bdo striker pve

Archer: Awakening. for 9 sec.

More information about AP and DP brackers can be found here,,,, Character Tag Guide – Marni’s Suspicious Device, Mysteries of Summer 2020 – Walkthrough Guide, Tips to improve your silver per hour when grinding, Rainbow Button Mushroom Sandwich x1, Coconut Pasta x1, Fig Pie x1 , Fruit Wine x2, Rainbow Button Mushroom Cheese Melt x1, Max HP +150, Max Stamina 200, Back Attack Damage +5% for 110 minutes, Teff Bread x4, Pickled Vegetables x2, Lion Meat x4, Nutmeg x3, Short range mobility which is useful during PVP and PVE, Adaptable to different Siege/Node war roles, 2nd grab skill (unprotected but still useful), Slow/clunky animations, easy to predict movement, Lack of long range mobility making it hard to keep up with other classes. It can’t be enhanced but it is a good alternative until you can get Ring of Crescent Guardian or Mark of Shadow to PRI/DUO.The current best in slot, is a Tungrad Ring.The Capotia Ring is also worth mentioning.

So really you’re actually losing damage overall since you won’t be hitting the enemy as much (unless they are full DR). 6-Piece Set Bonus: Attack +10Accuracy 2Hidden Evasion 1, Accuracy 1 (alternating)DP 1 (alternating).

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This skill is a really good skill for leveling and also very useful once you have your awakening. However, since crystals cannot be safely taken out of your gear without the use of a pearl shop item, it’s important to decide which ones you’re going to use in the long run.

[SHIFT] + [F].


This skill is really important and a must have skill. This skill has low damage and no protection so it is simply useless in both PVE and PVP. Pre-Awakening skill build – Level 55 (583 skill points): you’ve just reached level 50 or you’re still leveling, use this build to put you in the right direction of what skills you should be using.Make sure you reset your skills at level 56 though because you will need skill points for your awakening skills and will only really need the support skills from pre-awakening. Mystic is more viable with pure AP or pure DP builds. The skill also has super armor on it and is an excellent skill used for chaining Super Armor. Succession for strikers removes the utility and defences that awakening provides but in turn has higher damage with smaller AoE skills which make them the same if not worse in large scale PVP.In each section of the guide you can find additional information about succession skills. BDO Black Desert Gear Guide For Beginners/Noobs 2020, BDO Kamasylvia Daily Peridot Routine Quests, BDO Guide To Getting Master 2 Or Artisan 2 Trading, BDO Sailing Sea Monster Hunting Guide 2020, Black Desert Online Node Guide For Beginners, BDO How To Get More Max Weight Life-skills/Processing, Black Desert Online BDO Dark Knight Guide 2020, Epic Seven How To Increase Friendship Guide 2020,,,,,, Black Magic Crystal – Precision x2 Sub-weapon: Awakened Spirit’s Crystals x2, Helm: Black Magic Crystal – Intimidation x2, Chest: JIN Magic Crystal – Cobelinus x2(Magic Crystal of Infinity – Evasion x2), Boots: Black Magic Crystal – Adamantine/Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine(Magic Crystal of Infinity – Swiftness x2), Gloves: JIN Magic Crystal – Viper/Black Magic Crystal – Sturdiness, Main Hand: Black Magic Crystal – Precision x2, Sub-weapon: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Critical Hit/Valtarra Spirit’s Crystal, Boots: Black Magic Crystal – Adamantine/Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine, Chest: Magic Crystal of Infinity – Evasion x2, Boots: Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine x2 Gloves: JIN Magic Crystal – Viper x2. This will give you a totally seperate skill tree that enhances your main hand skills and only has a few awakening skills.

They have slightly less AP but are much cheaper to repair and much less hassle.

For your food rotation in node wars/siege, I would recommend using Knight Combat Rations, Kamaslyvia Special, Valencia Special and then King of Jungle Hamburger in that order. You should prioritize Awakened skills first. You will also get higher Accuracy, Evasion and Damage Reduction from these pieces.


Griffon’s Helmet (helmet) – dropped from Griffons in Kamaslyvia. This skill is not very useful for PVE or PVP because it has no protection on it.

Rage Hammer is your 200% Black Spirit Rage skill and a good skill for PVE especially when leveling to 56. Optional for mainly pve as its good dmg can be used in pvp. It also has quite a bit of range compared to your other skills and can be combo’d with Flash Step to cast it backwards. Double Flash requires Flash Step III from your pre-awakening and the skill must be maxed out.

It’s an important skill to have but it is totally up to your playstyle how many levels you put into it. The skill doesn’t have any protection however, so you should use it wisely when the target is already CC’d.

The offhand gives pure AP and an all resistance +10% item effect and can be modified using an Inverted Hearth of Garmoth to give extra stats (Max HP +150, Max Stamina +100, Special Attack Evasion Rate +10%). Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor (chest) – dropped from Dim Tree Spirit. Designed to survive in GvG along with providing powerful buffs to yourself to deal as much damage as possible when engaging. For example, [Q] + [LMB] means you tap Q and LMB at the same time. When grinding, I recommend using the Simple Cron Meal. tree with final blow is also optional to take for pvp(mainly 1v1s).

for target[Level 56] Fist FuryCritical Hit Rate +10% for 9 sec. Liverto GaunletLiverto is the fourth strongest mainhand and much easier to obtain and enhance than Kzarka. Aim to buy a +15 Rosar Gauntlet if you can to save your enhancing resources. Boots: Black Magic Crystal – Adamantine/Red Battlefield Crystal: Adamantine, Decrease of damages from Monsters -6% for 110 minutes, Ignores All Resistance +3%, Critical Hit Damage +5% for 110 minutes. It pulls your enemies towards you and also has super armor, making it great for gathering monsters. For your accessories, you should prioritize Centaurus Belt, Bensho Necklace, Manos Earrings, and finally Cadry Rings last.This build is full defense and perfect for defending your team. Ideally you will want to buy or make it ultimate (yellow) to close the AP difference as well. The following combos are not designed to kill but fill if an accidental cc was applied: COMBO 1 DOWNSMASH NEEDS TO HAPPEN ON :roaring_tiger: FOR COMBO TO WORK, COMBO 2 NO SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS ARE NEEDED FOR THIS.


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