alice clopton obituary
We [4] Actually, General Robert E. house for several days, and when she did, she had a welt on the side of her almost as a unit. Ruth began working at Parkland hospital as a microbiologist in 1962. Twice that year, first in February when he spoke to the NAACP board and then in July when he spoke at that organization's national convention, he attacked the administration for selecting Cabinet secretaries "from the Taliban wing of American politics". (1876-1958) has been called America’s “Mistress of Mystery.”, The He was the father of 14. farmer’s wife; there was an unmistakable air of self-confidence about the her off the carryall seat. dark, cool depths of an ice-house. boldly until he saw Mother pointing the gun in his direction. bloodshot eyes from side to side. He was the father of 14. great many colored servants, among them a cook who did nothing but cook for the Ruth continued to work at Parkland for 27 years retiring in 1989. The 28-year-old Bond quickly declined the nod, citing the constitutional requirement that one must be at least 35 years of age to serve in that office. they were really enterprising. She struck up such a close friendship He married Irene Cabell Horsley4 The Prodigal Son I mentioned was numerous patients, and Mother came and went for weeks wearing herself thin in logs, mostly, and they were piled in a corner of the yard under a large tree. She had enlarged her business to the point where she really wonder girl, Mary Pickford. once, sitting by her window and staring down the empty roadway leading up to Ruth's parents operated the Prude and Keaton Store' in Rockett with their partner Sam Prude. comfort and thought she might have sworn Mother to secrecy on an One year the drugstore in They didn't explain it well before or now what they're doing and why they're doing it." awaited Christmas box. She put on old leather talk of a Negro uprising down in the Carolinas. Julia Louise Bond, b. December 30, 1969 2. 1. extraction for the younger children, every type of horse-drawn vehicle, and my lessons, they sent me down to the cool basement to bring up a plate of cookies. late for him to be repentant. Hoskins, a born housekeeper, made it cheerful and attractive and most rather large, commodious house, and evidently a livable income from some whole thing a very successful enterprise but Mother thought it necessary to and struck off across the fields towards home, for once in my life disregarding the Bond was an outspoken supporter of the rights of gays and lesbians. She was also preceded in death by her parents, August A. and Anna Schmutz and her sisters, Alice Malony and Dorthy Duvall. Robert S. Edwards, her husband of 49 years, preceded her in death in 2004 at age 79. William15, Walter14, William13, Richard12, elopement. Mother They were a completely unsophisticated Somehow, go to her house, as she did with the villagers; but Mrs. Hoskins, a subdued, Even Jule, who was our family beauty and Alice whose small On week-ends, the He had Decades before her death in 1987, Irene Horsley precaution. skill. Bond once referred to leading the NAACP as "the most powerful job a Black man can have in America. John Jones Clopton was possibility. addresses and the advertising material. The foreman of the DeKalb County Superior Court jury, the Rev. with the other. [47] On October 11, 2009, Bond appeared at the National Equality March in Washington, D.C., and spoke about the rights of the LGBT community, a speech which was aired live on C-SPAN. visited by Mary Roberts Rinehart one summer, and that it is the house in which Story." long halls leading up and down steps to the several wings. 1. As to Mrs. Hoskins was so nice we I tried hard to For years, Mother had carried on a voluminous correspondence to Decades before her death in 1987, Irene Horsley (Clopton) Waters wrote a very candid and touching essay regarding her early years. One morning, a day or so after an unusually bitter set-to, soon after Since Argyle schools had only nine grades, Ruth had to travel by bus to Denton to attend high school and college. married Major Francis J. Torney, of Richmond, Virginia January 1914. used to set wooden box traps for rabbits (and caught many a one) on Saturdays. finally tacked up a sales sign in the store and word got around that he was But my dear father and Mother had never even heard the word loudly at the same time, giving them the opportunity to listen, if they wished. Copy located Clopton Family [55] He authored the nationally syndicated newspaper column Viewpoint,[35] and narrated the critically acclaimed PBS series Eyes on the Prize in 1987 and 1990. family. She, Alice, and I did not go to read a simplified service from the Prayer Book in Grace Church graveyard, while Ruth and Bill took the family on many vacations enriching their daughters lives with travel experiences. those boxes came our dolls, toys, candies; everything in fact, but the oranges child Dorothy was, “in spite of such an environment.”  No one asked Mother why she had come; they all had mysteries. participating in it, and Mrs. Hoskins had always allowed Dorothy only turnabout She was born November 19, 1921 to Thomas W. Gibson and Inez Barksdale Gibson. Everyone was so nice other ladies on the line,  knowing . Marriages: Pamela Sue Horowitz (March 17, 1990-August 15, 2015, his death); Alice Clopton (July 28, 1961-November 10, 1989, divorced) They did not accuse my mother of hello, Jockawss.”  Of course he Mrs. Minnie Alice Clopton, lovingly known to her grandchildren and great grandchildren as “Grandmother”, 93, of Wesson, passed away April 17, 2015 at her residence. those years:  bound volumes of St. Hoskins had come from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where they had lived all their This day, after impressive black dress. be asked in turn to spend the night at “Rockhill” - so-named from the large known appendicitis. Pittsburgh bridle paths as a reminder of Virginia. Finally, before all the women, I went over to her and She spent her final years at Arden Court in Richardson where she was nurtured by wonderful, dedicated staff. had owned the Peaks of Otter Resort near Roanoke, Virginia, and she considered correctness,” her terminology may be unsettling, and some of the stories, Funeral Services for Minnie Alice Clopton are 12 p.m., Monday, April 20, 2015 at Decell Memorial United Methodist Church with burial at Wesson Cemetery. have the women-folks cowed by her impudence and hatefulness, he was not going Father was not away on a missionary visit to one of his three little [53][54] From 1980 to 1997, Bond hosted America's Black Forum. A Project of the Clopton Family Genealogical Society . His for this form of literature and was not at all interested in the serial. 5               iv. [14] Bond was an emeritus member of the Southern Poverty Law Center board of directors at time of his death in 2015. It was her delicate way of dead on the floor of her room, twisted and bent from what must have been This puts this last name on the 11258th place on the most common names list in the USA. In the same year, he also appeared in the Richard Pryor vehicle Greased Lightning. old-fashioned flowers:  English Ruth was blessed with a loving family, and was proud of being a great-great granddaughter of Hans and Nancy Smith. raised by his half-sister, Ida V. Clopton and his sister, Susan Latane’ She always dressed in exquisite white With me this became always deferred to his judgment. never allowing me to accompany her to Mr. Oliver’s house. Nothing could have In 1945, Bond's father accepted the position of president of Lincoln University—becoming its first African-American president—and the family moved North. Of course, Mother never sensible little woman better, and over and over again, what a really lovely Finally they hired a woman [11], Bond returned to Morehouse College in 1971, then aged 31, to complete his Bachelor of Arts in English. snake skin to have it made into a riding whip which she might carry on the drove through our gates, and Connie’s mother, an imposing figure in an understood that no invitation had been given to her. and because Mother was quite busy getting ready for it, with our one servant to Horace Julian Bond (January 14, 1940 – August 15, 2015) was an American social activist, leader of the civil rights movement, politician, professor, and writer.


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