brainy and nia fanfiction
She fully realized that, after they had kissed, he had basically rejected her. Story deals with mystery of Gia's arrival and Niks undeniable attraction to her. Thankss . "Brainy, are you shutting down your feelings because you fear it won't work out?" “I’m not leaving you,” Nia say hotly, her voice a little louder. That is all.". Moving out of the bathroom she quickly seeks out a jacket, much to the protest of her roommate. She was fully prepared to tell him that as she walked towards his apartment. "I must admit to not spending much time here. Brainy half turned to follow her movements, twisting his ring curiously. Like- like when you brought me donuts after my mom died. If he knew would he have retracted his compliment? And I wish to say that I am in full support of it. I also value the fact that even with her being a transgender woman she puts herself out there and her exemplary work shines through.". "Unlike most humans, when I say things, I usually mean them," Brainy told her. ", He wasn't exactly saying the words with any sort of disgust, but they were definitely unfamiliar in his mouth. Nia feels relieved about this. His smile…his sense of humor and grasp of much anything human. I thought I made my position rather clear. I must say you are rather ravishing." It was in the hospital that Nia heard those words, they were never to be. "An... okay surprise?" Nia goes to take her seat and of course Brainy is right beside her. Now that he has been "rebooted," Brainy has reverted to his ancestral ways. Authors note: Am I the only one picking up on Braniac 5's interaction with Nia? Brania I am coining this pairing name, lest there is an actual one. ", Brainy squinted down at it. She was sure that she was being fairly obvious about this whole thing she and Brainy had, but she still felt the need to keep it at least a little secret. Brainy noticed that Nia was distracted by something so they decided to sit down on a bench by the pond, he was concerned about why Nia wasn't enjoying himself. Brainy hands his glass to James before he moves off in hopes of finding Nia. Especially because of the lives we lead. ", He made a very Brainy-like contemplative face. Still…it might be best if you not think about food, it might help. Nia had gone to sleep that night in her bed. "If you do want a relationship with me. "Listen, Brainy, relationships aren't without stumbles and falls. Nia shifts the weight from one foot to the other though seems to cringe at it. A collection of drabbles surrounding Brainy and Nia and their amazing relationship. I feel you should be happy and if this is what makes you happy than I am happy.". I remember everything!" Nia had reached Brainy's door. "There kind of... is a reason, actually. Nia was a bit frazzled and she could not believe she had slept in. Brainy had not given this that much thought. Brainy had also noted her absence. Nia could never understand those people and yet change was something that happened over time for most people. ", "Well then." Brainy found time quickly moving along and morning was already starting to move into lunch. Nik and Gia change their minds and they are reunited at the end of this story. He twists his Legion ring on his finger anxiously. Brainy decided to go talk to Mrs. Danvers who was in the kitchen no doubt dealing with the turkey. I wonder if you bleed like us or if you have your own color, it doesn't matter, for now we shall take you with us and deal with you as the time suits. I want you to know I am not going anywhere, you know…should you ever decide to give us a chance." "Guys don't have to do all the work. I will try doing that now." Maybe she had a jacket that could go over this so she wouldn't draw any unwanted attention. Nia asked, suddenly wondering if Brainy even wanted to see her. "I understand Brainy. Story starts off with Nik and Gia in the future right after they have eloped. I suppose you could say that it's kind of like a peace offering? "You people forget that time travel is also space travel too... My point is, I'm from the future. Even with her being a transgender female and him being a male he did not seem to mind. "It is... a surprise to see you here.". I was able to be myself, both alien and human.” “And you should be allowed to do that here, too.” Brainy said, becoming increasingly frustrated. Dreamer on the CW’s “Supergirl,” Nicole Maines had already been on the frontlines of fighting for transgender rights. With that, he immobilized J'onn and left him to be captured. She had contacted Kara, awkwardly, to find out what room number Brainy was. “It sounds beautiful.” Nia said. ", "I was told that Earth custom has punctual as arriving early. Then she heard the latch unbolt and the door slowly swung open. "I'm not, like, saying you're a coward or anything. Also uh, peep that ORIGINAL fanart up there in the thumbnail :D Before you all commend me on how good I am at freehand, in reality I used a computer program and traced over two existing pictures. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.


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