browning sticky stock fix
The one still has the band on it from the factory and never shot after the repair...Had the same issue on a Browning .22 camo buckmark Pistol Metal parts are fine but color got soft and came off the grips. I'm hoping it works out. Unload and clear the weapon. you have to include the serial # of the gun with the parts. I know Browning has had at least 5 hydrographic companies take on these "redips" and they couldn't keep up with the demand, so they would tell Browning they're out.. . I did the same thing with mine...problem solved and probably made the finish alot more durable. Good Luck ! They did not want the complete gun, only the stock. Browning is sending me replacement stock with no questions. Sent my sticky Gold Deer Hunter to Browning on December 15, 2016 and got it back August 4, 2017. BITTNER v. BROWNING ARMS COMPANY Case No. They informed me that it could take months to receive my stock,and forend. I'll let you know after the upcoming season who I decide to go with and just how good it holds up. Same problem with gold was told by browning they would replace mossy oak stock and forearm with black ones wouldnt that make a beautiful gun ha! I said no way did I want dura-touch again, just put the black synthetic stock on it. I wrapped mine in a cloth camo tape to get me through hunting season and will probably get it re-coated locally due to all of the negative feedback from folks that got there's back from Browning. Books Spoke with Browning Arms service department. Conversation The gentleman I dealt with was Scott and you'll enjoy talking to him. Took my Winchester SX2 to browning today which has the dura touch goooing up. They have had my 10ga since April 1st. I have a Cynergy that has the same sticky stock problem. Thank you in advance. tutorhelp07 (at) gmail (dot) com. Have a Browning Gold Auto 3" with Shadow Grass DuraTouch camo. Will keep everyone posted on outcome. New York I hope they make this right where we don't have to change brands. Video Of The Week google browning to get the service # and give them a call. How to Refinish Browning Stocks Step 1. I have bought my last Browning. Step 2. Thanks! $4 and it's back to new. Second coat 24 hours after the first coat. State Records They responded that if anything like that EVER happens with my CVA, they will ship me replacement stocks free and it won't take most of a year either. We missed all three UPS delivery attempts so I had to wait over weekend and go pickup at UPS. talked to service in utah and he told me 3-4 wks but then i talked to guy in missouri and got the 8 With that said, I will continue to believe in Browning standing behind their products when warranted. Sop part of the paper towel in the alcohol and rub a small patch at a time and when the tacky goop softens wipe with a dry paper towel that you can throw away. Both are very very nice looking work. These are just Chinese trinkets to keep people at bay. Apply several layers of walnut stain to the stock of the weapon. They sent it back better than new! Predators Hanson Buck I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the firearm after their Hydro Grip process. Just talked to Browning customer service after emailing them. I think Browning is misleading those of us that are seeking a remedy to our sticky stocks by leading us to believe the repair will be like the original finish and calling the new finish by the same name as the finish we bought our guns with. I took the stock off of the gun and used brake cleaner and rags to get the dura-touch off. It simply disposable!! Remove any ammunition and double check, both visually and by touch, that the weapon is empty. } I was hoping to have my BPS back for turkey season this May, but it looks doubtful. hope they have tried to change policy. Well folks, I am happy to report I found a great solution to my Bad Browning experience and it has nothing to do with Browning. It only took about 45 minutes to clean both pieces. Instead it's become about how cheap we can make it and increase our profits, along with who will write the biggest check. Good Luck ! December 2011 After being transferred to another extension and holding for about 10 minutes, a nice gentleman said that they would send me a UPS label for free shipping back to Browning for repair. For the grooves, dip the brush in the alcohol and scrub a few seconds, then wipe with a dry paper towel. Almost like the stickum football players use. } That's how a real gun manufacturer values it's customers. Dave. Refinishing the stock on a Browning rifle is a relatively simple procedure, although it can be somewhat time-consuming. I'm anxious to get it back and see how it looks. I had the sticky stock problem and browning in quebec was very good to me. If you knew of an expected 100% failure rate of any product wouldn't you feel responsible to truthfully notify your customers? As I suspected, the new finish was extremely slippery and I never felt as comfortable handling it as I did with the original Dura Touch finish. This is an on going problem that Browning has known about. A classical Rennaissance man since serving in the U.S. Army's elite 75th Ranger Regiment, Ragnar Danneskjold has worked as a ranch cowboy, a Department of Defense contractor, a strength and conditioning coach, a martial arts instructor, a freelance writer and a horse trainer. They just changed the duratouch formula. Gander has been bought out by Camping World and has closed their gunsmithing services for at least 3 months. They've stopped accepting firearms from Browning. I emailed customer service and they said to send it in. Very disappointed but more interested in finding a fix. It's a Browning--I just don't feel like a Browning should have to be "fixed" with clearcoat Rustoleum. I had hoped that the Rustoleum would be a longer term solution than it turned out to be. Sharks Tips so dont be scared to call and ask! Yep 8 MONTHS!!. Same problem here with 10 ga bps ! B.A.S.S. Same deal with my BPS Mossy Oak Shadowgrass Blade. The replacement stocks are in short supply they said. Bowtech I sent my Xbolt .308 to Browning in July 2016 for problems with the sticky duracoat on the composite stock. Finally I think I got most of it off with a dress shirt soaked in warm water, but I believe the rubber degrades and I basically removed the outer layer as you can see lines scratch marks all over the stock now. Recipes Conservation Took about 7 weeks and rifle (300WSM) came back looking awesome! I'll call about replacement stocks but I can at least take it turkey hunting this season. The Inside Out team will be putting our talents to work and sharing our knowledge and love of the outdoors with anyone who wants to listen. 