bmn engine problems
Fan replaced. Car towed to repair shop. Quite chagrined. Part was previously repaired by Fields BMW 18 months earlier failed on a very hot day. Second occurrence of this problem. high pressure fuel pump replaced at 26,000 miles. Drove it for almost two years before getting it repaired. Last years replacement of the starter left the wiring to the crankshaft sensor stressed, it broke. Upon inspection the intake from air cleaner to MAF had blown off and bracket ruptured. Service Engine Soon light on. Serpentine Belt Idler wheel was failing. Drove about 120 miles and car overheated. Leaky temperature sensor at lower radiator hose, replaced. Misfiring on cold start only, ran fine after it warmed up. Both exhaust hub tabs broken. Two injectors bad causing two fouled plugs. Overheating because of failure of auxilliary fan. Installed customer supplied headlight lenses. Replaced fuel pump/sender. Puff of smoke at start. All substances in this universe -- at least those warmer than absolute zero, or negative 459 degrees F -- contain a certain amount of energy in the form of heat. Replaced thermostat, Reprogrammed ECU to correct stuttering at 2500-3000 RPM. Attempt to repair made, however symptom persists. Upon disassembly, parts were failing internally. Dealer reported auxillary fan was cutting out. Brought to dealer and they said valve broken and needs to be replaced. Repaired crank case sensor and o2 sensor. Had car towed to BMW shop, diagnosed bad ignition coil. replaced with thermostat, defective ignition coil of cylinder no. Mechanic replaced all rubber hoses. I kept insisting it was most likely a brake issue. Vanos unit replaced on intake side, bolts on both vanos units replaced, and broken bolt heads recovered from oil pan. Some solenoid had failed in the exhaust system. Coils replaced preventatively. also replaced thermostat at same time. Car still not running smoothly but no codes. The bearing had failed. The DISA is a common failure item on BMW's I-6 engines in the e39 and e46 chassis. Waterpump broke. If the pulleys deflect enough to let the belt slip off, they can suck the belt in and destroy the motor. Eccentric shaft binding, replaced. They updated the software. Replace starter motor. Replaced coil pack on #4 and all spark plugs. Took TWO WEEKS for them to sort it out, replacing CPU and other stuff. Replaced some ignition circuit. Oil separator, valve cover gasket, vacuum pump o ring, oil filter gasket. Gasket replaced, along with lower vanos hose (damaged due to leaking oil). Replaced TPS #1 again, cleared code, EML & limp mode mitigated for now. Cooling expansion tank failed and was leaking. Valve tap. replaced fuel pump and relay, replaced fuel vent valve cover gasket leak oil filter housing leak, Replaced in warranty thermostat due to failed internal heater circuit. Freeze expansion plug blew out of engine, leaked oil from cylinders onto exhaust assy. Started with purge valve problem and finally ended replacing charcoal canister and 3/2 valve and crankcase vent valve. clear CEL, Idle control unit failure under warranty, also fuel pressure sensor not covered, Idle Control Actuator went bad (common problem @ 40-50k miles). Sensor associated with particulate filter ordered in December 2014 was installed in January. Fuel injectors and low fuel pressure sensor were all replaced. Very minor. Replaced along with hose, replaced upper and lower air boots and replaced air pump mounts, Thermostat failure, stuck open. Scan showed fault code 002A87 (Exhaust Vanos variable cam control test, mechanical) and 003100 (Boost pressure control 2). Car started every time when in the shop. Tightened wastegate rod to prevent minor rattle at startup and idle - success! Faulty engine thermostat from check engine light. Replacement of ignition coils (done as part of an improvement program, free of charge), fuel evaporation system repaired under warranty, Intake charge pipe blew, this is a known issue and BMW had just sent me a letter that extended the warranty on this part. Car had been indicating overheat condition after 30-40 min of driving. Seized flap valve inside the cooler. Screw is made of plastic and this is a common problem on BMWs, Throttle actuator bank 2 failure, replaced for free under CA Extended Emissions Warranty 7yr/70k Air intake temperature sensor failure, Loose rubber gasket inside intake plenum causing whistling noise upon acceleration. 