can a bad coolant temperature sensor cause car to stall
You can always get a new car. This can make the engine idle rough, misfire and/or stall. Coolant condition, bad coolant can coat the sensor causing a bad read. Also, a working knowledge of your vehicle’s air, fuel, and electrical systems. By the end of this post you’ll know how the sensor works, how to diagnose a faulty sensor, wiring and control module. Car trouble can cause a ton of anxiety, breakdowns, broken schedules, the possibility of a large workshop bill…all set off your internal alarm. A typical sensor will when cold read about 10,000 ohms and drop to about 200 when the engine is up to operating temperature. Fit the new sensor ad washer (if applicable) by hand first before tightening. Then try working methodically toward the more complicated causes of the problem. You may also notice the engine fan turn on and off intermittently. If you lost a ton of coolant, you’ll need to bleed the system. These type tools are a step above a simple code reader but still aren’t very expensive and will likely pay for them selves many times over. I've been a mechanic for over twenty years, I use my knowledge and experience to write articles that help fellow gear-heads with all aspects of classic car ownership, from tires to roof aerials and everything in between. There are many reasons your car may not be starting, but a bad coolant temperature sensor will not be one of them. Idle speed that is way too fast is one of the difficulties, and stalling is another. Modern cars as you know record all major faults in the PCM. Faulty Air Temperature Sensor. It will slow to react to changes in airflow as well. My more usually diagnoses starts with a visual. Both of these systems are designed to change the idle when they are on; due to the air conditioning system demands on the engine. A good scan tool has the ability to graph ECT performance and makes it easy to see interference or a signal dropping out momentarily. […], The engine cooling fan only runs when needed to help cool the engine. The sensor operates by changing resistance proportional to how hot it’s probe end is. The engine light may not come on imminently but a DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) will be logged in the PCM. The sensor should come with thread sealer, if not use some pipe dope. If the amount of black smoke coming from a car is excessive, it is best not to attempt to drive the car. Idle speed on a fuel injected engine is controlled by allowing a small amount of air to bypass the throttle. A lower resistance reading doesn’t of course mean the sensor isn’t faulty. Another symptom of a problem with the coolant temperature sensor is an overheating engine. Unplugging the engine coolant sensor while the car is running will likely cause the engine to stumble and run rough. I've worked as a technician for a large Chevrolet dealer and in this article you'll learn what I learned about the Chevy... Clean & Reuse Car Air Filter? Uneven engine revs and misfiring can affect drivability, but can also cause error codes to appear in your OBD-II system. The sensor comprises of an electrical connector end and a probe end. Cleaning the airflow sensor wire with aerosol electronics cleaner can often restore normal operation and cure the problem. Plug the sensor back in, start the engine an allow idle for a few minutes. The sensor needs to be fully submerged in coolant fluid to be effective, and if the coolant is low, it could cause symptoms that appear similar. And since resistance is like a blockage in a garden hose pipe, not all the voltage returns, it’s this reduced voltage the PCM uses to determine the coolant temperature. The second wire is the signal wire and is used to carry the reduced voltage back to the PCM. Replacing the sensor is not a difficult job, but you will need a few simple tools such as: The sensor as you know is located close to the thermostat housing on most models and the procedure is as follows: How much does it cost to replace a coolant temperature sensor? Stalling problems of any kind are always a challenge to diagnose. The ultimate bad news is damage to the engine itself. Here’s a basic tests you can perform to help diagnose a faulty ECT sensor. The sensor, fitted to the engine close to the thermostat housing supplies the engine management system with real time engine coolant temperature readings. Coolant sensor wiring damage like chafing or rodent damaged. Fitting the sensor will usually include a replacing the coolant and purging trapped air from the coolant system. If the coolant sensor reads warmer than normal, or reads hot all the time; the (PCM) will lean out the fuel mixture too much, causing the engine to stall when it is cold. The information it supplies however is critical to how your vehicle runs. A bad coolant temp sensor can cause the computer to over fuel