bmw f800gs reliability
Different seats, screens and bars are available; as are the usual sophisticated luggage systems such as a tank bag, plus creature comforts like sat nav, heated grips and the like. With a 798cc engine, the F 800 is capable to get you to and from work. BMW rules again. It’s also got a price that’s hugely tempting too. Electronic Suspension Adjustment and Automatic Stability Control are available options too, If you want to get real fancy, there are additional Enduro and Enduro Pro options to give your bike a little bit more offroad focus. No dealership required. Using a joint system on the crankshaft instead of traditional counterbalancing systems, the engineering team designed one of the most vibration-free twin cylinder engines in the world today, even smoother than BMW’s own parallel-twin boxer engines. If some people only buy something that is "affordable", good for them too, at least they have something to ride. Probably. Having spoken to other BMW owners and recovery operators, the vast majority of breakdowns is ALWAYS BMW'S! The 798cc water-cooled parallel-twin motor was updated with a new exhaust which also get a new design of stainless steel silencer. As fuel is used and you near the empty point, the slight feeling of “tail heaviness” naturally disappears. The BMW F 800 GS might just be the bike you’ve always wanted. 845898), Single shock, preload and rebound damping adjust, Will tackle off-road or crossing continents. Your clueless friends might even say, “Oh so you bought a high-powered dirt bike?” – at which point you can laugh in their face, and remove said friend from your life completely for displaying such ignorance. Exactly how this feels is difficult to put into text, but for the sake of simplicity:  Let’s just say it might feel a bit awkward at first. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out what this GS was all about: celebrating 30 years of the GS brand. VAT no 918 5617 01 Combining the feedback of hundreds of Customers with our own experience as Motorcycle Tour Guides, here we go: Overall Capability & Use: As I just mentioned, one could really consider these bikes about the same in terms of "what they are good at." *Maybe only available in Europe. Very odd. If you're so inclined, remember that many Riders book one of our motorcycle trip packages so they can test ride these bikes before making a purchase. Trade in, trade up, and trade for any type of vehicle with RumbleOn. That’s when I started looking for safe solutions and discovered RumbleOn. The 990 LC8 engine has also improved power delivery in the low revs, while it forcefully twists up to 9500 rpms and over 100hp at the crankshaft. On road, it feels fine, even with the TKC80 semi knobbly tyres you can still get a wriggle on, if it's dry at least! I'll get used to the indicators and definatly will take it off-road even if it's just to get dirty! Before buying I also rode the Triumph, they are really similar, I just preferred the sound of the twin. All this costs £8145 compared to £7950 for the standard model. While the F800GS feels like a great bike for the most part, many riders have noted a strange shaking that occurs at highway speeds, even on smooth pavement. Either bike will answer the question here in the Swiss Army genre of motorcycles. They sell you the myth of cutting edge technology but negate to tell you they have 'stone age' reliability. The BMW F 800 gives riders control, power, and excellent design.. all in one package. Being a BMW the F800GS's fairly basic standard but with the usual myriad accessories and factory fitted options available. The F 800 is one of the greatest touring and adventuring motorcycles available to those who want the most out of their motorcycle experience. Wondering where that random dirt road goes to on the way home from work each day? Model reviews, ATV DIYs, and ultimate lists of off-road trails are just a taste of what I bring to the table. I hope they fix the issue on the '11 model . Following the success of our previous blog comparison of the KTM 990 Adventure vs. the BMW R1200GS, it only seems natural that we now share our un-biased opinion on how the reputable KTM stacks up against one of BMW’s more recent designs: The F800GS. Ok does the f800 have as many problems as i seam to hear and read. I ride them a lot but still less than one year owning one. As was recently noted in my Honda Africa Twin review , comparing this bike to the F800GS comes naturally, as they share a very similar size, stature, weight, capability, fuel capacity, etc. Around town, its a joy, very nippy and easy to handle. I have splashed out some extra cash and bought a powerbronze high screen and rear hugger. Get myself introduced to the indicator switches and get moving properly and it's just great. When searching for the right motorcycle, control is key. Then there's the 1000cc parallel twin tower of power that Honda so perfectly placed into this updated classic adventure bike. If we had to declare a winner in this category, it’s KTM because of the flaws in the BMW mentioned above. To start of with I felt quite precarious sitting right up there and the brakes felt like they have too much grab for the forks (this is commuting through heavy traffic, say 15-20 mph). Its main competition comes in the form of the 2010-2014 Triumph Tiger 800. The hope is that you’ve enjoyed this post and find value in what we’ve pointed out. It’s perky and fruity, has a deliciously raspy exhaust note and is responsive, progressive and yet yearns for more and more revs up to the redline. Try taking a CBR or anything on gravel and let us know how that goes. Wring its neck and duck yours behind the reasonable screen and you’ll see 125mph, which is more than ample, thankyou. BMW F800GS – With smooth power delivery from the bottom on up, the parallel-twin 798cc power plant seems a perfect match for the rest of the bike. Yes, I reckon I would, but only once I've tried a 690 Enduro R to see if that can really do it all..... Find the front brake a tad snatchy, though the abs works well. But these are things you’ll have to figure for yourself, based on your riding plans and buying market. The percentage of DR650 3rd gear failures is TINY compared to the number of disastrous issues well documented with BMW's F800GS's. Neither bike will be the best for all scenarios, but the charm of these big adventure bikes is that they're, Both tipping the scales at over 500lbs when ready to ride, neither the F800GS or Africa Twin will be a single-track Rider's dream come true, yet they can still be heaps of fun for some light tree-dodging and berm-riding on the local dirt trails near your home when the itch arises. I've not taken it over 80 mph and seems fine at that.


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