ancient prayer to hecate
Hecate is called upon as a magical supervisor and given the veto in making the operation successful or without effect and to protect the operator. The connecting She is found in the Orphǽohs Argonaftiká (Ὀρφέως Ἀργοναυτικά); Orphéfs (Ὀρφεύς) invokes her in order to gain entry into the grove which harbors the Krysómallon Dǽras (Χρυσόμαλλον Δέρας), the Golden Fleece. nom./voc. ἡγεμόνην, νύμφην, κουροτρόφον, οὐρεσιφοῖτιν, λισσόμενοις κούρην τελεταῖς ὁσίαισι παρεῖναι. Περσείαν - Persian, because she is the daughter of Pǽrsis (Perses; Gr. Fire to Banish and Ártæmis (Artemis; Gr. b. Imagine the goddess appearing in the triangle as a huge female figure, clothed in a black dress with pink crescent Moons embroidered on it, a crown in the shape of a Phrygian head or castle tower on her head, a torch in her right hand and a dagger in her left. It is said that Ækáti holds the hands of those who pray and that she takes particular notice of those people who wish to develop Virtue (Ἀρετή). According to legend, the sun travels the skies as Ra drives his chariot through the heavens. Close your eyes and try to feel the presence of the goddess in the silence, stop imagining active and try to observe your “imagination space”. 7. Hecate is invoked in magical operations involving divination, or trans-personal objectives, i.e. βασίλεια [fem. And Isíodos (Hesiod; Gr. Don't let them get away scot-free. The image represents this idea: Earth (divisible substance) and the Sky (continuous substance) are the two kozmogonic substances. She sees to it that all involved get precisely what they deserve. The logo to the left is the principal symbol of this website. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Lo O goddess of the Seven Rivers. Prayers of Ancient Greece. Goddess of night, protectress of dogs, invincible Queen. From the glory of the light, Εἰνοδίην (fem. Start out the ritual out of your head and focus your thought on daily issues or any. acc. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Harold Cherniss and William C. Helmbold, 1957, Public Domain as the copyright was not renewed.). Take caution in Experiencing Gods. And replace them with my heart's desire! the Children of the Earth and the Starry Sky. The chant below brings swift justice to those who treat you unfairly. Ækáti likes to dwell in this region and assist the mortals and deities who reside there. January 31, May 7, and August 13 or 14 are Hecates holy days. It connects by its symbolism one realm or dimension with it’s astral or divine counterpart. Goddesses of earth and air. κροκόπεπλον - Ækáti is κροκόπεπλος (fem./masc. Avenge me now, oh Mighty One. Chant for Crossing the Gates of Dawn Commander, Nýmphi, nurturer of children, you who haunt the mountains. Datura stramonium or jimson weed or zombi-cucumber Via Basque witches, the Black Masses and demoniacal possessions we enter the satanic decadence of 17th century France, and finally the end of the witch burning era in 18th century, with the trial of Charlotte Cadière. ), nocturnal, because her knowledge and activities are difficult to comprehend, as though hidden in the night. She is also found in the mythology of Dimítir (Δημήτηρ) as she seeks out her Daughter in the great story connected with the most famous of all the Mystery cults, the Ælefsínia Mystíria (Ἐλευσίνια Μυστήρια), for Ækáti has heard the cries of Pærsæphóni (Περσεφόνη) as she was abducted by Ploutohn (Πλούτων). How do we know there are Gods? ~~~~~ Chant for Crossing the Gates of Dawn & Dusk (This is a short chant to say at dusk and dawn, calling the protection of Hecate, the ancient goddess of crossroads. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience and to analyze site traffic. The seira elements of Hecate are described above (Sacred to Hecate are deserted crossroads, borders, city walls, the Moon – especially the New Moon or Deiphon – the night, dogs, the polecat, hare, horses, cows, daggers, wandering ghosts and souls, a chaplet, the numbers 3, 9, 13, 18, 27, 30, grotto’s, areas which symbolize the border of two worlds, crows, boars, ravens, serpents, dogs, the truth, the key, the red mullet and the torch.) The logo to the left is the principal symbol of this website. Ἀγαθὸς Δαίμων), a soul who accompanies you always and who loves and protects you; the Agathós Daimohn is thought of as like the faithful dog who follows its master everywhere and tries to protect him from danger. knows no bounds. The sigil and mudra form the sunthêmata, together with calling Hekate three times for help and guidance. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. The Seira, or link to the goddess has been attempted and her reaction will first enter via your emotions and intuition. This idea can also be found in Pythagorean writings: "When cast out upon the earth, it (ed. Does the atmosphere feel supportive and nurturing or hostile and threatening or is there nothing but a void? Bring swift justice ~ wield your knife. Burn them in thy sacred fires, ISBN 9789492355249 ταυροπόλον - This epithet, ταυροπόλος (fem. This is a general prayer for all occasions. Updated 12/09/2019. Stefan Eggeler: Walpurgis Night witches, Kokain (Cocaine) and other illustrations 1. by C. D. Yonge, 1828.). One states it is derived from the Greek word for ‘will’. When one of these omens shows up, not long after the ritual took place, one is granted to proceed under her blessing, guidance and protection. Buy at Amazon. A Study of Witches and their Relations with Demons The Cambridge History of Magic and Witchcraft in the West, Hecate rules all aspects of magic, including divination. 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