3005 Arnold-Tenbrook Road. Meat Processing if (document.readystate === 'complete') { Shotguns if (document.cookie.match(/(^|;)\s*is_mobile=1/)) { They show it received as of 9/26/17, with an estimated completion date of 3/1/18. Politics Here is an update for those waiting on their firearms from Browning. Immediately I realized the same thing has happened to a pair of Bushnell binoculars that I have had for some time as well. Called browning last week and the said it would be at least 8 months wait time if i sent in the gun. I've had my bps camo finish for eight years and just got it out of gun safe for upcoming turkey season and its sticky everywhere the finish has been applied. Browning Browning Arms Company has agreed to settle the claims detailed on this page through an ongoing offer to replace or repair guns with deteriorating Dura-Touch coatings at no cost to the owner. Sprayed it with Rust-Oleum matte clear clear coat spray. I would recommend INCLUDING them with your rifle. They said if they can't match what the barrel & lower metal parts they would do the hole gun over in a newer camo. They gladly wrought it up and said it would be about 27 weeks to completely redip and repair the finsh.I am good with them standing behind their product, just wish it didn't take so long. You'll forget it was ever sticky. Camping Sticky synthetic stock "real sticky" beyond where I can use my rifle. You can also read the settlement on this link. Rifle is 8 years old. I asked if this would happen again and the rep said "no, we changed the formula a couple of years ago." I called the Arnold location and talked their parts department. Bass The repair shop people were very nice. Let it set overnight to soak in and eat away most of the finish. I will miss the Dura Touch feel, but glad the "stickiness" is gone. I have heard of some folks sending the guns / barrel back to Browning for repair some have had success some have not but it seems as though the problem reoccurs it's just a matter of time it seems. Good Luck ! N.R.A. It also took months. I took some advice from several people above to help fix the VERY sticky A-bolt Mountain Titanium .325 WSM I bought roughly 10 years ago. Spoke to a local Smith and he swears only the stocks were coated in Dura-touch. Apply generous portions of mineral spirits to the entire wood surface of the stock. They said they did not warranty their guns, and I could just go get the stocks dipped on my on. Water Temperature Powered by Kayaking Once dry I applied several light coats of Rustoleum matte finish clear coat with a light sand between coats. Timelapse I experienced the same flustration get problems with my Browning BPS with Duratouch finish. Had a gunsmith disassemble the gun clean the parts to be sprayed and clear coat. Lake Havasu Copyright © Jesse's Hunting & Outdoors L.L.C. November 2011 Lightly sand the entire surface of the stock with gradually finer sandpaper, until the entire stock is glass smooth. May 2012 If you to to their website and download a service repair form they will replace the stock for free.......only problem is it takes about 8 months to have it done. Once I do try it I will let everyone what my thoughts are. windowHref += '&'; Browning sent me a new set of grips. I have a firm that will take it and get my gun fixed. Coyote Hi I have just completely stripped the Duratouch from my Browning A Bolt synthetic stock using bleach and a scouring pad great job happy days no thanks to Browning, I have two browning short trac rifles and the finish has become very sticky and peeling off. Had a chance to shoot at a deer and for the first time since I bought the gun about ten years ago, I couldn't believe it but it JAMMED. I almost don't even care if I ever get it back. Finish the stock by applying three to six coats of clear lacquer varnish to the stock. Replaced scope and rings and it shot excellent as before. It starts with "I have a fix!". South Carolina And assuming you just did this, will it eventually hurt the integrity of the gun? Was slow but they stood behind their product! Boone & Crockett Hi Don, the only way to clean the outside of the fun is with warm water. I want to Cerakote it. After you took off the Dura-Touch using alcohol, did you then paint over the camo pattern with a clear coat? The gun is a Mossy Oak camo brown. Keeping fingers crossed. "    " + Told me theywere on back order. When I asked why they are still advertising Dura Touch camo on several guns on their website, they said that is what they are now calling the new non gripping finish and that it was more durable even though it is much less touchable. As I said in earlier posts, the refinished gun was not the same as the finish that I purchased the gun with and the disappointment that I felt when I first got it back became greater when I actually used it afield. I have seen it first hand. I have the same problem on a A Bolt rifle but mine as turned out that bad you can't be used again browning not interested have you found a solution that will strip the duratouch of. How do you clean it off. They are closing shop. Tried several more coats but it would turn sticky again shortly after taking the gun outside. I was informed it will take 8 months for it to be returned. Handguns Use caution and ensure proper ventilation and appropriate protective equipment are used when handling paint thinner and clear lacquer varnish.


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