorrect. The trade off seems ok. Usually it came down to whether or not he was outnumbered. Blade Mastery, Variant. That’s pretty big gains over just three rounds. In fact, by reducing the power of the OP’ed stuff my goal is to give players more options, by making previously sub-optimal options as useful as previously OP’ed ones. I'm very impressed by your analysis! You need to adjust the armor class to the average of monsters likely to be faced by a level 10 party, ideally also using the average for level 5 in that test group (which was indeed 15). So perhaps the conclusion is that situationally the feat can be too strong, and many players have found ways to pair it with other abilities in a way that unbalances the game. 1 of 2 Go to page. This guide is about a specific way of building said gish and will have a narrow focus. Monks typically need to use ASIs instead of getting a feat. I'm Duncan. mostly because the first benefits don’t seem so bad in conbination with the hex curse which give me crits on 19s and 20s and Thirsting Blade. Otherwise at appropriate enemy AC it actually scales poorly as you level (which makes sense right, the 10 damage is a flat modifier). General Wikidot.com documentation and help section. In case anyone is wondering, 20 Str . Again in my experience. Thanks for the comment. Unarmed strikes are bludgeoning damage unless otherwise specified. 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Search Search all Forums Search this Forum ... because by and large dropping "feat tax" was a major design element of 5E, and its odd to see a feat that really doesn't do much cool other than making your math better. Good analysis, I didn’t think about that, and interesting to see how close the performance of Ted is with and without the feat when you consider wasted damage. For one, you can use a spell that deals damage via Spell Attack Damage. Not every fighter is going to get the uber score of an 18. My reasons are rapiers evolved based on two factors that have not happened in my world ... the precipitous drop in the use of heavy armor due to firearms and the advancement of metallurgy to the point that very strong very flexible steel could be consistently be produced in order to create the very light but still quite strong and springy rapier. You’re trying to compare a 5th level fighter to a 10th lvl fighter. How have you got on with Great Weapon Master feat on your table? It doesn't really fix the MADness of the monk, but to me it seems to be a 2.5 ASI increase for the purposes you would use it on the monk, especially when you cant use shields. Additionally, you’ve randomly given advantage one turn at level 10, but not at 5. So in three rounds he does 0.75 x 14 x 6 = 63. Is a primarily melee Hexblade warlock worth it without Pact of the Blade? It’s in the combat section of the DMG. Just thought of a fourth option. On your turn, you can use your reaction to assume a parrying stance, provided you have the weapon in hand. The problem with only that option is instead of keeping the masterwork weapon, a player would want to sell it. A fighter taking the Dueling ability will get +2 to damage on his hits and will get hit less than the Great Weapon Fighter. The Harder They Fall: Revising Falling Damage for 5e, The Best Battle Master Maneuvers (incl. Comment* Then it’s fine. No? Thanks for the detailed comment and analysis Cmag, even if you failed your diplomacy check with the opening gambit. A normal +2DEX ASI would give you +1 to AC, +1 to attack, and +1 to damage, without taking your reaction every turn. level 1. […], With the Archfey Warlock, Wizards of the Coast was shooting for a utility spellcaster. As we all probably remember, in 3e there were masterwork weapons. Also the potential bonus action attack can happen nearly every round against low level foes / a horde, so the damage output rises again. A third idea I had would be to simply say… whenever you have advantage on a melee attack roll with a heavy weapon you deal an extra 1d6 damage. Also, if you aren’t using a great sword or great ax, you can still get reach on a two-handed weapon. There are SOOOO many better options than Blade Ward. Perhaps it grants inspiration once per short rest - but it doesn't have to be during a fight. And even then, you might not be safe! It's only once you start adding the special abilities onto it, or move the bonus up to +2 or higher, is when it becomes magical. Polearm Master is probably a better feat overall… and I think also slightly overpowered, but at least it doesn’t waste time on the table, as you’re always going to use your bonus action attack without having to think about the odds. The best form of defense is to attack, as they rightly say. – Proficiency to Attack/+ Proficiency to Damage x2. Unearthed Arcana + Homebrew). 