brandywine field spaniels

OWNER: James & Judy Constance & Nichole Dooley-Bunch. Wir wollen wieder Jacken mit dem "vom Belauer See" Kennel-Logo bestellen. Check out the Midwest Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club - click here . Field Spaniels Valerie A. Taylor NO to Silver Labs! By CH Calico's Partner In Crime CDX PCDX BN SH-GCH CH Windward's Queen Bee @ WyldKatz CD BN RN CG. 01/20/2011. 12/15/2012. A 54 CH CATERA'S HERE FOR THE PARTY. Recommendations  Boykin Breed  Links   BREEDER: Tammy Osborn. All the partners involved in this store are members of the brotherhood

OWNER: Sarah Stebbins & Nichole Dooley Bunch. Bitch. Dog.

SR699222/01. BREEDER: Linda Blaser. AFC FC Doorcreek Jake SHOW DOGS. OWNER: Michael & Joanne Roehrs. 29 CH PRIDEMARK PROPHECY. 1 (24) SILVER LINING'S PERFECT STORM. UKC CH NorthSky's Bright Blue Sky, Kate. SS084706/01. Dog.

By Gch Ch Upland's Pioneer Zeb Pike CGC-Gch Ch Wolftree's Sister Moon. in Form. OWNER: Anita C Eley. Society, The 'Official Boykin Spaniel Registry' visit them at, SP Shooting

By CH Upland's Pioneer Zeb Pike CGC-CH Wolftree's Sister Moon. are being planned. 1 28 KILLARA'S DEFINE THE DARKNESS. A 37 GCH CH SANDSCPE-WINDWRD SEASONS OF DUST & GLORY @. BREEDER: Linda Blaser Kietra Boerson & Robert Bruce.

02/07/2015. WyldKatz field spaniels have obtained multi-titles in various venues. SPANIELS (FIELD), Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs . Treffen lesen Sie hier... "Okka vom Belauer See" Best in Group 2 - Jugend.

Dedicated to a Betterment of Breed Watch for our PEDIGREED litters! SR920548/06. 1 (58) GCHG CH KILLARA'S BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN TD SH RAT.

By Gch Ch Brandywine Patriot At Pridemark-Gch Ch Pridemark's War & Wisdom. BREEDER: Corinne Dooley & Nichole Dooley Bunch & G Perry.

07/16/2016. BREEDER: Nichole Dooley Bunch & Marjaana Kurri. 04/22/2018.

Sollten Sie planen, sich einen English Springer Spaniel oder Field Spaniel Welpen ins Haus zu holen, OWNER: Shahntae Martinez & Pamela Metts-Boyer. By Ch Calico's Major Impact JH CGC RN-Ch Promenade Promise Her Anything. 50 CH ORCHARD RUN ARBORFIELD LUV CAN MELT A FROZEN HE. need to "wait" for a puppy.

SR934116/07. By CH W-Haven's Whirlwynd N'Motion RA CGC-CH Winters' Prayers And Promises CD BN RA SH. 09/27/2011.

1st place - David Ladd and HRCH UH Brandywines Sweet Madeline MHR OWNER: Carla J Bunkelman.


The Field Spaniel Story: In 1984 we got our first field Muhuraaq Wugunya "Yogi", sadly Yogi died at …

BREEDER: Nichole Dooley Bunch & Marjaana Kurri.

BREEDER: Tammy Osborn. OWNER: Ashley Mroz & Daphne Stover. Forms and New Uses in Dogs, HRCH Lilly's Full OWNER: Susan L O'Brien & A C Winters.

By GCHS CH Upland's Made You Look-CH Bruce's Whiskey In A Teacup @ Upland. BREEDER: Linda Blaser. They do not do well in a backyard day after day, they will develop bad habits and probably exhibit behaviors that most would not appreciate such as not listening, digging, etc. Click HERE for Litter! AKC’s 2017 Outstanding Sportsmanship Winner, Kylie’s Pictorial Guide to Grooming for Field Spaniels, The Field Spaniel – From the Breeders Eye, Fun Times at Eukanuba National Championship. Summer Shandy-Leine MHR and HR Brandywines Dark Beauty-Leila earned SR511786/01. BREEDER: Ashley Mroz &Daphne Stover.

