borderlands 3 status effect vs elemental damage
Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. When you check out a weapon in your inventory you have several tabs you can cycle through, This would be a good time to STOP using Fire, Corrosive, Shock weapons. It won’t effect DoT but it will effect the elemental damage from the impact, including damage done with Infusion. Like shock damage, it has reduced potency against two health types: armor and shields. This works great against all "fleshy" opponents, which are the majority of all enemies in the game, but has the largest penalty for any element against shields, the most common addition to flesh enemies. Gun Damage is the initial hit from a weapon, disregarding Element vs. Target multiplier Elemental Damage is the multiplier (i.e. Elemental damage has to do with how much damage in … This is the third pillar of the rock-paper-scissors game shared with incendiary and shock damage. Enemies receive burn damage for about 5 seconds and needless to say: this works wonders against foes with flesh. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, are skill enhancing effects already calculated into the display? An elemental weapon actually usually shoots normal bullets, that are exactly the same as that of a normal gun. If you want to take down a robot, though, this is your number one selection! No Mayhem modifiers yet tho this poses another question. Elemental damage has to do with how much damage in general you do with the different elements. Sirens have generally always been the best at applying and spreading damage over time effects to enemies. The shield tick is 123, then 125, then 121, then 124, 122 etc…aka its not consistent but varies constantly between 121 and 125. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and put details on all the different kinds of elemental damage in Borderlands 3 together in one place. Damage Over Time, not a stupid question because you’ve learned something. That’s assuming it triggers, of course. Incendiary: Incendiaryis a relatively weak element initially, but has the benefit of being able to set enemies on fire, for substantial damage over time. This is because you can apply freeze & radiation more easily then the 3 basic elements and trigger the status effects more PLUS if you have Infusion you can garuntee you’ll apply a weakness you need for the enemies your fighting. What is a Status Effect? Shock also stuns foes in place, just like cryo, but doesn’t last as long or boost your melee prowess. Borderlands 3 Damage Types Guide – Elemental Damage & Weaknesses, Borderlands 3 Inventory Guide – Where to Buy an SDU & Lost Loot. If it's just elemental damage, why not just call it that? The Phazeserker class mod allows you to easily get up to high numbers with Violent Tapestry setting your Effect chance throuh the roof. It does reduced damage to both armor and flesh (red health bars). This is what you’ll start with until you unlock the rest of the elemental buffs and it’s not as creative but it’s still good for holding out against foes. Thanks for the heads-up, I ll keep looking ^^, just to throw out a few more numbers against flesh targets…. You name it! And since flesh is one of the most common health types in the game (even enemies with shields usually have a red health bar, too) fire damage is arguably one of the most valuable for raw impact. Leverage the power of elemental damage against all your foes. This adds a sort of Area-Of-Effect damage buff to your weapon. Now let’s take a moment to go over everything in our elemental damage guide to Borderlands 3. Firing enough cryo rounds into a bad guy will slow them and eventually cause them to freeze in place. #1 it can apply DoT effects so you can burn & shock an enemy at once using only one elemental gun. Add in “Indiscriminate” and a rapid fire Radiation gun you can focus on a Badass and pretty much kill everything next time him with ricochete and status damage alone. Final Damage = (Base + Skills + Guardian Rank + Class Mod + Relic) * (Gun Base) * (Elemental multiplier). I made a little spreadsheet so I have the numbers availble at a moments notice. Those are completely dead, however. And that about sums it up! Borderlands 3. Hitting Enemies Has A Chance To Apply Elemental Effect. I generally love DoTs as a game mechanic and pretty much all games I play see myself in a capacity where I throw ticking effects around me to watch the fun. The chance to proc (which means a programmed random occurrence will happen on an enemy) is based on the tech level and tech pool of the gun this changes based on the level that is given to the gun by its parts. what effects do level variations have exactly. Although, that might just be the crit damage more that the status. Elemental damage comes in five different varieties: 1. Press J to jump to the feed. Although radiation damage does deal damage over time, too. Each hit will only have a certain percentage of applying the effect. I constantly see enemies ticking for 533 damage, some tick for 643 (which would be 536 base + 20% from Anima). Every status effect weapon has a displayed ticking chance as well as how much damage per second it ticks for. Skags for example and while I would expect the bigger ones to have higher resistances then the small scrabblers even among the same type of bigger skags I get different tick ratios.


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