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Percival (like the other Knights) tended to treat Mordred as a little brother, similarly to how they treated Merlin. Later, when Merlin was revealed to have recovered, Percival was greatly relieved and greeted him with a hug (The Darkest Hour). Though a deadly and highly skilled warrior, Percival was often shown to be a softhearted and gentle soul. He was often seen joking around with Gwaine, once attempting to steal a roast chicken from the castle kitchens with him (The Darkest Hour) and quickly joined in when he and the other Knights began teasing Elyan (A Herald of the New Age). Affiliation: The morning after the fight, the group awoke to find that Elyan, who was supposed to be on guard, was missing. They made camp the first night at an old fortress called Daobeth, where Merlin was badly injured by the Dorocha. When the Dorocha attacked Camelot and Percival had to leave his torch behind to carry three children to safety, Elyan risked his life to chase the ghost away from him with his own torch (The Darkest Hour). Percival was later present in the council chamber when Arthur attempted to offer Kara a deal, promising to spare her from the death penalty if she repented of her crimes. If you don’t receive the link soon, try checking your spam or junk folder. Like the other Knights, Percival tended to look on Merlin as a younger brother and did his best to look after him. You have no idea where she's taking you. They pretended to eat all of the stew he'd fixed for their dinner, and then proceeded to reveal one last bowl that they'd saved for him when he'd just about given up hope. He didn't come back. As Knights, Percival and Lancelot went on many adventures and fought alongside one another countless times. However, as a skilled hand-to-hand combatant he was equally capable of defending himself with strength alone, on one occasion defeating half a dozen armed men with his bare hands (The Sword in the Stone). Later, after the death of King Uther, he also attended Arthur's coronation along with his fellow knights (The Wicked Day). The Knights spent most of the day hacking their way through the forest. Some time later, Arthur was ambushed by bandits while out riding with Guinevere on their anniversary. He eventually returned to the Citadel with the rest of Camelot's army when no trace of the king could be found (The Diamond of the Day). Knowing that Eira's last message would lead Morgana to the forest near Brineved, the two knights lay in wait for her and set up an ambush. Percival was then ordered to lead Mithian and her father out of danger while Arthur dealt with Odin (Another's Sorrow). When Gwaine entered the hall and announced that they were under attack by Morgana and her ally Helios, Percival was among knights that Arthur led in a counterattack. It is unknown how Percival reacted to Lancelot's affair with Guinevere, or to his subsequent suicide (Lancelot du Lac). Percival stood with Gwaine as he watched from a castle window, and joined him in his quest for vengeance against Morgana. Percival, Leon, and Gwaine were separated from Arthur and Merlin during the battle. Percival was one of the Knights who escorted Gwen and Elyan on their pilgrimage to visit their father's grave. At some point in their journey they came across a group of bandits camped out in the forest. Percival later accompanied Arthur, Merlin, and the other Knights on a hunting trip, during which they came across a dead Camelot patrol. Percival was still serving as a Knight of Camelot one year later. Percival later attended Elyan's funeral at the lake alongside his fellow knights and the rest of the court of Camelot (The Dark Tower). The group reached the Isle of the Blessed the next morning, crossing the lake by way of the ferryman's boat. When Mordred responded to this by breaking her out of prison and running off with her - Kara killing a guard in the escape - Percival was one of the knights that Arthur took with him to apprehend them. Uther forces the two apart but merlin never knows why. The warlock then mounted his horse using the fallen knights as a staircase and went on his way (A Servant of Two Masters). Camelot is a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur.Absent in the early Arthurian material, Camelot first appeared in 12th-century French romances and, since the Lancelot-Grail cycle, eventually came to be described as the fantastic capital of Arthur's realm and a symbol of the Arthurian world.. The light reappeared a little while later and Gwaine decided to follow it, telling Percival to cover for him. Percival attended Arthur's birthday celebration alongside the rest of the court. Biographical Information Little is known about Percival's early life, only that his family was killed when Cenred's army raided his village. to personalize your experience. Later, after Elyan was captured and held prisoner, Percival was one of the knights who freed him from Camelot's dungeons (The Sword in the Stone). Shop Merlin And Arthur Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. Later, after the battle was won, Percival stood alongside his fellow knights and the rest of the court as Arthur crowned Guinevere Queen of Camelot (The Sword in the Stone). On Arthur's recommendation they took a shortcut through the Tunnels of Andor, which went fairly well up until they came across a group of Wildeorren. They ran into Merlin in to the woods, who claimed to be gathering herbs for Gaius. The fact that both had had the same dream after being bitten by Morgana's snakes earlier led Arthur to believe that she had taken Gwen to the Dark Tower, and was now trying to lure him there as well. Learn more about how to manage your preferences here. When the castle was preparing for the Feast of Samhain, for example, the two (with Merlin's aid) attempted to steal a roast chicken from the castle kitchens, grinning like little boys (The Darkest Hour). They were generally shown to get along well (though Percival, like Gwaine, could occasionally get on Elyan's nerves when he joined in Gwaine's pranks) and faced many dangers together over the years. Close £25 OFF WITH 'BDAY25' ON ORDERS £100+ NEW WINTER ARRIVALS. At the conclusion of the series, Percival and Leon were the only Knights of the Round Table remaining after the deaths of Lancelot (The Darkest Hour), Elyan (The Dark Tower), Arthur, and Gwaine. Percival was one of the knights who accompanied Arthur on his secret negotiations. Percival was the one who discovered the thread that Tyr had used to restitch the girth, and was present in the council chamber when Tyr was tried and sentenced to death. When it was discovered that his saddle had been tampered with, Percival was one of the knights sent to search the house of the king's stablehand, Tyr Seward. By entering your email address you are agreeing to become a member and receive emails with our daily offers. Arthur had just managed to free his father when the warning bell sounded, alerting everyone in the citadel to their presence. Gender: He joined the other Knights in teasing Mordred along the way, and when the group decided to split up to search the forest, Percival went with Leon. With their former hideout compromised, the group then proceeded to the Castle of the Ancient Kings, where Arthur revealed his intentions to infiltrate the citadel and free his father.


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