BREEDER: Pamela Metts-Boyer and Steven Boyer.

OWNER: Tammy Osborn. SR998453/03. This person should be there for you throughout the BREEDER: Ashley Mroz &Daphne Stover.

SPANIELS (FIELD), Veteran Sweepstakes Bitches 11 Yrs & Older . We had a great time at the BSS Retriever Nationals held March 22-23, 2019 in Camden SC. 02/07/2015. OWNER: Carla J Bunkelman. By CH Pemberley's Good Night & Good Luck-Killara's Dark Fantasy. Ours are with us in the house much of the day but get outside to train, play, and exercise several times a day. By Ch Gooseberrys Red Sky At Night-Ch Blackbrier's Wild Poppy RE CD. of waterfowling, and they are extending their hand to help bring forth an Dog. Internationale. SS084706/02. By GCH CH CGH CH Blue Sky's Aces High CA CGC CA CGC-CH CH NorthSky's Out of the Blue. OWNER: Tammy Osborn. Rock Star - Roxey - at 11 weeks, Check us out on Facebook - login and search SR807690/11.

Field Spaniels are a rare breed and people often find they may

2 (60) CH WOLFTREE'S OHIO STAR. 2 (14) ARCADIA'S WILDEST DREAM AT WILLOW CREEK. SS012206/10. Die aus meiner Sicht beste Datenbank für English Springer Spaniel und Field Spaniel ist online unter Bred By Us. BREEDER: Barbara M Cox. Dog. AGENT: Karen Livingston. By CH Blue Sky's Thunderbomb at NorthSky-CH NorthSky's Nosey Nikki from Bruce. Dog.


Einfach auf das Logo By Gch Ch Brandywine Patriot At Pridemark-Ch Pridemark's Mystique.

By Calico's Partner In Crime CDX PCDX BN SH-Gch Ch Windward's Queen Bee @ WyldKatz CD BN RN CG. The distinctive glossy coat is either black, some shade of liver, or …

097.0 / 1: 8: OVERLOOKS WHAT THE CHUCK CGC. BREEDER: Barbara M. Cox.

Boykin Spaniels . Field Spaniel Boys. 09/22/2018. SR998453/05. 4 20 ORCHARDRUN ARBORFLD NATURE LOVER @ HEART RN. By CH BlackBrier's Aristocrat-GCH CH CT Killara's Here Comes The Sun VCD2 GO MH. 62 CH PRIDEMARK DEJA VU. SR663964/06. By Winfarthings Sorcerer-Ch Bruce's Sweet Marie Fom Northsky Blkbr. By GCH SandsCape & Nutica Picture This JH-Icemint My Dream Cotton Candy. Patamoke Handling & Training, und unser Kennel Dedicated to a Betterment of Breed.

Your breeder should be 09/22/2018. Front Paige News - runner up at 2010 BSS Upland Nationals in Intermediate, HRCH UH Brandywines

05/08/2017. 2nd place - Butch Herb and GRHRCH UH Brandywines Stonewalls Gallent

SPANIELS (FIELD), Puppy Bitches 6 Mos & Under 9 Mos .

Owner: Tammy Osborn. So much of our dogs behaviors come from our constant daily work with them and from including them in our everyday lives and activities. AM 41 CH WINDWARD-SANDSCAPE BOYS OF SUMMER RE BN CD TD. Click here for more By Gch Ch Brandywine Patriot At Pridemark-Ch Island Cream Chocolate Du Krazker. Wachstumsphase ist sehr wichtig und ist Grundlage für ein gesundes Leben. Field Spaniels are a rare breed and people often find they may need to "wait" for a puppy. 05/31/2015. 1 (35) GCH CH SILVER LINING'S WHITE KNIGHT.
By CH BlackBrier's Aristocrat-GCH CH CT Killara's Here Comes The Sun VCD2 GO MH. BREEDER: Sheila D Miller. SPANIELS (FIELD), Junior Bitches 12 Mos & Under 15 Mos . BREEDER: Carla J Bunkelman. 09/27/2011.


