canadian tire money card replacement
But they’ve also been known to wear out their welcome. Billes—when the company opened its first gas bar in 1958. At Canadian Tire Corporation, we are committed to helping our employees, our customers and the communities we serve navigate through COVID-19 together. It had been issued in 1992, and it took a matter of seconds for Lemire to realize the note was worth thousands of dollars. The serial number on the back of the Canadian Tire coupon is what made it special—the amount of space between each of the 10 digits was a few millimetres less than on a standard bill. “It’s sort of like treasure hunting,” he says. “They don’t know that these coupons can actually be worth something.”. Canadian Tire Money. If one of our employees has been exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19, they will be notified by Public Health and we would support the employee in following Public Health’s recommendations. Today, my uncle estimates he has 1,000 bills in his core collection, and another 5,000 that he keeps to trade. Our regular monitoring has continued during the pandemic, and in-person verification, such as factory visits and audits, will be reinstated as it becomes safe for us to do so. 0000003393 00000 n She figured that, rather than advertise low gas prices, Canadian Tire should entice customers to return and buy merchandise from the store. 0000430725 00000 n 0000418726 00000 n Many people remember a time when they came across Sandy McTire’s face smiling from a stash in their grandmother’s kitchen cupboard. While dwindling numbers of bills could make those available more valuable, Lemire fears demand will fade because younger generations aren’t familiar with Canadian Tire money, and won’t collect it. 0000007432 00000 n Pursuing money redeemable at only one business might seem quixotic to outsiders, but as Fourre says, “When you’ve got the collecting bug, you’ve got the collecting bug.” For Lemire, it felt like a natural transition from his coin-collecting days, and discovering likeminded enthusiasts encouraged him to continue. As with legal tender, it takes an old, rare or anomalous bill to attract collectors. 0000016197 00000 n What precautions are the factories you work with taking to ensure the safety of employees and products. We are committed to helping Canadians navigate through this challenging time while protecting the health and well-being of our employees and customers. Measures they have implemented include: providing personal protective equipment to workers, increasing the number of shifts with fewer workers to enable physical distancing, conducting frequent thermal monitoring for early detection, enhancing cleaning and sanitization protocols and providing health care where required. To help Canadians and communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re donating $5 million to support healthcare and community workers at the frontline of relief and response efforts. 0000002240 00000 n The marketplace is changing, however. Their gatherings typically include show-and-tell time, as well as an “educational presentation” where members are briefed on a specific topic (the theme of one recent meeting: new replacement notes). Says club director Jerome Fourre: “Yes, I’ve been thrown out of stores before.”, Lemire inspecting his Canadian Tire money collection. October 24, 2017, Canadian Tire money bundled at a store in Toronto(Reynard Li/Bloomberg/Getty Images). Toronto, ON M4P 2V8 0000009328 00000 n Marc-André Lemire stood at the counter of a Canadian Tire store in Montreal, with a fist full of multi-coloured money he’d just received from the cashier. As for my uncle, he reflects gratefully on the social connections he’s made, yet says the day will probably come when he decides to sell his collection. Lemire tucked it into a plastic sleeve, and called a friend to crow about his find.


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