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only in the following areas/counties: No vehicles in Texas are exempt from windshield sticker as proof of passing and valid registration as part of the Two Step, One Sticker program. repair assistance requirements and how to apply for a voucher at the state's Vehicle Repair Assistance page. Visit the TCEQ's 30 days of moving to Texas, and both vehicle safety inspections and emissions Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) stating you passed (these reports also state if you've failed). In Texas, you must submit your vehicle to a You can expect your VIN report to provide you with a comprehensive look at how many owners the vehicle has had, as well as the odometer readings that … While the state funds for vehicle replacement vouchers for 2014 have already been exhausted, drivers may be able to once again apply for a replacement vehicle under the AirCheck Texas program next year. History of Air Pollution. 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Looks like we may be expecting news on a Federal program this summer possibly. If you have any questions about the programs, email there are no exceptions. Important Notice: In 2017, during the 85th Legislative Session funding for the AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine Program was vetoed. If a family does receive a voucher, they will need to bring the vehicle and the voucher to one of the participating dealerships or repair facilities that can be found listed on the AirCheck Texas website. Continue reading for more information about Texas safety inspections and the To complete a vehicle emissions check in Texas, visit a The AirCheck Texas program gives assistance to drivers across the state whose vehicles have failed to meet the new stringent air quality standards imposed by the EPA. (Note: If your car? Once your vehicle passes, you'll receive documentation to present when you register or renew your registration; this information may also be entered electronically. This may include: Drivers will also need to send a copy of the failing Vehicle Inspection Report from the participating inspection station. For more information about your state's coronavirus (COVID-19) updates, see our. Visit for an updated list of programs. As of this time, no additional funding has been secured; thus, program operations have closed. Once completed, applications are generally processed within 10 business days. emissions testing: To complete a vehicle safety inspection in Texas, visit a Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Program, including which residents and vehicles require them, applicable fees, and what to do after your vehicle passes or fails an inspection. For example, a family of four would need a household income of less than $71,550 per year in order to qualify for the program. You may obtain a copy of the report for up to 13 months of the inspection date. You'll receive a list from the program administrator when your voucher application is approved. You must register your vehicle within Income will be determined using the Adjusted Gross Income on the family’s most recent federal income tax return. Texas requires all gasoline-powered vehicles must be repaired at an approved emissions repair facility. Safety inspections are mandatory for all vehicles, while emissions tests are required in certain counties only. Established residents will need to renew your inspection upon registration renewal. The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the automotive industry nearly brining everything to a grinding, Manufacturer’s Discuss Cash for Clunker-Like Package Everything circles back. safety inspection and emissions testing within 30 days of moving to the state. 2 to 24 model years old to undergo annual emissions testing (new vehicles don't require emissions testing until they are at least 2 model years old.). The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the automotive industry nearly brining everything, Manufacturer’s Discuss Cash for Clunker-Like Package Everything circles back. There will again be vehicle and income requirements for this part of the program, and funds are expected to be exhausted quickly. The public can take advantage of other funding programs that can lower cost of purchasing a new alternative fuel vehicle. All Rights Reserved. Since then, the program has operated on previously collected funds. If your car or truck fails its Texas smog check, you must have it repaired and retested; if it still fails, Inspection Requirements and Exemptions" and “Completing a TX Vehicle Inspection" below for more information on required testing. Waivers and Extensions page for a full list. (Note: If your car? If you meet certain As of this time, no additional funding has been secured; thus, program operations have closed. Once completed, the application may be mailed or faxed to the AirCheck Texas program along with proper documentation of income for all adults in the household. Due to your participation in our program we have benefited our region tremendously, please allow us to share a few of those results: $16,807,036.36 monies spent on repairing vehicles, $112,663,117.60 monies spent on retired vehicles, Total air quality benefit has been 140 NOx saved per year. DPS-certified inspection station and bring the $7.50 safety inspection fee. location, income, and vehicle requirements, you could be eligible for a repair assistance voucher of up to $600. Refer to “ The COVID19, In 2020 the State of California continues its own cash for clunkers buyback program called CAP which stands for Consumer Assistance Program operated by California’s, In 2017 the State of California continues its own clunker buyback program called CAP which stands for Consumer Assistance Program operated by California’s Bureau of, AirCheck Texas Voucher Program AirCheck Texas Details: NOTE: In 2017, during the 85th Legislative Session funding for the AirCheckTexas Drive a Clean Machine Program was, Ford Sees Talks With U.S. on Cash for Clunkers-Like Stimulus, 2020 California Cash for Clunkers Program, 2017 California Cash for Clunkers Program, Documentation that verifies household participation in the.


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