can you replace component speakers with coaxial speakers
There’s a wide range of performance & price options for buyers: different levels of tweeter quality, crossover design, cone materials, higher power ratings, and so on. The Monsoon amplifier consists of an active crossover network that creates a midrange bandpass for those speakers. As far as price is concerned, prices for component speakers start at about the same price as a very good pair of coaxial speakers. If you have checked out our Then there is the rest of the advantages. Most coaxials use a single cheap capacitor connected to the tweeter mounted and nothing for the woofer. You’ll save a lot of work & hassle in the process. A coaxial speaker has a woofer with the tweeter in the middle, taking care of all the frequencies that you throw at it.The two big speakers are the woofers while the two smaller speakers are the tweeters. Since you have the Monsoon system (RPO code "W55," as suspected), using coaxial speakers to replace the midranges in the doors and hatch area will not produce any high frequencies if you use the existing midrange speaker wiring. Here’s a list of reasons why amplifying your speakers is a good idea: For example, most car stereo units, despite the misleading advertising they have, output only about 15-18 watts RMS per channel at the most. However, that’s not what everyone needs – not everyone cares about super-crisp sound, more power handling, or better speaker crossovers. I recommend using a decent quality amplifier with 50 watts RMS per channel or higher for best results. I'm a car audio fanatic and always have been. Alexander Hrabe from Crutchfield. This is because you don’t want to be changing your speakers and going through the same process over and over again simply because you bought poor quality speakers.Last but not least, the price of the speakers you will be getting for your car matters a lot. So you could install your non-component speaker in the lower position and just disconnect the tweeter. Component speakers on … You may be even have looked at some of them already.These speakers follow a size standard which means that they are very easy to purchase and install. Blackbeard No Quarter Meaning, The good news is that there are some component speaker systems that can be used a lot like component speakers, making them easier to install. They may also include features such as a tweeter volume reduction option, tweeter fusing to protect against overload, and additional wiring configurations. Do I need an amp for component or coaxial speakers? Even your local department store, auto parts store, and “mom and pop” electronics stores probably has some in the car audio section. Here’s a comparison to help you decide if you’re unsure. Since you have the Monsoon system (RPO code "W55," as suspected), using coaxial speakers to replace the midranges in the doors and hatch area will not produce any high frequencies if you use the existing midrange speaker wiring. Component speakers are a speaker system in which separately mounted speakers and a more advanced crossover are designed to provide advanced sound quality. Pontiac Firebird General Technical Discussions. This is a pretty common installation and gives excellent sound, although it takes more time & money to complete. if you do go with a coax be sure to disconnect the 1" dash speakers. The Monsoon system will have a separate tweeter in the door as well as a mid-range. Not just the differences, but also: I’ll also help you better understand which is a better choice for you. set of them can sound fantastic when used properly and powered by an amplifier. Also, you’ll need to mount the crossovers as well, ideally away from moisture, and relatively close to where the speakers are mounted. Monsoon or base level? Well I ended up wiring the coaxial speakers in the doors and hooking up the factory tweeters, it sounds really nice, all I have left now is my subs. More power handling – often 75 watts RMS, 100 watts RMS, or more. Arline Burks Gant, Jr., a 4-channel amp will work just fine. Coaxial speakers are a type of 2-way design where the job of producing sound is split between them for best results. You will be overwhelmed with highs and at certain frequencies it will be harsh as a motherfucker.  https://www.firebird...9_698_32777.jpg, Community Forum Software by IP.BoardLicensed to: The Firebird Nation, I am replacing the factory component speakers, (in the doors and the hatch speakers ) and I was wondering if i would have to do any special wiring. This is helpful if the tweeter seems too harsh sounding to you. You, therefore, need to know the exact amount of power your external amplifiers or head unit put out.This will help you to be in a better position to acquire car speakers that will be compatible with your system.


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