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Freshwater from further inland mixes with the saltwater from Little Neck Bay. [46], The westernmost part of the park, south of 48th Avenue between Springfield Boulevard to the west and Cloverdale Boulevard to the east, includes Oakland Lake, a larger kettle pond on the grounds of the former Oakland Golf Club (now the Queensborough Community College campus). [61] However, NYC Parks is unsure of the margin of error regarding the Queens Giant's age, and its true age may have a margin of error of several decades or centuries. [6], Despite the valley's commercial center and light industrial uses that dated back to Hicks' and Hedges' mills, the area remained agricultural and largely unspoiled into the 20th century. [3], On the west side of the valley, William Douglas (the namesake of the Douglaston neighborhood on the east side) bought 180 acres (73 ha) around Oakland Lake in 1827. Queens borough president Maurice E. Connolly wrote a letter to the city in 1927, suggesting that the tributary of the Little Neck Bay south of Northern Boulevard could be acquired for one such park called Alley Park.

[56], The Alley Pond Adventure Course is located at the southern end of the park. 11 There are no signs to it, but it can be viewed in an Urban Park Ranger tour. [64], The Queens Giant is hidden within a grove, barely visible from the westbound Long Island Expressway. [1] NYC Parks added a 2.5-mile (4.0 km) bicycle path in the 1930s, having acquired and converted Vanderbilt's parkway. Alley Pond Park offers glimpses into New York’s geologic past, its colonial history, and its current conservation efforts.

It was named in Riedl's honor in 1994 and contains ox-eyed daisies, grey birch, and pitch pine.

[1] By the mid-1990s, development around Alley Pond Park had led to pollution, including in Oakland Lake in the western section of the park. It is fed by natural springs, and prior to the development of eastern Queens, was fed by a stream extending from the modern intersection of Horace Harding Expressway and 223rd Place. The valley's usage as a passage, or perhaps its shape, may ultimately account for its name; in any case, an 18th-century commercial and manufacturing center there became known as "the Alley". The northern section of the land became a nature preserve. more, Art Galleries, Specialty Museums, Art Museums. Turtle, Lily Pad, and Decodon Ponds are located slightly to the north;[49] the latter two are shallow wetland ponds. One of the best things was the restrooms had been re-opened for visitors last weekend. The environmental center is located in Alley Pond Park, surrounded by lush nature trails where visitors can enjoy NYC's natural landscapes. [57] The building opened in 1976 and contains a library, museum and animal exhibits. NYC Parks is making important service changes. Our projects wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Parks Department.

Hope someone in authority reads this and takes appropriate measures. Later that year, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYC Parks) expanded the park into a 330-acre (130 ha) landscape surrounding the Alley and removed some older structures, including the Burhman store. I recommend hiking boots for walking through the trails! Because of, NYC PARKS ISSUES REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS FOR BICYCLE RENTALS IN QUEENS, NYC PARKS AND DOT ANNOUNCE PLANS FOR NEW DESTINATION GREENWAYS IN BROOKLYN AND QUEENS, SPRING BREAK: NYC PARKS’ URBAN PARK RANGERS OFFER SCHOOL RECESS FUN FOR KIDS ACROSS THE CITY, Alley Pond Environmental Center Reconstruction, Alley Pond Park Living Shoreline Construction Phase 1, Alley Pond Park - Osprey In New York City, Freshwater Wetlands In New York City - Alley Pond Park, Freshwater Wetlands In New York City - Oakland Lake. [37], A proposal to renovate the interchange between the Cross Island Parkway and Long Island Expressway was announced in 1995, leading conservationists to raise concerns over the potential removal of trees. facilities were closed recently due to the COVID-19 situation.

