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Your email address will not be published. More info, Something rather different from Bacardi, a sweet and spicy spirit drink, infused with ginger flavours. Explore all news stories Good Spirited Doing the Right Thing. Bacardi Names Mauricio Vergara as President and COO of PATRÓN. Amongst their number were the Cuba Libre and the Daiquiri - both of which were conceived with Bacardi rum. Bacardi was first created in Cuba but moved to Puerto Rico rather than face nationalisation. Bacardi have got you covered with this rum-based raspberry spirit drink. Bacardi Limited (/ b ə ˈ k ɑːr d i /; Spanish: [bakaɾˈði]) is one of the largest American privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world. Rare and collectible (and sizeable!). 50 ml. More info, Out on the #razz this weekend? Web address: Ernest Hemingway was said to request his daiquiri be made with Bacardi White Rum. 750 ml. Bacardi GmbH Hindenburgstrasse 49 D-22297 Hamburg Geschäftsführer: Nicolas Rampf, George Kester Sitz der Gesellschaft: Hamburg - Amtsgericht Hamburg HRB 14390 USt-ID: DE118532208 +49/40/33950-0 CONNECT WITH BACARDI Please choose a modern one, Product name: Neptune Rum Gold Barbados 3 Years Brand: Neptune Rum Distillery: Alcohol by volume: 40%…, Product name: Chatel Ginger Mango Brand: Chatel Distillery: Alcohol by volume: 40% Alcohol proof: 80…, Product name: Chatel Citron Brand: Chatel Distillery: Alcohol by volume: 40% Alcohol proof: 80 Proof…, Product name: Chatel Coco Brand: Chatel Distillery: Alcohol by volume: 40% Alcohol proof: 80 Proof…, Bacardi 8 Years Millennium Baccarat Crystal, Bacardi de Maestros de Ron Vintage MMXII 150th Anniversary Decanter, Island Cane Rhum Agricole Blanc 50º – Review, Rum Nation Guatemala Rum Gran Reserva – Review, A1710 La Perle “Brute” Parcellaire White Rhum – Review, Tres Hombres No.8 La Palma Ron Tradicional Anejo XVII Años Solera – Review, Bristol Spirits Classic Rum 1985 Versailles 13YO – Review, European Rum and Cocktail Online Festival 2020, The Inaugural Scottish Rum Festival Goes Virtual, World Rum Awards Competition Results 2017, Distilled – San Diego – Spirits and Cocktail Competition Results 2017, Cathay Pacific Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition 2017. Thanks to its stint in Cuba, the…  More info, A blend of rums up to 23 years old, with a higher proportion of older rums than any others in the Facundo range. Facundo set about producing smooth, refined rums. Discover the full portfolio of Bacardi Brands over 200 global brands and labels across 170 global markets Beer Bio: Style: Malternative Alcohol Level: 5% by volume Calories: 226 per 12 oz. Pour a generous measure over ice, pop in a fresh…  More info, A white rum which needs very little introduction, Bacardi's Carta Blanca is incredible popular indeed, seen on backbars around the world. In the US it is bottled at 80 proof (40% abv) and at 75 proof (37.5% abv) in the UK and Continental Europe.This rum is mostly used to make cocktails calling for a white rum such as Cuba Libre, Daiquiri, Piña Colada, Mojito, and Bacardi cocktail.. Other Bacardi products. More By Bacardi. Check Availability. More info, A limited edition bottling of Barcardi Superior, in a bottle styled after how the legendary rum was presented over 100 years ago. Bacardi Superior is a white rum made by the Bacardi Company. Produced since: From $ 19.49. The Bacardi brand originated in Cuba, and the first…  More info, Bacardi's premium rum release, the 8 year old is blended with rums aged for between 8 and 16 years. Some of the rums used to make Oakheart were aged in bourbon casks,…  More info, A 10 year old blend of rums that was blended before it went into the barrel (with a couple of the rums used already being 1-2 years old at the time). Distillery: Bacardi Browse Bacardi rums, the world’s favourite and most awarded. A refreshing spirit drink from Bacardi - their Mojito Spirit drinks combines natural mint flavours, lime