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Both cases were settled. (The writer apologized.) If you buy a subscription to SI, you give money to Heckman and Levinsohn. And good things are happening.”. NEW YORK (AP) — The company that recently bought Sports Illustrated has found someone to run it: a small media company called Maven. “Their stalling deprived us of the rights we would have had as a recognized union to bargain over the layoffs’ impact,” the statement said.

While at the Los Angeles Times, Levinsohn was put on unpaid leave after allegations of sexual harassment. Monthly page views are up from 17 million to more than 20 million since Maven re-engineered SI’s famously stodgy website, reducing load time and helping SI content appear higher in Google searches, they said in an interview. Full-time contractors haven’t been told whether they will be retained beyond January. ABG can only pull Maven’s publishing license if the contract is breached, both companies agreed.

Small media company Maven to run Sports Illustrated for new owner Maven says Ross Levinsohn, the former publisher of the Los Angeles Times, will be CEO of what will become Sports Illustrated Media. Tronc, Levinsohn’s employer at the time the settlements were unearthed by NPR, cleared him of wrongdoing. Ron Borges, a former Boston Herald columnist who was apparently fooled by a prankster posing as Tom Brady’s agent, has contributed dozens of stories to the SI expanded universe. It said it saw opportunities to grow the brand in digital, TV and social media, with licensing opportunities in products, original content and live events, including the growing market for sports gambling and video game competitions known as esports. Levinsohn’s track record only made it worse, staffers said. After laying off eight bargaining unit members, Maven still hasn’t recognized the union, and there is no double severance. What do Tuberville’s college football coaching career and Alabama Senate campaign have in common? ABG executives have had conversations with SI staffers about their concerns, multiple people said. "That alone told us their staff was misallocated and being mismanaged.”. On April Fools’ Day, the New York Post’s Mike Puma complained that an SI writer used one of his interviews without appropriate credit. Two months later, the gap between Maven’s bold vision for SI and the grim reality in the newsroom has only grown, according to interviews with 10 current employees and eight more who recently left the magazine. Coronavirus According to a human-resources complaint obtained by The Post, a new executive in charge of video, hired by Maven this fall, offered a producer a trip to a swimsuit-issue photo shoot as a reward for good work. An October story on Irish Maven, which covers Notre Dame, was so poorly written that it served as the opening to one eulogy for SI. Of course that makes everyone uncomfortable.”. The Trojan Maven writer no longer writes for the site. The entire copy editing staff, eliminated in the October layoffs, worked its last days this month. Donald Trump’s Never-Ending Campaign Against the Media, Rewind: Ahmad Rashad on 30 Years of ‘NBA Inside Stuff’.


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