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You don’t know how much”. Look at us reflected in the water, see? I can say that your newness, your freshness, your freedom from tradition attracted my world-weary, neurotic decaying European sensibility. We’ve been listening to your feedback One of the requests we receive most frequently, from actors, students and teachers alike, is the ability to search for monologues within plays. It was my fault. Pin. And I never will. So I say, “No. I got so excited that I bit his face. Me and him. Whether you are an aspiring performer or playwright, we have provided links … Love me, me, me, me, all of me. Tweet. It’s knowin’ that that brought me down this time, broke and – and when I would have given anythin’ to have stopped up there. Now I’ve lost you. Must be hard for you, Rhonda, with all those kids. Ya don’t even know what ya gonna do with it. Users with a subscription can also open up a preview copy of the text, read the monologue in full and understand it within the context of the text as a whole. This selection also includes works from New Zealand. Smiling) I’m not a monster… No more running. We are happy with ourselves.’ That’s all anyone said while I was there. (Silence) What is it about you people? But… her Centrelink payments have gone up and all her fat friends are waitin’ in line behind her! Every night on the news. The crowd goes wild! And when a husband tells me he’s having his third boy I want to put my hand down his pants and rip his fucking cock off and squeeze it dry of any seed. That leaves another seven months still hangin’ – what d’yer reckon Olive does in that time? We’re as good as you. God it’s exciting being in Europe. A right word a soft word at just the right moment straight down the ear hole, ping bullseye, right to the hungry spot, ping and then ah, ah, that was it. And I look down at my fat little bald baby sucking on her dummy and I think, oh, that’s funny because mine’s as thick as a brick. This new collection brings together 30 monologues from contemporary Australian plays. Nobody else does. Talk about the Me Generation! Then these other people dressed as astronauts and red indians ran round and round the pond screaming and then they lit this fire and threw copies of the Mona Lisa into it. Women melting into their partners’ bodies, the men wrapped around them like blankets. Maybe we got things wrong. On this page you will find links to eReserve digital copies of Australian play, script & monologue excerpts for use in Speech + Drama. A huge oval of grass. These monologues are not to be shared or reproduced. I duck one lumbering giant, spin around a nifty dwarf of a rover, then I catch sight of the goals. Upside-down. (He cheers wildly. If it’s Nathan, you can tell ‘em he’s not there. She never came home for lunch. You’re all spoiled brats. Not even then. The man in the suit, he says, “They didn’t suffer, the smoke, it would have… “ (she holds up her hand as if to motion him to stop talking) And I say, “They suffered. Learn more and register your interest at our online acting course page. Always ‘us’, ‘all of you’, ‘we’, ‘them’. I’m bored. Behind the scenes: Monologue Curator, Michael McLaughlin, shares some valuable insights after cataloguing more than 600 plays. Before you head over to our handy search page, take a look at our selection of highlights that caught the eye of Michael, our resident monologue expert, which give a great overview of what you can expect to find as you search through our growing catalogue. Monologues are a crucial element of theatre, for actors and students alike. There’s some amazing things in there. seals our bodies together like a bandaid … We’d be glowing. I will never have children. retching the whole time. Has it ever occurred to any of you that there was a generation of men and women who didn’t wake up in the morning and wonder how the day was going to pan out for them, but leapt out of bed intent on figuring out how the world was going to pan out for everyone? A huge archive of monologues for actors. Comic Monologues. Better off alone. What a great place. (He smiles and she smiles back. Monologues from Plays Share. And no-one knows how. Being with you again makes me realise how unhappy I really am. I don’t know if it counts if it was your cousin. Segregated from society from their earliest years, not all of them successfully manage their lives when released into the outside world. And ya thinkin’, how do I make sense of this dog-ass life? No, not greedy. Featuring the combined catalogues of Australia's leading theatrical publishers. Ya just know it. Like, what the fuck! [Beat] I will never have children. Where I live there are dozens of factories: shoe factories, some that make gaskets, hydraulic machines, clothing. The database provides access to the full text of thousands of titles and a huge selection of hand-selected monologues for audition and study. I want to yell out, this is not a body, this is Tracy you’re talking about. It is a TV show. I’ve had a great morning. The monologue should be relevant to the performer, and a revelation to the audience. And finally, finally it came. He started to cry and ran to his mother and I was sent to my room. My mother works in a shoe factory. I was grounded for the rest of Year 9 and never drank sweet wine again. ( ( Got it thank you, now anything I can do for you back? I was happy for a week, but human happiness terrifies me. Not as good as your play. We are always trying to improve our monologue lists for your benefit. Not here. It’s great being here. I wouldn’t mind looking after him. Not even after all the sick saliva seeps into I missed your jokes. I shouldn’t laugh, should I? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Our 7x sold out online acting course returns soon. And when I see a baby in a pram…[beat.] There’s no algorithm or predefined formula we can draw on to identify a good monologue, it requires experience, insight and a lot of patience. It’s my life and I like having a man around. Wish I knew how. As part of our touring program we regularly hold monologue workshops using text sourced from Australian playwrights. When he looked at the moon and it was full, when he heard a bird call, when he smelt something he couldn’t trace sometimes, when he touched something fine, he sensed there was more. No fucking way. Silence) So quiet. But she doesn’t get it, Family Services don’t get it, but it’s how I am. This is your home. Roo has been struggling with a great loss of pride recently, and has a lot of built up emotion, it is here he finally snaps. Impress your casting director with these 17 comedic monologues for men: 1. I’d cut his balls off. Hungry. But I liked it. He’ll kiss my cheek with his Why are you like you are? CONTEMPORARY AUSTRALIAN MONOLOGUES FOR WOMEN. From high school study to professional auditions and performances, the monologue exposes the heart of a play and the capacities of the performer.The monologue should be relevant to the performer, and a revelation to the audience. Well, that’s what Carol says. How in hell am I going to get through this? I can go on and on too. She caught us, me and Penny McCrea and Stella Bouzakis with a bottle of sweet wine. It’s not hard to understand why - monologues are so integral to the performer’s craft, from student examinations and tertiary auditions, to the pursuit of employment on the professional stage. She was a woman centuries ago. Free extracts of scripts are also available. And it doesn’t stop. I’m sorry”. Gettin’ up the duff. But it was a kiss, nonetheless. No, she doesn’t, she just waits for us to come back again – ‘coz she thinks our five months is worth all the rest of the year put together!


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