aero precision m5

Aero flippin argued with me that it doesnt matter. Never Said I Didn’t Know How To Use One.”, My Medic 25% Off For Emergency Preparedness Month, New Shooter Essentials: A New Shooters Buyer’s Guide, Dry Fire Discussion: More than Just Snapping In, Midwest Industries Over-review: MI QD Mounts, Combat Hanguard, and Combat Iron Sights, How to build an AR-15 Lower Receiver: A Step by Step Visual Guide, The Ultimate Guide to the AR15 Iron Sights Ver 1.1, Maximum Hangtime: Getting the Most Out of your AR15 Zero, AR15 Buyer's Guide 2020: Simple Steps for Buying the Best AR15.

But be ready for the added expenses to…everything. You get something that is great to look at, feels great in hand, shoots accurately, and is 100% reliable. Shop Aero Precision. Machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum, the R-ONE offers a lightweight and slim profile that featur... View full details from $179.95 . During sight in, I noticed something off… The smell of the burnt powder varied from shot to shot. 44.7 grains of IMR 8208 XBR Eric, what adapter did you use to mount the Atlas bipod to the MLOK system? I also upgraded the trigger to the ALG ACT which still maintains the reliability of mil-spec but makes it crisper and lowers the weight to 5lb. The M5E1 follows the same concept as the previously reviewed M4E1 receiver: the upper receiver is a non-standard assembly with an integrated rail mount forged into the receiver itself. Get our new posts sent right to your email! I had some good intentions behind the RMR for my primary…read more →, I purchased a Short Action Precision Positional Sling, and I am glad I did. If you start reloading…you’ll likely see much better results. And off to the range I went…3x in total. I have a few suggestions for Aero Precision. I was holding around 2 moa with the M5 and the PPU, but do not consider the accuracy portion of this review complete. all that "error" just gets amplified. Turns out…much better. Less than 1/2 the cost of a complete AR-10. How well did the Aero M5 cycle milsurp ammo? Mrgunsngear also sees about the same accuracy with some other ammo. Which was probably a nice way to say stop shooting crappy ammo. Freedom 150 GR SPBT REMAN - 1.5 MOA x3 (1.5" high), Ready for another review soon? Anyone get sub moa with handloads?? I quickly wiped everything down, cleaned the barrel, and lubed all the important bits. The barrel will move back and forth near 1/3rd inch at front with no barrel nut. Its a solid 3/4 to 1 moa rifle. I will cover the rifle accuracy in a separate review once I develop some hand loads. Thank you! After I read some comments here I do recall reading everything that I could about putting together an AR-10 and problems with the AR-10 functioning. I even picked up the “I’m your huckleberry, and the Texas Star lowers among others. I was quite happy with the lower (I tested it with a friend's upper, though I don't remember which brand it was): 0 fsilure to feeds or to fire. I shot a good 100+ rounds of .308 at this range session.

This is a wish list item. Thanks for the rundown Eric! Add to Wishlist + Aero Precision AR15 BAR Barrel Nut $ 39.99. If you’re looking to save…you can go down to a 16″ barrel which has always shot fine for me beforehand too.
What’s the Toughest Configuration of the Black Rifle? Contact Us; Manufacturing and OEM; Employment ; Address: 2320 Commerce St Tacoma, WA 98402 ELD performed better than the BTHP so I did a few more groups with those: So a little over 1.5 MOA which is what I would expect at this price point. Aero Precision M5 Complete Lower Receiver MOE SL Grip & SL Carbine Stock Black/FDE - $331.49 The Aero Precision M5 AR-308 Complete Lower Receiver is a quick and easy way to build an AR-10 style rifle. I had no idea. Aero M5E1 On The Grass. When I pulled out the hammer in frustration I knew I was going too far ;-) The barrel came with a free-float hand guard, marked with the Aero "A". Hey Taylon! I then packed the M5 away for the 600 yard line and ordered some new mfg rounds. They are regular Magpul 25 LR/SR magazines (blocked to 10 for CA) but painted using a sponge and Krylon camo colors.

I didn’t particularly like the Luth Stock ($140) since it rattled around a little bit. The first one had a BCG issue with ejecting spent brass, I was unable to fix – hello gunsmith, though it might have been cheaper to just buy a new one and keep working on the borken one.


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