5E The Blade Lock- A Mini Guide. The greatest asset of Great Weapon Master probably is the flexibility: If you know or suspect that your foe has many hit points, but low AC, go for the -5/+10. JavaScript is disabled. It’s too dull, and too guaranteed, and it doesn’t scale on a critical (annoying from a player’s perspective!). Ted has to a hit bonus of +10, meaning he needs a 5 to hit AC 15 (80% chance), with advantage 96% chance. What if you ARE, in fact, a novice dm? There you go! When using the Blade Mastery Feat, as listed in Unerthed Arcana, is the PC able to take a parrying stance on every turn or only when a reaction … Press J to jump to the feed. I look at whether Great Weapon Master feat is overpowered or not, including some basic maths and some "Hipster Fixes" if you do want to give it more balance for your 5th edition D&D game. I like to picture it like a verticle downward executioners axe style attack. It's a woefully designed feat that's counter-intuitive and all around just yuck. Or ask around big cities. You master the shortsword, longsword, scimitar, rapier, and greatsword. Average damage per attack is 33/4.4 = 7.5. View and manage file attachments for this page. On your turn, you can use your reaction to assume a parrying stance, provided you have the weapon in hand. See pages that link to and include this page. The chance to hit is so unaffected when you have advantage your DPS can be up to quadruple. Ted 18 Str with feat: 5. Strength vs Dexterity: It’s Time to Punish Weaklings! The enemy may have anywhere from 1 hit point left, or you might just do enough damage to kill him, or anywhere in between. The first of the two benefits raises few eyebrows… critical hits are pretty rare after all, as is reducing a creature to zero hit points. On your turn, you can use your reaction to assume a parrying stance, provided you have the weapon in hand. Rogues and Rangers would strongly benefit from Medium Armor Master. The worst fighting style is for two-handed weapons. Please comment below, and feel free to pull me up on my tired, probably incorrect maths, obvious things I forgot to take into consideration and anything else. And it might not even take you completely out of harm’s way! Sure, you can cast a spell that can deal damage, but if all of your spells require you to roll for a Ranged Spell Attack, you will be rolling with a disadvantage AND you will be open to a melee attack that could kill you! Go. Then have it worth more than a normal weapon too. You didn't mention it, but the Revenant Blade feat is essentially the Dual Wielder for the Double-Bladed Scimitar, and while it doesn't increase the damage output, it does add the +1 AC you'd get from Dual Wielder. Let’s look at Ted (Str 18, +8 to hit, 2d6 + 5 damage) against an enemy with AC 15 and 30 hit points. This is what I do. Once a fighter gets three attacks and uses action surge, it can get a bit silly and immersion breaking to imagine time slowing down enough for them to land six almighty blows in one round! We will also assume we use every action to attack with -5 penalty for +10 damage with a normal attack without advantage or disadvantage. Is there an equivalent for 5e? So I would simply substitute the +10, for 2d6 extra damage, which is a) more fun and b) a bit less powerful, ie. How does it scale with monstersAssuming a player has a +5 modifier on damage rolls from an early level, and by comparing average monster's AC per player's average attack modifier at certain levels, I have roughly estimated that constantly using a -5 penalty and +10 damage from Great Weapon Master feat can increase average damage output by 5%-15% while fighting level appropriate bosses, and 15-25% while fighting level appropriate normal monsters. There are also a bunch of spells that just skew the norm, and I have tackled a few of them already on the blog (Hypnotic Pattern, Banishment and Fireball), and I have a pet peeve against Divine Smite. Last … WHICH MEANS, every 810 feet you can make a running jump and just float alongside your party, 5 feet in the air as they’re walking across the plains. They cost double! He does 2d6 + 7 (14) per hit. He does 2d6 +5 damage per hit (12) and has 6 attacks in three rounds. Here, we will go over the pros, cons, and situational uses for this Cantrip. I do agree, that huge static damage seems completely at odds with the rest of 5e (except of course the even more OP’ed sharp shooter!). If so, how much? That's 14d6 in one turn. But as some of the other commenters have pointed out, the higher CR monsters also get much higher hit point values, so GWM is another way to unleash more damage.


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