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Bateson Trailers © 2020. Trailers do not have to be fitted with brakes until the gross weight exceeds 750 kg, or if the weight of the trailer and load does not exceed half the weight of the towing vehicle. in. With a screwdriver blade inserted between the flange of the grease cap and the hub, All trailers are manufactured to comply with the latest European regulations and  have been inspected by the VCA and  granted European Whole Vehicle Type Approval. 3. All Rights Reserved. For this reason and the expensive cost of replacements we do not recommend LED Lights for anything but rear, side and front markers. Next Day Delivery Service. Check the operation of the handbrake, the brake linkage should retract when each Check the operation of the lights. […], Redesigned  beaver tail  transporter trailers. e11 2007/46 0784 Ext 02 Rev 02, BT1  O1 Twin axle un braked trailers. LED rear lights are fitted standard to platform trailers, fog lamps,  stop lamps and  flashers are all bulb type to avoid the problem with many modern vehicles sending a small test pulse through the circuits which can operate the lights. How to remove, refit and adjust the hubs. Check for missing hub grease caps and inspect for any damage. requirements will vary depending on the circumstances in which the trailer is operating. Court Farm Garage is proud to be your local main dealer for Bateson trailers. After the first 500 miles the brakes must be adjusted at the hubs to allow for initial bedding This is mainly due to the brakes being in poor condition and out of adjustment for some time. eyelet. 2. Do these parts fit your vehicle? We have a range of sizes and capacities to suit most towing vehicles. 7. If these floors are looked after they should last a lifetime, in practice after 10 years some floors are showing signs of deterioration and should be repaired or replaced. 2. This has many benefits, the trailer cost is much less and maintenance is greatly reduced. CONTACT US. Change Currency € - Euros $ - US Dollars £ - British Sterling; Login; Register ; Items (0) £0.00 (inc. VAT) Tow Bars; Trailers. Beaver tail transporter trailers are manufactured in 3 weight ranges, 2 tonne, 2.6 tonne and 3.5 tonne gross and 3 lengths approx.. 14’, 16’ and 18’. of play between the hitch draw tube and the main brake operating lever. the brakes apply. 10. 7. Bateson 2 Horse Trailer. Bateson Trailer Parts. Find out now. 3. e11 2007/46 0785 Ext 02 Rev 02, BS2 O2 Single axle braked trailers. 4. Trailers will be supplied with the standard 7 pin type N, unless ordered with a 13 pin or twin 7 pin sockets for the reversing lamps. Using a trailer of this type will double the capacity of a van or it can even be replaced, towing with a car or 4 x 4. cables being damaged or sticking. the cables and linkages are free and fully retracted. Do these parts fit your vehicle? 9. When the trailer is about one year old and the frame has turned to a dull grey the finish is better protected. Parts can be obtained from your dealer or despatched direct from the works. Adjust the brakes. Check the free movement of the brake cables. For this reason all our horse trailers have always had removable stall mats to allow the floor to dry when washed out and for periodic inspection. Trailers 4.3 metres and longer are available with a sloping beaver tail, or with full hydraulic tilt and ramp door. Remove the lock nut on the forward end of the cable attaching it to the balance bar. We stock lots of every day parts for the Cheval Liberte horse trailers. This one fits the drivers side front or passenger side rear of the mudguard. All Rights Reserved. Telephone: 0161-426 0500 ext 25. We do not require a deposit unless the trailer is a special build. bearing. The alloy floors can be fitted to order at £100 + vat. The rust protection is not compromised if salting occurs, but the galvanise can look unsightly if not looked after when new. Bateson 3.5 ton digger plant trailer with Ramp Doo . The trailer is fully welded from 2.5 mm steel sheet and hot rolled sections then hot dipped galvanised in one piece providing an extremely strong trailer with a low unladen weight. This Bateson 3.5 ton digger plant is six months old in very good condition and is ready for pick up from Mansfield. Tell us about your vehicle to find the right parts faster. Because of customer demand we are also offering an alloy plank floor as an option on all our new trailers and as a kit to fit into older models. Save this search. 5. New load securing rails; 195 x 10 alloy wheel option. Integrity and Trust, Car Sales that Care. Repeat on the other wheels. the slot in the bracket. We also supply, hire or lease quality Bateson trailers, horseboxes and livestock trailers. We also offer kits to suit both braked and unbraked trailers ranging from 750kg-3500kg. UK supplier of Trailer Parts & Spares for Ifor Williams Brian James Indespension Bateson Brenderup Anssems & Debon Trailers at Trade Prices. It is compulsory for all new trailers used in Europe to be manufactured to comply with the latest technical specifications and have  type approval. These trailers feature heavy duty galvanised steel construction frame throughout. 2. 4. Please quote the VIN number beginning SBN of the trailer plate . Inspect the floor for signs of wear, the rear door catches and the general body When open it reduces wind resistance and improves ventilation in hot weather. EUR 1,800.00. If they are not working freely they should be replaced. 3. Each 500 miles or 800 km: Please telephone our office to discuss your requirements, we would be pleased to advise you on the most suitable model for your requirements and provide a quotation. Do not work under a hydraulically raised body unless it is propped. 1. Each 2500 miles or 4000km: Examine the condition of the wheel bearings and grease seal. 8. Home › Trailer Parts › Mudguards › BATESON TRAILERS Mudguard Plastic End For Front Offside Rear Nearside, Plastic Mudguard End for Bateson Trailers. A large one piece mat would make this very difficult. offering a very economical method of transporting goods. This offers a more versatile load securing system as well as adding strength to the trailer side rail, mudguards and light plates, Alloy wheels are now available as an option on our hydraulic tilt trailers, as well as being very smart and stylish they increase the payload of a three axle trailer by about 20 kg. A certificate of conformity is supplied free with every trailer to permit registration in all European countries (registration is not required in the UK). We believe that the new floors either Plastic or Alloy will last a lifetime and give no cause for concern. From Ireland. The low platform and shallow approach angle allow equipment with a minimum ground clearance or a long front overhang to be loaded easily. 11. Horse Trailer Floors. or Best Offer. Registration is not required in the UK. Alloy floor option on new trailers £100 + vat, Alloy floor replacement kit £380 + vat + carriage. Remove the nut anti-clockwise and draw the hub off, taking care to retain the outer The cables should not be greased, this may cause them to stick, but they can be lightly oiled. Trailer Hire; Bateson Trailer Parts; Rice Trailer Parts; Richardson Trailer Parts; Aluminium Loading Ramps. Check, re-grease and readjust tne wheel hub bearings. An eye type coupling to suit a pin and jaw hitch can be fitted to any trailer to special order. It is not advisable to replace the hitch damper without servicing the brakes and most likley replacing the brake shoes. Find out now. Make any final adjustments required to the brakes. Traditionally horse trailer floors were made from hardwood timber planks usually Keruing,this is a brilliant material and with a high resin content was virtually rot proof. For more recent exchange rates, please use the. This page was last updated: 03-Nov 18:04. remove the cap. Pre-owned. We stock a vast range of spares for nearly every trailer that we have built, and standard parts like brake components, lamp units, mudguards, wheels and tyres etc will be often suitable for other makes, at competitive prices. A certificate of conformity is supplied free with every trailer to permit registration in all European countries (registration is not required in the UK). The Following products are available for free, Please select one of the following: This product has been added to your basket... 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