against nature analyzing the text answers
She not only focuses on death and degeneration, but how these two happen; how either through an active decision of killing ants over and over again with her only consideration being how long she could keep doing it. There may be something to this, but nature itself is not what is so amazing to her. “Nature is mouths or maybe a single mouth” is one of those odd metaphors that take a second more to make sense of, that need more explaining from the author to fully comprehend, and Oates accomplishes that. In order to keep her somewhat cheeky, sharp-witted approach, she delves into several short anecdotes about rotting dogs self-devouring raccoons. If she says there is no humor, well I would not write that in my own story, but I can see why she thinks this way. She realizes there is more to her fascinatingly original comparison than she thought, and as she realizes this, she is teaching it to us. The personal stories add a lot to the piece. In this resource you will get an excerpt from Oates' essay, "Against Nature." If Oates would have used everyday writing with everyday ideas, it would just be a matter of opinion with no actual reasoning and proof. Pride is needed to survive adversity. “Against Nature” is an essay. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. I love the Emerson and Thoreau readings that we all probably cover, but I wanted to shake things up and try something new. She’s teaching herself more about the profundity of nature by writing this essay, and her passion and interest with nature becomes more and more pronounced as she writes. As a final example: I have had a troop of spider monkeys throw their shit at me. Perhaps it is true that certain parts of nature lack these things, but certainly within the context of the animal kingdom there are examples.On the first point, that nature lacks humor, I have personal experience to the contrary. I would argue that a wolf who leaps at a bear to defend a member of his pack is displaying similar values. A blog for the students in Writing the Environment, Eckerd College. The songs of whales and dolphins must certainly be close. I have seen a family of river otters come out in the middle of an Alaskan winter just to play on the ice. With this personal aspect of her essay, we really learn why she views nature as a creation of humans, and where her focuses within nature writing lie. The whole article is an annectdote, Oates is describing her thought process that went on when she had her cardiac attack. The essay and personal memoir, "Against Nature" by Joyce Carol Oates, describes the counter acting view on nature. The reading has scaffolded annotations and guiding questions for reading. As for me, who heartily believes in the social construction of the word, I just see everything as a part of everything, and I try not to use the word “nature”. She picks up the challenge of comparing nature to a mouth and makes us accept it and appreciate it. Reinvigorate your nature units by providing a provocative counterargument to the Transcendentalist essays we generally cover! Reported resources will be reviewed by our team. While she is lying there, she describes the beauty of nature while also saying it isn’t very significant. There is some debate over animal language vs. animal communication. She also discusses how it is an act uncontrolled by humans, or how it can be a random act, unknown to the lover of nature for some time (as in the example with the dog) or even if ever. Your Analysis Thesis (this will include your purpose, your intent): 3. Furthermore, she brings up the case of “where is nature?”, which makes us, and most likely herself, wonder what we consider nature and why it is considered nature, and eventually, if nature exists at all.I agree with her line of thinking for many reasons. C. In the struggle of man against nature, nature always wins. You also get 6 AP multiple-choice questions modeled after the new skills from the 2019-2020 English Language redesign and 2 writing assignments to support argumentation and extending your student's thinking. Share your answer with your shoulder partner (2 min). Her second paragraph, “nature is more than a mouth” is said in a tone as if she is genuinely recognizing this for the first time. Pollan: Potato Chapter 183-210. Readers’ questions about Against Nature. Contradictions are bolder than this; they usually are stronger and forced, and the reader does not usually follow or agree with them. Oates has an “uneasiness” about nature as we claim it to be, or “nature mysticism”, “nature adoration”, and “nature-as-moral-instruction-for-mankind” as she puts it. B. Even though Thoreau discusses the dead horse near his cabin on Walden Pond, but he takes the situation to discuss the cycle of death, degeneration, and regeneration. One summer I watched a wolf repeatedly put a dead snowshoe hare in front of another only to snatch it back each time. What are some other types of essays and what is their purposes? This is one of those very odd, very perplexing metaphors that can be interpreted many ways, and she tackles them all. She seems to want to really enjoy it and take it all in but I believe while she is trying to fight off her attack of tachycardia, she tries to see nature in its simplest form in order to calm herself. She obviously feels something, but is clearly wary of falling into the nature glorification trap. She’s learning about her connection and appreciation for it as much as she is teaching it to us. Not only do they communicate using complex structure, they also create words to describe new experiences. A. I've gone back and forth about weather I agree with the opening section of this reading or not. A soldier who