or under fuel the engine, either of which could cause stalling> When misfiring occurs your engine will run slower than normal. Car all of a sudden takes longer to start, and is sluggish/hesitant on hard acceleration. Sometimes there will be low compression in just one cylinder of the engine; and other times there will be low compression in all cylinders. It directly effects, cooling and fueling of the engine and therefore effects how the engine performs. A new set of plugs can restore a good hot spark. Your vehicles sensor will have a specified resistance range for a specified temperature. It’s possible to test the sensor successfully using a thermometer, a spec chart, DVOM and hot water. It’s worth noting not all sensors work in this way. Coolant level, insufficient coolant will cause the sensor to operate erratically if at all. A positive temperature coefficient is inverted, as the coolant temperature rises the resistance increases. Some systems use two ECT’s one for the PCM and a second for the radiator fan. Hesitation can come from accelerator problems but it also may be symptomatic of an engine vacuum leak. The two wire electrical connector fitted to the sensor comes from the PCM. While sometimes a faulty sensor sends a permanent cold signal to the engine, it can also send a permanent hot signal. You run a risk of damaging the engine if the system is air locked. If your engine stalling problems are too much for you too handle, then it might be worth looking into purchasing another vehicle. If the (EGR) valve is stuck open or can’t seat because of carbon buildup under the valve. Also, a poor connection after servicing the air filtering unit. A garage may charge $100-$250 to fit a coolant sensor. Faulty readings from the coolant temperature sensor can cause the engine to miscalculate the air-fuel mix in the engine. You’ll also know the simple steps involved in replacing the sensor. The engine will run rich, so you’ll smell raw gas and you may see black smoke from the tail pipe. Your vehicles engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) also known as coolant temperature sensor (CTS) is a small but important piece of kit. Sometimes it’s difficult to know the right steps after an accident, but if you are dealing with a faulty car, it helps to get legal advice so you know what to do next. As you know the coolant sensor receives a 5v reference supply from the PCM. Only graphing the senor through a full heat cycle. A vehicles coolant sensor is a critical component used by the engine management system. Some sensors may be a three wire set up, don’t let this throw you off. This sensor tells the (PCM) the temperature of the air entering the intake manifold. We’ll need to disconnect the sensor, with ignition on. Symptoms are the same, hot or cold start. Checking for simple easy wins. Over time, fuel delivery becomes reduced or disrupted; causing the engine to run less smoothly, hesitate and even stall. The coolant temperature sensor is a type of thermostat. The computer uses the data to calculate density and determine the engine’s air mass flow rate. If the coolant sensor reads colder than normal, or cold all the time, the engine will run rich. This again will cause engine stalling. If the vehicle is more than seven or eight years old the fuel pump would certainly be suspect. The sensor simply threads into the engine with the probe end submerged in coolant inside the engine. If the coolant sensor is bad and tells the (PCM) the engine is colder or warmer than it really is; that can confuse the fuel mixture results. The Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) system is basically a one way passage for blow-by gases to […]. It’s such an important sensor, an engine light will alert the driver as soon as the on-board computer senses a problem. As a result, it will allow too much exhaust to be sucked back into the intake manifold. This test is a straight forward reference voltage check. In the case of a faulty ECT, I’ll check things like: With all the low hanging fruit checked, I’ll turn my attention to the DTC’s. Inspecting and cleaning the (EGR) valve and the (EGR) port in the intake manifold; should cure the problem. Cleaning the idle air bypass circuit in the throttle body with aerosol throttle cleaner; will often remove the gunk and solve your stalling problem. Are Chevrolet Good Cars? The result is that it cannot be smoothly controlled. If a good soaking with cleaner fails to fix the stalling problem, check the wiring connector. Although the dashboard temp gauge still works, when I unplug the ECT Sensor this makes no difference to how the car starts/idles. So, A engine cooling fan failure; or a failure of the fan relay or control circuit is bad news; because it can […], Engine surging or misfiring up and down while you’re driving.


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