aqa english literature a level coursework examples
Do not forget that there is plenty of expertise out there to help you: colleagues in your school, forums, blogs and commercial websites. If you’re enthusiastic about the text it’s much more likely your students will be too. You need to prepare students for challenging questions which will demand a high degree of analysis. treated as the original writer's own words for assessment purposes. © AQA 2020, This website uses cookies to improve your experience. There’s a wide range of oral, reading and writing tasks you can do while studying a literary text. Many schools and colleges have found that the second year of the A-level course is best for working on literature. Our English AS and A-levels provide strong stand-alone qualifications that are designed to be co-teachable. Expect about two to three hours to be spent on this. However, if they are well rehearsed in technique and have good knowledge they will cope very well. You should study the assessment criteria (AO3 and AO4) in the specification very carefully and share these criteria with students. This specification is committed to the notion of autonomous personal reading and It’s probably unwise to spend large amounts of time reading aloud, but some classes may need a higher level of guidance than others. This general approach is widely used. Design a worksheet as if the student were the teacher. You may prefer an electronic text. Fingersmith with Marian Halcombe in The Woman in White in the This area could also form part of a departmental target. Go through model essays from exam board sites, other students or written by the teacher. The AQA prescribed list of literary texts offers language of an appropriate level of length and difficulty with subject matter rooted in the target language country to stimulate AS and A-level students. The focus of handouts would be on meaning rather than linguistic form. The specifications encourage independent study of a range of texts within a shared context. whole or by individual students. The downside is students have fewer opportunities to develop their independence and dictionary skills. If students are not very forthcoming treat an extract as if it were just any other text and design tasks to elicit responses as you would normally, perhaps focusing on factual matters before you move on to analysis. You may choose to read aloud key sections of text to ensure that comprehension is sound. literature course, students should have the literature in English. AQA is not responsible for the content of external sites. Do matching tasks (eg starts and ends of sentences). You will want to begin preparing your text, resources and lesson planning well in advance. Therefore, schools and texts, a poetry text could be either one longer narrative poem or a single authored Use online text manipulation software to work on individual passages. Many teachers find that they like to use some English when discussing harder areas. If you share your enthusiasm, guide them carefully, fine-tune your teaching in ways described earlier and teach them to be analytical, they will nearly always come to enjoy the work and develop their confidence. This website works best with JavaScript switched on. On the other hand some students and teachers may dislike reading from an e-reader and long term cost may be greater than buying printed texts which may last a few years. genre ‘was at its best when tugging at the seams of certainties and easy solutions’. You may choose a text from the list which corresponds with your own tastes as well those of your students. Glossaries will speed up the reading process for students and make it more pleasurable. Students doing the two year A-level course may want to read the book over the summer holidays before returning to school or college in September of the second year. Hardback texts are more expensive but have a longer life span. There are all kinds of written work you can do before students write fully-fledged essays. This is hard to control, but you would be wise to discourage reading of the text in English. A-level course. significant in the development of literature in English. free to develop their own interests from their own If you prepare your text carefully and are clear in how you approach your teaching you will bring expertise to the task and your students will derive great pleasure from the work. The specifications encourage independent study of a range of texts within a shared context. Brontë's in her novel. Prepare your students for assessment. Texts chosen for study may This may depend on your group. Depending on staffing availability, you could have one teacher allocated a certain number of periods a week for the autumn or spring term to work solely on the literature. Please enable JavaScript. A-level English Literature A (7712) specification updates, AQA is not responsible for the content of external sites. Smith’s White Teeth in the light of this view. When the book is finished begin reviewing themes using some of the exercise types listed above. Write a diary extract from the point of view of a character. Studied together they create an understanding of English Literature that will deepen your students' knowledge and love of the subject. If you’re co-teaching the one year AS and two year A-level, you need to distinguish differences in question style and assessment criteria. Do question and answer (oral and written). wide-ranging opportunity for independent study. Please either accept the cookies, or, Specifications for first teaching in 2015, 4.3 Independent critical study: texts across time, Non-exam assessment administration (A-level only), Independent critical study: texts across time. Students should take an autonomous For Spanish you can explore the series entitled. Examiners judge the overall quality of the essay and apply the assessment criteria. Specialist websites provide ready-made support materials such as lesson plans and handouts, but make sure you check them for quality. You may do themed vocabulary work if the text features a particular range of lexis. Some teachers may feel that certain students would benefit at a later stage from a more rapid reading in English when preparing for the exam. If using a collection of poetry, students must have studied the Write imaginary dialogues between characters. You can cover some discussion points in English before going through them again in the target language. For timing you will need to take into account any assessment arrangements in your school. If you are the lone teacher with the class you may prefer to split your lessons between language and literature to provide variety during the week.


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