benelli ethos vs montefeltro
Benchmark of Reliability. revealed itself to be a hard gun to love, and the "Progressive Comfort Nor did most folks obsess over ribs and beads, as a raised/ventilated rib was deemed unnecessary for hunting purposes. var a2a_config = a2a_config || {}; The Remington 1100 still has a strong following, but its action does not compensate as well for load intensity as some other actions and the 1100 is the last mainstream autoloader to have a machined steel receiver. THE The first release, the adjustable rib version, lets you dial in the point of impact you want, along with an adjustable comb, included kinetic balancer, and fore-end weight set. Otherwise, it has cycled everything from pigeon loads down to subsonic 15/16 ounce Winchester Feathers." What do you get for the extra $300? But it broke at only 4 pounds. We recognized, however, that this extra heft had an upside as well, because when we shot the guns a lot, we welcomed the soft kick of the 1100 more than the Benelli. However, comparing it with other guns in its range, the Benelli M2 shotgun is much faster and doesn’t have much weight as it does not have a piston or a gas collar. We shot a range of loads in the Benelli and found it functioned easily with all of them, and we got a nice spread of patterns with the five chokes. These two companies make largely unheralded shotgun models purportedly earmarked for the competition clay market. like a gun to avoid, if it wasn't already. The notion of Although I have a soft spot for the Browning Double Auto, it is not mainstream and has not been produced for many years. For the 10 year warranty and a stronger brand name, the Benelli M2 and Benelli Montefeltro are low-maintenance workhorses, albeit at a high price. google_ad_client = "pub-8715503169513452"; pheasant gun. Not happy with the factory choke tubes, I quickly replaced them with Trulock Precision Hunter extended tubes. The sporting game’s prime appeal is its unusual and challenging target presentations, which can range from hardened disks rolling along a bumpy trail (rabbits) to curving, dropping, fading minis that look like floating periods when thrown 30 yards away. The gun as supplied was a real thumb-buster to load. As a shooter the first thing that you will be admired of is the fast loading mechanism. Anyway, I declined, and suggested that Benelli master gunsmiths were more skilled at taking a hammer to a brand new gun than I. by Hotchkiss » Fri Feb 13, 2015 7:14 pm, Post Remington 1100 Sporting 12, $859. The gun’s narrow forend felt comfortable in the lead hand, and the gun felt speedy tracking clay targets and birds. There are no short-recoil shotguns of any consequence in production. The Sport’s trigger wasn’t anything to write home to Urbino, Italy, about, but it was adequate. The Benelli Montefeltro vs. If you had an A-5 in an autoloader or a Winchester Model 12 ("The Perfect Repeater") in a slide action, you were good. Our recommendation: This gorgeous shotgun functioned flawlessly and didn’t pound us quite as hard as the Benelli, mainly because of its greater weight. Buy It. Inertia-Driven® System. sell. Nevertheless, the Vinci rates as a good gun, if you don't mind its peculiarities and somewhat alarming aesthetics. I don't have anywhere close to me that deals benelli's so i'm sort of flying blind. The A400, in 12 gauge, rates as a good gun today; the smaller gauges not so much. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. google_ad_height = 250; I will try to run down the basic autoloading action types, the better offerings in those action types and why you might wish to consider one over the other. Back in 2012, Phil from Field & Stream commented on the then newly released Fabarm USA XLR5, saying, "I have not cleaned the gun yet (this is known as testing, not laziness) and after about 600 rounds it started having trouble with my slow 11/16 ounce reloads. This is the least expensive semi-auto shotgun produced by Benelli. I intentionally broke off the center bead and threw it away, so the front bead could actually be seen. Experts opine that a 30 inch variant would have been a great addition to it. Copyright I know this is a old post but for those of you curious its apples and oranges I have both and the ethos shoots better less recoil smoother trigger and you come down quicker and on birds lots faster , you can hardly feel it kick a buddy of mine shot it and had one the next month, ↳   ARCHIVE: Previous Listings SOLD/OLD/GONE. Sure, folks wanted ribs on their Model 12s for trapshooting, but there wasn't much debate about the "good autoloader" or the "good shotgun" back then. It is hard to call a $1400 or so plastic-stocked camo shotgun a bargain. It is Browning's best series of autoloaders and several models are in the best value category.

The 20 gauge in particular is extremely lightweight at 6 lbs., and far softer-shooting than you might imagine. We’d remove both of the damn beads, however, since it’s easy to shift eye focus to the beads and away from the target. By now, most have heard of (or experienced) the "Benelli click" and the "Benelli thumb."