best house in skyrim

It’s also the most expensive, costing you 25,000 gold to buy and 11,000 to upgrade. If the houses of Skyrim aren’t good enough for you, then we’ve got good news! Top Voted Answer. Given the price, location, access and adequate storage, Honeyside deserves a decent place on our Skyrim houses list. Of the Skyrim houses that are best for you depends largely on your level and play style, which changes as your game progresses. Lakeview Manor is the most serene house in Skyrim hands down. Another reason to own a house in Skyrim is because you can use them store all of their loot. You might be surprised to see that Breezehome makes the top of the list as the best house in Skyrim. User Info: THEASSASSIN2711. We also love how it’s conveniently located right near Riften’s walls, which is great if you’re a vampire. Different houses can have upgrades such as Alchemy Labs and Archane Enchanters.

The location of Lakeview Manor is enough to earn it the spot at the top of this list because it is so peaceful and any player that wants to move to the wilderness will just adore this piece of land. The three plots of land available are the Heljarchen Hold at The Pale Hold, the Lakeview Manor at the Falkreath Hold, and the Windstad Manor at the Hjaalmarch Hold. This is a decent sized house and is awarded after completing the quest “Served Cold”.
Well, for a start it’s in Solstheim which means it’s such a pain to get to when you want to drop off some loot or have a sleep. Plus, if you want to leave your follower and not want to have to look for him or her again, you can leave them in your house and come back later. To purchase this home you’ll need to complete the whole Civil War questline if you choose the imperials or the “Rescue from Fort Neugrad” quest if you choose the Stormcloaks.

Although Skyrim is known for its caverns and dungeons, every Dragonborn has to have a place where they can just kick back and relax. This is a great perk for those who might be a vampire. On one hand, the Severin Manor is free, and it comes fully furnished. You get hold of the house fully furnished so there’s nothing for you to do.

You’re also super close to the merchant and apothecary. It will cost 6,800 gold to upgrade fully, however. It’s definitely a wasted opportunity that Bethesda didn’t make the house seem like it’s being haunted. Best Maces In Skyrim And How To Find Them, Top 10 Best Followers In Skyrim To Accompany You, Watch Dogs Legion: Out Of Stock Mission Walkthrough, Watch Dogs Legion: How To Find And Recruit A Paramedic, Watch Dogs Legion: The Knowledge Mission Walkthrough, Watch Dogs Legion: How To Find And Recruit The Barrister, Watch Dogs Legion: Inside Albion Mission Walkthrough, Watch Dogs Legion: How To Find And Recruit The Spy, Watch Dogs Legion: Gap In The Armour Walkthrough.
The home has two levels, large rooms and even has a secret chamber.

Every Solstheim adventurer deserves a place to hang their chest-plate, why not Severin Manor? Houses in Skyrim have many benefits to gameplay: There are six Skyrim houses available to buy. It is the most expensive player home in the entire game at a cost of a whopping 25,000 gold with it requiring an extra 11,000 gold to be furnished completely. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The 10 Best Player Houses In Skyrim. Honeyside is a small wooden house located in the northwest of Riften. Cost: Free.

This house has a bloody past but worthy to take the number two spot on our list of best houses in Skyrim. This house, like every other building in Markarth, is made entirely from stone. If you like your house haunted and with a bloody past, the Hjerim in Windhelm is perfect for you. Because of its beautiful design and large size this house definitely deserves a notable spot at the top of this list. He is passionate about writing content that will entertain and share knowledge about his favorite games. If you really need the house and don’t have a lot of gold on you, the Vlindrel Hall in Markath isn’t half-bad. It’s such a pain to get to you’ll soon get bored of making the tip up to Vlindrel Hall. The main limitation for Proudspire Manor is really the cost. RELATED: 10 Amazing Skyrim Cosplays That Look Just Like The Game.


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