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But, nonetheless, I agree with another tipster who wrote, ‘while I would love more transparency around the comp system, I feel very fortunate to work here.'”. The 2016 BSF bonuses came out today, and the amounts were generous — which is not surprising, because the firm’s compensation scheme hasn’t changed. Why Most Law Firms Suck at Intake and How Yours Can Do Better. As reflected in BSF’s high use of contingency fees compared to other Biglaw firms, its clients often prefer to pay for performance — and when it comes to associate pay, the firm apparently feels the same way. In the past, Boies associates that reach out to us are generally happy with their bonuses, but stray dissenters started cropping up last year. You can connect with David on Twitter (@DavidLat), LinkedIn, and Facebook, and you can reach him by email at Above the Law and Law360 had the story. On the other hand, if you’re reasonably sure that you’ll usually find yourself on the happy side of 2200 hours — “happy” as in better for your wallet, “unhappy” if we’re talking about your friends, family, estranged children, etc. Not try to keep their reputation as a compensation leader by quietly cheating their associates.”). Joe Patrice is an editor at Above the Law and co-host of Thinking Like A Lawyer. And if you’d like to sign up for ATL’s Bonus Alerts, please scroll down and enter your email address in the box below this post. So if she bills insane hours or works on a lucrative contingency-fee case, she can get a bonus as high as $350,000. Boies Schiller Bonuses Appear To Underperform Market, But Not Everyone Notices You might still want to work at this law firm, even if … Why Most Law Firms Suck at Intake and How Yours Can Do Better. Meanwhile, a BSF fourth-year associate billing 2000 hours on a normal case would earn on average, based on our tipsters, $290K. Bonus more than $150K.”, “Very happy. How to work remotely with full matter and case management functionality. How to maximize your business development during the COVID-19 crisis. The hope is that the complications of doing this is delaying the raise. Subscribe and get breaking news, commentary, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, judges, and more. Are you considering a lateral move? BSF used to be the best legal job in Florida. Is Your Accounting Helping Your Firm Perform? The bottom line is that they’re quite pleased: UPDATE (3:38 p.m.): Another reaction: “Midlevel associate at BSF – I would have gotten significantly more of a bonus on the Cravath scale for fewer hours at other firms. Accounting Health Check. This year, we’re hearing even more grumbling about the formula that appears to underperform the market starting at the fourth-year level or so. But here at Above the Law, we welcome opposing viewpoints and seek to publish all sides of a story (to the extent that they exist). Chief Product Officer Jeff Pfeifer joins Ian Connett for round 2 of our Lexis+ special report. Some years the work just isn’t there. I’m on pace to bill more than 2400 hours. But that compensation gap is still there even if lawyers aren’t feeling it. ATL Special Report Podcast: Lexis+ Introduces New Era of Legal Research. It all comes down to what you want out of your annual paycheck and your career. If BSF wants to treat Florida different, they should do so openly. Are You Helping Or Hindering Your Firm’s Financial Performance? And that gap grows as the years go by, with fifth-years earning approximately $20K less than market and sixth-years making about $35K less. “The experience law clerks receive is invaluable to our practice.”. Winning Deals, Cases and Clients with Legal Data. Where on Your Priority List is CLE? Driving Efficiency In Law Firm Accounting. Barrett will join Supreme Court to hear blockbuster religious freedom case, It’s 'absurd and flat-out wrong' to suggest late pay raises were from cash-flow issues, Boies Schiller says. You’re Not The Only One. You’re Not The Only One. It no longer is. Some even say the firm’s compensation model consistently undercompensates associates — it’s just associates are working too hard to notice. It is upsetting they promised us New York pay scales, we took the job, and now they’re reneging…. Our sources might not be representative — if you work at Boies Schiller and want to make your voice heard, please email us or text us (646-820-8477) — but here’s what we’re hearing (we’ve made hours and bonuses a little vague to protect anonymity): For comparison purposes, the Cravath bonus scale starts at $15,000 and tops out at $100,000. How to work remotely with full matter and case management functionality. (An aside on base salaries: we understand that the raises applied to certain offices — including, but not limited to, New York City, Armonk, D.C., Oakland, and Los Angeles — but not to all Boies Schiller offices. Sometimes you get randomly assigned to a dog of a case. Congratulations to the associates of Boies Schiller & Flexner on the nice bonuses — to the extent that they find them “nice,” that is. A fourth-year associate at Cravath billing 2000 hours would stand to earn $300K in 2017 between their $235K base and a $65K bonus. Tell us in a Flashpoll. You’ll receive an email notification within minutes of each bonus announcement that we publish. Join us on December 10th to skillfully integrate data analytics into your day-to-day, ultimately increasing your negotiation, litigation and business development prowess. Don’t want to speak for others.”, “While I would love more transparency around the comp system, I feel very fortunate to work here.”, “Unlike the system at other firms, our formula compensation system means there is a direct relationship between salary and bonus. The thing is, we work on a “formula,” so to give us a [base salary] raise they’ll have to change the formula. AmLaw firm in Washington, DC is seeking an antitrust associate. On Tuesday, Above the Law published a form letter from Quinn Emanuel sent to a number of federal law clerks. Now, on to the 2016 bonuses. So before turning to this year’s bonuses, let’s hear some dissenters from our prior coverage. We got bonuses this morning. Because Boies pays individualized bonuses based on the revenue sharing model outlined above, we don’t have perfect information here, but we’ve gathered enough feedback to paint a broad sketch of the 2017 bonus situation. Whatever the reason, there will be times when, through no fault of your own, you bill 2150. More than I expected. © 2020 Breaking Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Are You Helping Or Hindering Your Firm’s Financial Performance? Associate Bonus Watch (2013): A $300K Bonus At Boies Schiller — and that Boies will continue to be as busy as it’s been historically, then you may be more than willing to risk a down year here or there to know that you’ll be compensated better than your peers when you hit higher billing targets. As for the issue of base salaries, Boies Schiller did raise salaries post-Cravath, to a new scale starting at $180,000, going up to $300,000, and beating the Cravath scale by a little bit for certain years in between. According to this tipster, the average bonus amounts are skewed upward by “extreme outliers” with high hours, contingency-fee participation, or business-generation credit, and median bonus figures are much closer to market rates. It’s a fair point that speaks to knowing the nature of the firm you’re walking into — knowing that your bigger bonus for exceeding 2200 (or 2400) hours trades off with a market bonus for 2000 may be more than worth it. In fact, the firm is still one of the best places to work for an associate looking for a big score, with massive bonuses available for associates lucky enough to contribute to big contingency-fee paydays. Associate Bonus Watch (2015): Boies Schiller Pays Up To $350K (Again) ATL Special Report Podcast: Lexis+ Introduces New Era of Legal Research. My bonus was more than $100,000. This isn’t the first time the law firm has increased its signing bonus for clerks. Remember, if you work at a firm with individualized bonuses it’s vitally important that you let us know your story or we’ll have no idea what’s going on inside the firm. We heard from one angry associate in Fort Lauderdale who complained that this office did not get raises: “People here are really upset. So it seems that Boies bonuses are way higher as a general matter. Will These Above-Market Salary Hikes Hurt This Firm’s Bonuses? Join us on December 2nd to improve client intake and learn how your law firm can convert marketing budgets into conversions. People seem happy (as we’ll discuss more below). But if not, it’s possible she might end up getting market-level comp (which is really not that bad, if it means working better hours).


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