billboard grammy vote 2021
NO TIREN HATE Y VOTEN CARAJO, Muy bien lindx, soy Directioner y Harrie y me parece muy infantil e irrespetuoso que ambos fandoms estén tirandose uno al otro, y me disculpo por lxs otrxs de mi fandom por ofender al tuyo, tpwk #DirectionersAndArmys , Tiene más fans Harry que BTS, ademas que el 15 cantante más escuchado del mundo, y lo ha conseguido solo, sin ninguna colaboracion. "I don’t listen to their music but by their success they should be there! Está bien que les guste Harry y que lo apoyes.. Es más me encanta OD.. pero eso no les de derecho a criticar a BTS.. Y perdón pero quiero que gane BTS.. Concuerdo contigo pero yo quiero que gane Harry xd, hay personas que les cuesta respetar el trabajo de los demás y los de BTS son re talentosos, Concuerdo con la desconocida. The 63rd Grammy Awards will announce the nominations for the Jan. 31, 2021-slated show later this year, but Billboard already predicted who could score some major nods.. Bts ha batido records y one direction también. Please stop. they won't get my view like or attention. (Artist names appear in parentheses.) • Social Cues (Cage The Elephant) (A) It's even constantly mocked on western shows for not being worth anything so why are you all so angry? (Artist names appear in parentheses.) Si quieres que Harry gane vota por el. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. ), • Arizona Baby (Kevin Abstract) (A) 29. If they are nominated we should be happy and if they dont then lets continue to support them and show them that winning an award isnt everything in proving their worth as an artist. And while Batson says he still votes with quality in mind, the events of 2020 are hard to ignore. Kim seok Jin! With the release of their new album Map of the Soul: 7, the Bangtan Boys have shattered and set new records. I agree that BTS deserves a grammy, they've worked incredibly hard their whole career and deserve more than a grammy, but yes, other groups HAVE changed people's lives and have helped people with depression. @BTS_twt DESERVES A GRAMMY I am not only saying this as an Army. Singles or Tracks only. Award also goes to appropriately credited music supervisor(s). not at all ... even though it is the one that sells the most stadiums there in the USA ... the credibility of the academy is already at stake," another ARMY member added. I am sorry but BTS didn't loose a Grammy, Grammy loose BTS. TWITTER Like there's other groups that exist and deserve to have time in the spotlight not just BTS. ONE, SuperM getting a nomination is NOT a slight at BTS, don't hold it against them, they didn't nominate themselves. 1D fue 1D en su momento es turno de BTSTUSPATRONES❤️.Armys ignoren los comentarios de los fans de Harry y voten por BTS. The Atlanta native’s talent, as well as her relatability and openness regarding her struggles with anxiety made her a huge name in 2019. BEST FANDOM 2020: ROUND 4 vote now!! ", "As Black music continues to drive culture, it is essential we grow and maintain representation within the Academy and the music industry," Valeisha Butterfield Jones, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer of the Recording Academy, said. like Nah we all be chill there like our siblings yk. jajajjaj 1D no existe, existió pero ya no mas. So those armies who don't know please go and vote for their nominations, To all the ARMYs commenting bad things about other K-pop bands, please stop. Of course there's more than just BTS but they have literally been after that Grammy for years. 11. Award to the immersive mix engineer, immersive producer (if any) and immersive mastering engineer (if any). If the climate of 2020 increases his chances, says one label head and longtime voter, his win would reverberate well beyond the awards show. Stan a sus favs. Harry styles tiene un éxito mundial desde que estaba en one direction. Y se los digo de buena manera.byee, Tu también eres larry shipper? todxs lxs que lo admiramos sabemos por lo que pasó y lo orgullosxs que nos ponemos al verlo feliz, todo lo que logró es por su fuerza, valor y en gran parte gracias a nosotros. A Black artist hasn’t won the award for album of the year since Herbie Hancock in 2008, and only two hip-hop talents have taken home the night’s biggest honor: Lauryn Hill in 1999 and OutKast in 2004. No one calling them DADDIES OR F*** ME TAEYONG. BTS’ dream is to win a Grammy award. The details analysis has divided singers and performances under categories of “Best Bets”, “Good Chance”, or “Within Reach” lists. 58. porfavor no digas eso, por cosas como estas army siempre quedamos como malas personas, Respeta los gustos de cada quien Harry es el mejor . 45. Just support them as you should, defend them when you should, don't be hurtful or mean to other groups. And after, this fadom will say they are not toxic. So calm down, direct your hate towards the Grammy's and not superm, for god's sake stop with the fanwars and the bitter comments, it just makes the kpop fandom as a whole look so childish, this is why most people assume kpop fans are 12 year olds. I've put a comment earlier, People need to chill- First of all sweetie, its "than" not "then". Singles or Tracks only. es gracioso, estas pidiendo respeto por tu artista favorito, mientras ni siquiera te molestas en respetar solo la nacionalidad de BTS, no dudo que harry es increíble, pero BTS no siempre pudo hacer lo que quiso. The industry must tear down the systems that silence, harm and pigeonhole Black artists for profitable gains," President of Color Of Change Rashad Robinson said. 76. Best Dance/Electronic AlbumFor vocal or instrumental albums. So BTS HAS already been nom'd once and WILL be again. BTS “moda”??? All rights reserved.Billboard is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. deserved ! No desprecies el trabajo de otros artistas sólo porque tú fandom es sumamente tóxico y se cree mejor que otros. The 63rd Grammy Awards will announce the nominations for the Jan. 31, 2021-slated show later this year, but Billboard already predicted who could score some major nods. Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative AlbumFor albums containing at least 51% playing time of new Latin rock, urban or alternative recordings. This is why we should let 50-70yr old white men choose. Yo crece que se merece el mundo. As the only peer-recognized music award, the GRAMMY is the music industry’s highest honor. 30. Great albums released early during the eligibility window can fade from memory, and the recently increased field of eight nominees means plenty of dark horse entries can shake things up.


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