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Congress closed that loophole eight years later by adding a parallel tax on living gifts to heirs. That’s about 1 percent of the $1.2 trillion passed down in America each year, mostly by the very rich, former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers estimated in a December blog post. One clue in the IRS filings from the 2003 trusts suggests Helen Walton claimed such a discount, according to Hesch, the Miami lawyer. On April 1, the real-life Jim-Bob– James E. Hamner– who lived most of his life in the family home in Schuyler, died in the arms of his sister Audrey. Spurred by historically low interest rates that magnify the tax savings, the richest Americans have amassed at least $20 billion in trusts like those used by the Waltons. There’s little sign that the estate tax has significantly eroded the family’s fortune. For thousands of Waltons' fans who poured into Schuyler to visit the Walton's Mountain Museum and the Hamner homeplace, he … She said the practice creates “a world of unreality.”. Alice’s mother, Helen, chose an auspicious time to set up her first four Jackie O. trusts in January 2003. He assumed the trust was worth about $330 million in 2003, when it was established. In a sign of just how much money is at stake, the IRS is trying to collect as much as $2.8 billion from the estate of the Michigan industrialist William M. Davidson, according to a petition filed by Davidson’s family in U.S. Tax Court in June. Audrey Walton is the ex-wife of James L. “Bud” Walton, Sam’s younger brother and a co-founder of the retail chain. That may have allowed her to exploit another loophole in the tax code – one that lets the wealthy discount the value of their fortunes by 30 percent or more. The Foundation, in turn, is funded mostly by a series of 21 trusts. The Walton heirs include Sam and Helen Walton's children Rob, Jim and Alice; Christy Walton, widow of Sam and Helen's son John; Lukas Walton, son of John and Christy; and Ann Walton Kroenke and Nancy Walton Laurie, the daughters of Sam Walton's brother and Walmart co-founder James "Bud" Walton and Audrey Walton. They include Elaine Marshall, the Koch Industries Inc. director, and Fidelity mutual funds’ Johnson family. In 2005, Walton grabbed the art world’s attention with a series of purchases. She did much of that giving through her Jackie O. trusts. A Patton Boggs lawyer, Aubrey Rothrock, said in a statement that the Waltons’ lobbying supported “private foundation reforms to create new incentives for charitable giving” and did not involve “the specific issue of repealing the estate tax.”. That growth means the four Helen Walton trusts have been accumulating assets faster than they give them away. To put that into perspective, the Theranos loss represents less than 0.09 percent of their total net worth. The Obama administration estimated that its most recent proposal, submitted in 2012, would raise an extra $18.1 billion over 10 years. You sure about that Max? That year, he gave a 20 percent stake in the family business to each of his children, keeping 20 percent for himself and his wife. The Walton family, through its Bentonville holding company Walton Enterprises LLC, bought Series C-2 preferred shares in Theranos on Dec. 15, 2014, according to documents filed in a lawsuit by another investor. For trusts set up this month, it’s 1.4 percent. “This project exemplifies the way one single gift grows and becomes greater, as many more give generously,” she said in her Ozarks twang. Those trusts can only save taxes if they beat that 3.6 percent rate. Holmes quickly settled with the SEC, agreeing to pay $500,000 in fines and penalties. Because assets are locked up for decades, such trusts are attractive only to the wealthiest families, said John Anzivino, a principal at Kaufman Rossin & Co. in Miami. Soda Springs Partners LLC, which according to Bloomberg operates in the same building as Walton Enterprises, invested $49,999,992 in the securities. Bankrolled by more than $1 billion in donations from her family, the museum attests to the Waltons’ generosity and vast wealth. “This time in history is probably going to go down as a unique opportunity” to “transfer assets out of an estate at the lowest cost,” said Charles J. McLucas, president of Charitable Trust Administrators Inc. in Tustin, California. (. Andrew Carnegie donated almost his entire fortune to charity, building thousands of libraries across the country. That's chump change for them. “Once something is in the statute, and is a benefit to taxpayers, it is extremely difficult to get it out.”. If the trust’s investments outperform that benchmark rate, then the extra earnings pass to the designated heirs free of any estate tax. The trusts returned about 14 percent a year before taxes during that period, according to a Bloomberg analysis of IRS filings. Helen Walton took pride in her charitable giving. Her views were shaped by growing up on a farm and representing a state with many small family businesses that could be hurt by the tax, she said. “Thanks Alice!’’ reads one. Alice’s mother, Helen, chose an auspicious time to set up her first four Jackie O. trusts in January 2003. Still, professional planners have sometimes held up the Waltons as a model. You could probably find that much in their couch cushions! These trusts are often called “Jackie O.” trusts after Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the former First Lady who died in 1994 and whose will called for one. The Securities and Exchange Commission filed civil fraud charges in March against Holmes and Balwani. All rights reserved. Typical discounts are 20 to 30 percent. The wills of Alice’s parents, Sam and Helen, on file in an Arkansas probate court, reveal little about their financial arrangements. Representatives of all these donors or their families declined to comment or didn’t return calls.


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