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Instead, he felt a new sensation. It was a real life Captain Cutler, draped in seaweed with a deathly green light shining through the visor of his diving helmet. Then there was a loud pop and suddenly his arm felt much heavier now. To the side, Scooby whined in embarrassment and covered his eyes. But instead he was jerked back upright and his left arm flung outwards. Shaggy closed his eyes as he held her closer. Shaggy looked over to him. A huge, bulky thing anchored to a big, beefy shoulder. Then he twisted around to see Captain Cutler with both hands wrapped around his leg (because one would never have been enough, it was so massive now). Rated M for sexual references. He was just liking the effect he seemed to be having on the girls. "It's the 10,000-Volt Ghost!" He cracked his big knuckles and barged forward. This causes Fred to lose it with Scrappy because he always had a crush on Daphne. If you don't like it, I respect your opinion, but for now, I think this is good enough. Hooray! Daphne turned to him with a cheeky smile. "Just gave you point one percent of your power! Daphne grinned as she gave a wink. "Scooby Doo" stammered Shaggy, pointing to him in shock. Community. Too late, Captain Cutler pulled the trigger, sending the harpoon sailing up into the sky. He didn't know why he said that. "Like, how did you end up in this scenario? for Scooby Doo 2 Better Transformations. The ghost clutched desperately at Buff Shaggy's legs but he could do nothing to stop the relentless squeeze of those muscles. "Like, Daphne!" The fart feeling was intensifying all the time. "Like, I don't blame you. You know as much as I do that there's no such thing as ghosts.". I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE PUT IN THAT SECOND SPELL!" You drank some weird ass potion to get them! "Like, you need a snack, old buddy, old pal.". Scooby smacked his lips. said Shaggy. Velma seemed to tremble a little as he did. And he got an idea. "Where you going, Flounder?" "It's time... for you... to destroy the last of the ancestors who defied me!" 11/18/2018 c1 Guest Make the second part please. Enormous, jacked up thighs. He was too busy stripping off his shoes, socks and tracksuit bottoms. The thing that was his alone to use and to touch. "Hold her down, Shaggy, I'm going to try something!" He'd always just stayed the same skinny person he'd always been. He shoved aside bottles and beakers frantically, searching desperately for anything that looked like an antidote. 7/22 c1 Guest Brilliant. Afraid of the madman scheming behind the mystery the gang struggles to piece together and even more afraid of giving a name to the thing that's been haunting her for years. The feel of the cool nighttime air on his sweaty skin was good. He looked over at Scooby, standing by the empty beaker in his normal form again, looking at him with amazement, as were Daphne, Velma and Fred. His muscles needed a wash. "We should get inside" said Fred as they all got out of the Mystery Machine. Basically, just kinda a run through of snippets from random moments in the Hex girls life, exploring how they interact and how their relationship works out. Your review has been posted. "Sh-shaggy, get a grip on yourself! Was he still going to turn back into normal Shaggy? Without checking to see if anyone was around, and not particularly caring if anyone saw, Buff Shaggy stripped off his last concealment and bared all to nature, letting his massive junk dangle down and be wafted about by the gentle breeze billowing over the surface of the lake. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. As soon as their lips parted, Shaggy blushed. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Buff Shaggy looked at it, then at the control panel, then at the skull in his hand and then down at his torso. No!' Buff Shaggy pulled the gun out of his hands, held it across his bended knee and smashed it in two. He clawed at the water around him and kicked as hard as he could, desperately trying to return to the surface. "Roh no..." Scooby groaned as he held his head. Keeping his eye on the Pterodactyl Ghost, he shoved the skull between his pecs and thrust his arms forward to flex them, but not fully. I-I don't have control of anything but-", Daphne's eyes widened, but before she could say anything, the witch pulled her back as she said, "YELL THE SPELL! Bulging calf muscles so huge he was surprised they hadn't torn through his track suit bottoms the way his pecs had torn through his tank top. The same goes for you, Shaggy." Shaggy's jaw dropped and his eyes widened in horror as he finally saw what his body now looked like. But he wouldn't. "Rand I'm the Rasmanian Devil" said Taz Scooby. Flexing them, showing them off to the others, or actually putting his new strength to use. It was deeper now, throatier and manlier. Beginning of Project Scoob Redo (look at series profile for more info. Who knows what types of spooks we'll come across, I mean, a dark, stormy night? He didn't quite get what they meant, but they kind of sounded funny. "This place is, like, Cluetopia, Scoob" said Shaggy, walking over to inspect a counter of bubbling green chemicals. The witch screamed as Shaggy pinned her down to the ground. "Look! 3/29/2019 c1 1 R98765 This is exactly how that one scene from the movie was like. And so, there you have it, readers. Your review has been posted. ", "Jealous?" "I don't want to hurt you, Daphne..." Shaggy said. The shirt ripping pecs, the six pack abs, the beefy shoulders, the tree trunk legs, the turkey sized biceps, the giant dick! "We don't have time for this, Shaggy! He threw Captain Cutler on the ground next to him, then threw his own body down behind the Mystery Machine. Major Shapne (Shaggy x Daphne); Crack fanfiction! Imagine the headline. This time there was a loud bubbling noise and he felt his stomach start to bubble as well. (I do not own the rights to Scooby Doo.). ", Daphne gave a smile. Try this, Scoob. "You don't eat stuff that glows" said Shaggy. Almost as scared as when Scooby Braniac had tried to turn him back into skinny Shaggy. Jeepers! He may have lost his ability to understand big words, but he knew what that meant. Still, better than nothing. 