jumps on a grenade to save others receives the highest honor that our country can bestow. She is not sold on the nature-as-spirit conviction, and has no problem systematically destroying an innocent line of black ants at the end of the passage. Although nature can be brutal and unforgiving it is unfair to say that it always lacks moral purpose.It also does not lack language. That is why the passage says, "I can do this a long time. I especially disagree with the contentions that nature is humorless; that it lacks moral purpose, and that is has no (verbal) language. _____ 2. This would have been throwing away my integrity. Due Wednesday, Feb. 11, Oates: "Against Nature." The dancing of bees to lead others to food is a good example. This imagery actualy makes the metaaphor that actions and stoies are the easiest things to relate with to right about. Ask and answer questions about books! Oates sees the concept of “nature” as a construction of our human minds and culture. There is so much that we don’t understand about nature that there are sure to be other examples in the future that are unknown today. This generalization is a segway to how she got to overthinking about nature. In this resource you will get an excerpt from Oates' essay, "Against Nature." –Internal conflict: two elements at war within the same person. Add notes & annotations through an interactive layer and assign to students via Google Classroom. It will always be somebody’s “nature”. My integrity is more important. Do you agree with Oates' characterization of nature in the opening section? Which of the following best describes a central theme of the text? The way she came about noticing nature was very intriguing; how she happened to have a paroxysmal tachycardia and found herself laying in nature. We find that many animals love their young. This stream of words is what makes the piece tie together. The reading has scaffolded annotations and guiding questions for reading. The Poetry analysis is done to analyze the purpose of the poet behind a given poem by finding out its central theme and ideas. Not only are they my favorite parts to read, but they strengthen the personal aspect of the work. The occasion taking place in this passage is Oates is suffering from a tachycardia attack and is lying down on her back letting her mind roam, searching the area around her. Most of the time nature is associated with beauty; this memoir is all about the opposite, how pointless nature really is. Her initial metaphor was good, but the more she developed it and explored her own thinking even deeper, she came across an even more powerful metaphor, that not only is nature a mouth, a chasm so beautiful and yet dangerous at the same time, but there are so many different aspects to it, that of course “it is a dazzling variety of mouths.” I don’t think she is contradicting herself; I think she is becoming more aware at the power and originality of her statement. Oates: "Against Nature." She states that nature is some we have created and is not something that exists without us. The sky to me is a wondrous and dynamic phenomenon, but it is just an illusion; without the reflection of the water on the earth’s surface, the blue sky would look like nothing. Eventually it allowed the other to have it, but I was reminded unavoidably of when I pulled the car forward each time my brother reached for the door handle. Read lines 1-5 again, then identify the author’s main purpose for writing while supporting your opinion with evidence from the text. I started to pick apart the pieces didn't fit for me and then realized that people's perspectives and relationships with nature are really their own and I can really accept however Joyce wants to portray nature to her audience. In “Against Nature,” Joyce Carol Oates criticizes the genre of “nature writing.” While she feels a connection to the Earth and loves soaking up the essence of nature, she condemns those who write about nature as inspiration and the source of wisdom. Overall, I agree with her general characterizations of nature but I don’t think she has the right sentiments when it comes to the emotional connections a person should have with nature. First, the straightforward, confusing one, and then the more understandable, specific one; the one that has been explained and now understood and appreciated. This, in turn, furthers her skepticism of “nature writing”, like that of Thoreau and Colette and Ponge. They protect and provide for each other. Against Nature by Joyce Carol Oates. Analysis 15 Homework Help Questions with Expert Answers You'll also get access to more than 30,000 additional guides and 300,000 Homework Help questions answered by our experts. In this bundle you'll get 1. The best example that I know of is the recent research into the language of prairie dogs. This sentence came naturally, and I understand it and appreciate it as I do the rest of her essay. Perhaps in light of that fact the “painfully limited” nature-writer responses of piety, reverence, and awe are well placed. Oates thinks constantly throughout the piece in a philosophical sense rather than the way people think on the daily basis. Her concentration on the death and degeneration makes Oates a unique writer. Nature Unit: Shake-up your AP Rhetorical Analysis and Argumentative lessons, A collection of nature related readings and activities to help wake-up and extend your classroom coverage of all things nature. Yes, I do very much agree with Oates’ characterization of nature. To a point, her concept makes sense, yet even without humans to observe and classify nature, the process of growth, death, and deterioration would continue without us.


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