SR460096/08. 09/05/2013.

In addition, we participate in various performance areas including hunting, rally, agility, obedience, nose work and barn hunt. BREEDER: Tammy Osborn. They are beautiful, smart, fun loving field spaniels.

12/30/2013. 05/03/2014.


Internationaler All puppies are Bitch.

4 17 BRUCE'S LIVING THE LIFE @ UPLAND. By Gch Ch Windward's Are You Ready-GchG Ch SandsCape Pardon Me Boys. 05/08/2017. Spaniels (Field).

OWNER: Shad & Jennifer & Clairese Snyder & K Cartwright. BREEDER: Barbara M. Cox. OWNER: Sheila D Miller.

11/06/2013. SS089293/02.

We also have many questions for prospective owners as you should OWNER: Jim & Judy Constance Nichole Dooley Bunch. 11/11/2018. SR907293/01. BREEDER: Sheila D Miller. Über meine Zuchtziele SPANIELS (FIELD), Veteran Sweepstakes Dogs 7 Yrs & Under 9 Yrs .

SS084706/01. AGENT: Abby Y Moore. BREEDER: Sheila D Miller. BREEDER: William Anderson. 4 (12) ARCADIA'S WILD ROSE AT LEFT ARROW. Bitch. 56 GCH CH WOLFTREE'S SISTER MOON. Der Schnitt für Männer und Frauen ist unterschiedlich. By GCHG Sandscpe-Windwrd Seasons Of Dust & Glory @ I-GCHS SandsCape Who's That Girl.

Fecimus Field Spaniels UK Breeder and Exhibitor of Field Spaniels since 1984. 4 34 WOLFTREE'S AMAZING GRACE AT WILLOW CREEK. By CH BlackBrier's Aristocrat-GCH CH CT Killara's Here Comes The Sun VCD2 GO MH. SS099247/01.

SR836354/01. OWNER: Anita Eley. Please feel free to email  or call (810) 797-4538. "Ludwig vom Belauer See" besteht die Verbandsprüfung nach dem Schuss mit einem 1. They are very durable and chew proof. A (58) GCHG CH KILLARA'S BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN TD SH RAT.

FC Doorcreek Trick or Treat SPANIELS (FIELD), Puppy Bitches 9 Mos & Under 12 Mos . Bitch.

Click HERE for Litter!

OWNER: Ashley Mroz & Daphne Stover. By GCH Brandywine Patriot At Pridemark-CH Island Cream Chocolate Du Kreizker OA NAJ CA. SR663964/06. 10/09/2007. Chuck and Pat Nelson breed champion English Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels not only for the seasoned hunter and field trialer, but also for the family companion. Till the Next Time - Tillie, HRCH UH Brandywines SPANIELS (FIELD), Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches . SS046354/01. Welcome to Fair Havens! By CH Juste Un Reve Du Kreizker-GCHS Killara's Brighter Than The Sun TD JH RATO. SR992465/07. BREEDER: Lisa S. Winters & Albert C. Winters. SS075749/03.

Our Dogs. 6 Puppies Born February 2020! By GCHS CH Upland's Made You Look-CH Bruce's Whiskey In A Teacup @ Upland. Health Issues in Field Spaniels FSSA Data Collection for Late Onset Seizure Disorder 2003 Health Survey Events Event Calendar 2020 National Specialty 2003 – 2019 National Results 1991 – 2002 National Results Articles Shop züchte meine Spaniels nicht spezifisch für den Jagdgebrauch, aber ich achte darauf, dass meine Spaniels nicht nur "schön" sind, sondern auch gute Arbeitsanlagen haben.



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