'Is that my voice?' .Marcie. 'I've got a weejee!' Immense ' thought Buff Shaggy. "Oh, you are embarrassing" drawled Scooby Braniac. He was brave. Let's do this then!" ", "Maybe? How their stories were found out, outside the stage. His shirt was different to how it had been earlier. After a supposed monster attack, Mystery Inc. searches for answers. Gone completely! 'Wait 'til Fred sees me!'. So for all of my fellow fanfiction readers who have been similarly frustrated with the lack of Buff Shaggy fanfics out there, this one's for you. Forum. "Thanks, Babe" he said, then did the same to his other bicep. Find the hottest buffshaggy stories you'll love. Has to be the condensation building up on her lenses. Buff Shaggy turned to see Velma, Daphne and Fred standing behind him, the two girls looking even more amazed than when they'd first seen him transformed. "No, that'll be the first place the monsters will look for us" Daphne protested. But the thing clutching his junk was too strong and it continued to pull him under. "Why Fred. Pretty sexy actually. He turned towards the doorway with the strange letters and hurled the beaker at it with all his might. "What are you guys doing here?" The witch cackled as she pulled out her wand and waved it, sending a magic wave towards the door and sealing it shut, by the time Shaggy and Daphne came to the door and he tried to pull it, Shaggy was struggling to move the door. "...haunted hotels..." Shaggy said in a deadpan voice. ", The witch gave a laugh as she waved her wand and trapped both Shaggy and Daphne in stasis as she flew around them on her broomstick. Except in one part. He should be getting back to the rest of the gang. The Mystery Begins (2009) (10), Velma Dinkley/Norville "Shaggy" Rogers (76), Daphne Blake/Norville "Shaggy" Rogers (48), Daphne Blake & Velma Dinkley & Fred Jones & Norville "Shaggy" Rogers & Scooby Doo (32), Daphne Blake/Velma Dinkley/Fred Jones/Norville "Shaggy" Rogers (14), Velma Dinkley/Marcie "Hot Dog Water" Fleach (13), Norville "Shaggy" Rogers & Scooby Doo (12), The Case of the Goose Lake Monster: A Stage Fright Sequel, Scooby-Doo! His arms now sported gigantic biceps the size of frozen Thanksgiving turkeys, attached to large, beefy shoulders. Daphne catches Scrappy trying to pull them down, so she sets Scrappy down and pulls them down, ❝ Ludzie znikają, Fred. But once again, the Scooby gang and KISS need to join forces in order to solve another mystery, when a brand new band suddenly appears out if thin air with no backstory on it nor its members. He was so strong that his legs had actually popped a ghost's head off. Work Search: To make him say goodbye to this beautiful new body that he'd barely had any time to do anything with. he cried excitedly. Without thinking twice, he grabbed the front of his pants with one hand and yanked his other hand down into his underpants, digging his way through his coarse forest of sandy pubes. Especially not in front of girls. 'Who needs girls when I've got these guns?' I'm ALL sexy now!' For some reason this concept makes me really interested, anyway great story hope to see more from you. The witch said in shock, but a magic aura came out of Daphne's hands as it went towards Shaggy. At a much more leisurely pace this time, he paddled his way back towards the distant clubhouse, allowing his legs and dick to trail lazily behind him. ", "Don't even bother calling for help!" I’m sorry you came all this way for nothing.”, “But!” Ben tosses his arms up in the air. You're not as…I mean you're…you're not…" Fred was stumbling over his words, his voice becoming more and more strained and angry the longer he looked at Buff Shaggy. "Let's get out of here!". When Mystery Inc decides that they need a vacation, a simple trip to the woods reveals some dark secrets about the small town and even one of their own. And the high ended. "Er, well..." Shaggy blushed. Except it wasn't a costume any more. He'd never let it show but it had always been a nagging source of discomfort in the back of his head. Captain Cutler had no visible eyes but anyone could see he was worried now as he backed away to retreat into the depths again. More. An Underestimation of Power - A Komi-San and Shaggy fanfiction. Buff Shaggy found himself getting bored. The sheer amount of strength his new body had was continuing to surprise him, he was falling in love with it more and more. He felt like his bare nipples were going to shoot out like tiny rockets. Life was gonna be sweet from now on. It was…. 'Dude, I am such chick-bait right now' thought Shaggy. relationships will be created but others will be destroyed amidst the carnage. Shaggy asked in worry. Will the gang be able to accept that one of their own is hiding a dark and dangerous secret? "What, what, wha-?" Rated M for sexual references. When he felt like he was having that weejee, was that his last cum before his penis shrank back into his body and turned into a–. What the actual flying fuck?!' Thirty minutes ago? Something had grabbed his dick! Scrappy Doo and Fred get into another argument this time about that since Scrappy Doo marked his scent on Daphne she now belongs to him, but Fred says you know she was about to be my girl friend.


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