juice, cane sugar and Bacardi Superior Rum. It's made with a blend of well-aged Puerto Rican rums, resulting in a…  More info, A large one litre bottle of Bacardi's Carta Blanca, described as 'Ron Superior' on the label, produced back in the 1970s. The Bacardi company was established by a Spaniard who emigrated to Cuba during the early 20th century; Don Facundo Bacardi Masso was born in 1814 in Catalonia and arrived in Santiago in his early teens. Rewards: Your browser does not support images upload. All rights reserved. Age: This bottle was part of a private collection - if you'd like more detailed…  More info, Rich, sweet dark rum from one of the most well known spirits brands in the world - Bacardi. Fruit Liqueur . Enjoy…  More info, A magnum of the classic Carta Blanca white rum from Bacardi. October 23, 2020. A good mixer. From $ 21.49. Bacardi Dragon Berry 50 Ml. Aged rums serving Bacardi Silver Raz is a crystal clear beverage with a nose that is indicative of mixed berries. One of Bacardi’s many flavors is Bacardi Silver Raz, a crisp, fruity beverage that is actually manufactured by brewing giant Anheuser- Busch. , Disclaimer, Disclosure and Privacy Policy. To create the spirit drink (its ABV isn't high enough to legally be called a rum), a base of white rum is infused with natural…  More info, A 1.5 litre bottling of the one of the world's best-selling spirits! Alcohol by volume: 32% A perfect dark rum for cocktails…  More info, A rum-based spirit drink from the renowned Bacardi folks, showing off how well their Puerto Rican rum combines with delicious mango notes. Amazeballs! It has been finished for at least a month in Sherry casks. Bacardi rums are the only choice for the perfect cocktail! 750 ml. Alcohol proof: Set delivery address to see local pricing. Aged Rum. Bacardi Coco Rum. Bacardi Tropico. Reviews: This 4 year old is a brand new addition to the line-up and sits between the Carta Oro rum, which is primarily for…  More info, A blend of rums aged 7 to 23 years old from Bacardi's premium Fagundo label, named after the founder of the company. Copyright © 2020 Master of Malt. Bacardi Select Rum. 1. Rums aged up to 8 years are blended and then charcoal filtered to remove the colour for aged notes in a…  More info, Lemon flavoured rum-based spirit drink from Bacardi. More info, Bacardi is best known for its white rum, but it does do some excellent aged products. His methods involved barrel ageing and charcoal filtration. Facundo set about producing smooth, refined rums. The building also housed a population of fruit bats, thus the logo emblazoned on every bottle. Along with brother José, Facundo Bacardi established a distillery in 1862. 750 ml. Bacardi – Black Razz. Master of Malt supports responsible drinking - Sip, don't Gulp. Check Availability. More info, A rather rare sight on these shores, Bacardi Reserva Limitada rum was originally only available from the distillery's gift shop! This is made with grapefruit, lemon and other fruits, and the spirit is aged for a year. 50 ml. Prices vary based on delivery destination (it's a tax thing), so please change it if you're not shipping within Singapore as it might affect the price! A distillery was acquired in Puerto Rico, where Bacardi produces today. Not only that, it has been bottled at 44.5% ABV, the original…  More info, We bet you can guess what the star flavour in Bacardi Coconut is! His methods involved barrel ageing and charcoal filtration. Think raspberries are like, totally yum? serving Carbs: 32.5 grams per 12 oz. Surely this'll be good in mixed drinks...  More info, A warming spiced-rum-based-spirit-drink from Bacardi, with a focus on the fiery notes of cinnamon. October 21, 2020. Flavored Rum. This can be used to jazz up rum cocktails, or simply serve with lemonade for the ultimate…  More info, Bacardi is a world-class back-bar staple rum which was originally created in Cuba in the 1800s, though now produced in Puerto Rico.


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