[18], The Oakland Golf Club disbanded in 1952 but served as a city-operated course until 1961, after which it was developed into the Queensborough Community College, Benjamin N. Cardozo High School, and tract housing. Boulders dropped by the glaciers on the hillsides of the southern end of the park still remain, as do scattered kettle ponds formed by melting ice. [55], The Alley Pond Environmental Center (APEC) was founded in 1972 by Joan and Hy Rosner as a grassroots organization that advocated for the park. [39][40] With the renovation of the interchange, 12 acres (4.9 ha) of the interchange were reclaimed for park usage, and Alley Pond was restored. This promotes ecodiversity, with freshwater and saltwater wetlands, tidal flats, meadows, and forests accommodating abundant bird life. One of NYC's biggest parks, offers nature trails, and Adventure Center, several ballfields and very nice attendants and people. [13] Part of the southern section of Alley Pond Park was renovated into a nature trail and reopened in 1940. [8], By the 1920s, with open space becoming less plentiful, the City of New York began setting aside land for parks. [31] The city also acquired over $10.9 million worth of land for the park. Hard to get to without a car, even with public transportation, though. Yes, I went alone. Property Type: [1] NYC Parks also dredged the creek, leveled surrounding areas to eliminate standing water, cleaning three freshwater springs and two freshwater ponds, landscaping paths and trails, and building sound-reducing berms on Northern Boulevard. [50] An urban legend speculated that the lake was 600 feet (180 m) deep with an underwater spring flowing to Little Neck Bay, but a 1969 study of the lake found it was only 20 feet (6.1 m) deep. Alley Pond Park was mostly acquired and cleared by the city in 1929, as authorized by a resolution of the New York City Board of Estimate in 1927. A low–cost outdoor education and adventure program, Alley Pond Park Adventure teaches participants how to canoe, use a compass, fish, and enjoy a natural setting without leaving NYC. The exit for the Grand Centr… Official Website of the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, Little Neck Bay to Springfield Blvd, Union Tpke. To top it off, Alley Pond Park has all the amenities you'd expect from a neighborhood park--playgrounds, barbeque areas, and courts and fields galore! [15] A 1959 proposal to add 91 acres (37 ha) along the bay to Alley Pond Park was controversial among Douglaston landowners, who wanted the land to be used for a commercial amusement center. The majority of. [29] The agency commenced the Wetlands Reclamation Project in 1974 to rehabilitate the park's natural wetlands. Opened in 2007,[3] the course contains a climbing wall, a ropes course, a trust fall area, a zip line, swings, and balance platforms. A boardwalk circling Oakland Lake is named after Gertrude Waldeyer, who led the 1980s preservation campaign for the lake. A bit challenging for photography! It’s a beautiful park. [36] This led local groups to propose that the city hire an administrator to run numerous parks in eastern Queens, including Alley Pond Park, Crocheron Park, Cunningham Park, Douglaston Park, Fort Totten, and Udalls Cove. [22] In addition, some of the park's tennis courts were renovated.

By 1954, when the Long Island Expressway was built, Alley Pond was infilled to create the interchange between the two highways;[15] the expressway opened in 1957[16] The center portion of the park, surrounding Alley Creek, was not developed through the mid-20th century and was considered an "eyesore". There are also lots of spots with benches and tables for picnic. The Queens Giant is surrounded by a metal fence on all sides to protect it, and a hill and a sign describing the tree stand in front of it. I used to play soccer and run at Alley Spring, I thought I knew the park like the back of my hand. [63] The nearby Great White Oak in Douglaston, though smaller, may have been about 600 years old when it was cut down in 2009, though that tree's age is also disputed. [1][2] Mills were built on Alley Creek by Englishmen Thomas Hicks and James Hedges. [27] The city's park system was in various states of disrepair by the 1970s, with a maintenance building at Alley Pond Park having burned down. [5][7] The lake itself was used as a water source by the town of Flushing from the 19th century through the creation of the City of Greater New York in 1898, when the city built a water pumping plant on the lake; by the early 20th century, the city took its water from upstate reservoirs. [49][53] South of the Grand Central Parkway is the Alley Athletic Playground, with five baseball fields, a cricket/football field, a soccer field, a handball court, numerous batting cages, and a playground. [22] Another lawsuit was filed in 1977 to prevent the construction of a tennis spa next to Alley Pond Park, which the plaintiffs argued would cause pollution in the park,[23] though the spa owners won the lawsuit.

Alley Pond Park is the second-largest public park in Queens, New York City, occupying 655.3 acres (265.2 ha). If you want to use this other one instead, I will need a new caption. My dad took me sledding there. [3][34] Cattail Pond, also near the APEC building, is at the lowest point of a cattail marsh that includes Marsh St. John’s wort and swamp milkweed as well as water plantain and arrow arum. [8] The creek is crossed by a masonry-and-metal span carrying Northern Boulevard and a viaduct carrying the Long Island Rail Road's Port Washington Branch. Alley Pond Par k is the second largest park in Queens, covering 655 acres. But Here's a Guess", "A Towering Landmark, Reduced to Sawdust", Geography of New York–New Jersey Harbor Estuary,, Infobox mapframe without OSM relation ID on Wikidata, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2005, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 June 2020, at 13:19. Alley Pond Park is the second-largest public park in Queens, New York City, occupying 655.3 acres (265.2 ha).

Alley Creek is surrounded by some of the last remaining old-growth forest in Queens. [6] After deterioration in the late 20th century due to increasing urbanization, it was restored in 1987 and 2011. Our Members . [3] The tree is near the Douglaston Plaza Mall, and is accessible by foot from Alley Pond Park. Even as not allowed, bikers rush down the path, people play radio out loud, etc. The English began to colonize the area by the 1630s, when Charles I granted Thomas Foster 600 acres (240 ha), on which he built a stone cottage near what is now Northern Boulevard. Council Member: [35][52], The northern end of Alley Pond Park includes 150 acres (61 ha) of freshwater and saltwater wetlands. Bench Painting.


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