2 of the 6 coils were bad, causing the engine to misfire. So much for German perfection. Dealer attempted to fix the problem by performing a bleeding procedure, but noise persists. Intake valve cleaning with walnut abrasives. As part of the check up the mechanic found my valve cover to be leaking oil along with an oil line. Crankcase vent valve problem, also required new valve cover. Service soon light was on when I took it for service. faulty computer finally replaced with inexpensive part from wreck, now everything works properly. Engine overheated. exhaust part replaced. Replaced coils and mass air flow sensor as part of the maintenance where spark plugs needed changing. Have had several visits for multiple issues since the warranty expired. Valve cover gasket and oil filter housing gasket leaking. Car wouldn't start when warm. Automatic tensioner for serpentine belt was failing, leaking oil onto belt. Thermostat sensor failed. Very rough idle when car in gear at lights. problem solved, Thermostat stuck open error showing from service light. Tension pulley for alternator/water pump replaced. Coolant low light on. Rubber air intake boot torn. Software upgrade with major clear and complete reflash, The back pressure turbo hose ruptured and had to be replaced. Original Bosch ignition coils -- 1 failed and caused CEL (cal misfire). The sensor developed a slow oil leak. noise associated with cold starting. Bolts tightened. Car return with vibration sound/rattling near the gearbox. Needed to replace radiator and water pump, as well as coolant hoses. Pre-cat oxygen sensor failure bank 2- replaced both. Fuel pump failed. Replaced turbos, several hoses,  camshaft solenoids. electric water pump failed and had to be replaced, along with thermostat and coolant. Fuel injector bolt snapped during racing on track damaging 2 injectors. Heat shield on left exhaust was loose. Misfire. The replacement water pump I installed about 2 years ago seized. Malfunction light turned on, car ran into limp mode. Bought code reader and read codes. Red oil light intermittently flashed, then stopped. Replaced aluminum valve cover bolts which had snapped and caused a leak. Dealer determined that two coils were bad and replaced. Code reader showed "Engine idle valve stuck closed." Check Engine Light came on. BMW replaced all 6 injectors, 2 coils and plugs. Replace clutch and flywheel. Replace electric water pump, coolant, thermostat. Found earlier during oil change but waited until now to have replaced to not waste oil. Extreme turbo lag - takes seconds to begin to accelerate. While driving, there was a loud bang, metal sound, smoke and engine stopped. Ticking noise: Replaced exhaust camshaft hydraulic valve lifters and rockers. Also Belt tensioner failure required drive belt tensioner & drive belt replacement. Removed and resealed oil filter housing housing. Changed without costs. Rear Main Seal leaking. Oil level was very low when brought to the shop. Covered under warranty during a recall repair. Engine oil leak at oil filter housing base. Diagnosed as water pump or thermostat. Bad solenoid. 5 cylinder. nothing wrong with car except annoying light. dealer said that it was a software issue and BMW had a fix almost ready to issue. Latter preventive. Taken to dealer under warranty. Replaced thermostat. Replaced water pump, cooling fan and several hoses. It was replaced under warranty. Some guy from BMW corp. looked at this and said it's normal for M54 engines. )/gasket etc. Took car in for half engine light and radiator fan running full blast. Known issue on BMW N54 Engine. Motor seized. Oil pressure lights came on 10 minutes after getting the car brand new Faulty oil pressure regulator valve. Belt broke. Max 1500 rpm & 20 mph. Replaced broken cooling fan. Replaced the spark plugs for the first time in cars life. ECU reprogrammed, which appears to have worked around the problem. Replaced leaking valve gaskets. BUT, showed a hot transmission warning, NOT a hot engine! The pump trigger kept kicking back, as the gas was draining very slowly in the neck. Fuel injector replaced. Replace three oxygen sensors. I have read about many similar failures in this mileage neighborhood. EGR valve emissions light. BMW of Silver Spring. Valve cover gasket leaking oil. Another VANOS error and check engine light. CEL and restart warning came back within 100 miles of leaving dealership. Both Throttle Value Actuators replaced due to premature wear / failure. No issues found, no misfires since. Replaced Electric Water Pump, Thermostat and Radiator Cap. My 2008 Audi A3 2.0 Tdi BMN engine - mileage 150k, has had been a bad cold starter for about 2.5 years. Replaced thermostat. Bought it, put it in. Today the car started very rough as if there was a misfire, but no warning light.


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