cape breton tartan colors meaning
[20], Its International Tartan Index number is 1883. [27] The other colours are green for forests, red for the prairie lily, white for snow, brown for summerfallow, and black for oil and coal. [3][23] The three shades of green represent Ontario's forests and fields; the red, its natives; the blue, its waters; and the white, the sky. Grey for our Cape Breton Steel She incorporated the typical Cape Breton colours described in the poem. find out more about variations. Early tartans were simple checks of perhaps only two or three colours. Y/6 K12 N48 K12 G34 K10 Y/10 (Compendium - STS), The colours, Vert and Or, reflect the Cape Breton Tartan and the colours of our hills, mountains and sunsets. Cape Bretoners make every situation more interesting, whether it's because of their awesome Newfie-sounding accents or their crazy kitchen parties, Nova Scotia would be nothing without them. 1 … [3][19] Blue are used for the sea; white, for the granite rocks and surf; gold, for the Royal Charter; and red for the lion rampant on the provincial flag. Gold for the golden sunsets shining bright on the lakes of Bras d'Or the written permission of the designer or producer. written in 1907 by her friend Lillian Crewe Walsh. Cape Breton is known around the world for it's celtic culture, beautiful scenery and the great Cabot Trail, but what a lot of people don't know is that it's home to some of the nicest people on the planet. Canadian Tartans. The supporters also deal with the municipality's history. [4], The official tartan of Newfoundland and Labrador was designed in 1955 by Samuel B. Wilansky, a local store owner on Water Street in St. To show us God's hand has lingered [14], The idea of an official tartan for Northwest Territories was proposed by Janet Anderson-Thomson after she attended an RCMP ball in 1966 and noticed that the piper was, as she later described it, "terribly drab". Declared the provincial gemstone of Nova Scotia in 1999, agate is a variegated and banded form of quartz with a beautiful translucency. The idea for Alberta's official tartan began in 1961 at the Edmonton Rehabilitation Society, a charitable organization set up to teach useful skills to the disabled. The mural crown in the same colours reflects the tartan even more so. Brown = Green Light Brown/Gray = Blue . [4], Nova Scotia's tartan was designed by Bessie Murray, the President of the Halifax Weavers' Guild, with the help of Isobel MacAulay, Canada's expert on Clan Systems, tartans and traditional Scottish wear. You can search for tartans by family name, clan name or colour or just browse our A-Z list. [4], The official tartan of New Brunswick was commissioned by William Aitken, Lord Beaverbrook in 1959 and designed by the Loomcrofters in Gagetown, New Brunswick. [3] Its International Tartan Index number is 1543. White and grey are common colours for agate, but blue and other colours may be found. Except for the tartan of Quebec, all of the provincial and territorial tartans are officially recognized and registered in the books of the Court of the Lord Lyon, King of Arms of Scotland. It contains the same colours as the Alberta tartan with large sections of white. [24] Its International Tartan Index number is 918. Y/12 K6 W28 K6 LG42 K6 Y/12 (CIDD: 026-08-26922) The tartans in this list are those ascribed to particular clans of Scotland, including Highland, Lowland, Isles, and Borders clans. Its International Tartan Index number is 2034. Quebec is the only province whose tartan has not been officially adopted. Martin. The tartan of Cape Breton Island, an island on the Atlantic coast of Nova Scotia, was designed in 1957 by Elizabeth Grant. [4], Saskatchewan's tartan was created in 1961 by Mrs. Frank Bastedo, wife of Frank Lindsay Bastedo, former Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan. Name: Cape Breton Created: 1957 Created By: Mrs. Elizabeth Grant Scottish Tartan Authority Reference: 1883 [3] Its International Tartan Index number is 662. Child Sizes 2 - 10 Avail. [4], union of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, Donald Smith, 1st Baron Strathcona and Mount Royal, List of Canadian provincial and territorial symbols, "Maple Leaf Tartan becomes official symbol", "The Coat of Arms, Emblems and the Manitoba Tartan Act", "Frequently asked questions about Newfoundland and Labrador", "Official Symbols of the Northwest Territories", World Wars and Interwar Years (1914–1945),, Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 12 October 2020, at 08:40. [1] The maple leaf tartan was designed in 1964 by David Weiser to commemorate the new Canadian flag. The design was then created by Hugh MacPherson (Scotland) Limited of Edinburgh, a tartan designer and manufacturer, with Anderson-Thomson's colour suggestions: green for the forests, white for the Arctic Ocean, blue for the Northwest Passage, gold for the territories' mineral wealth, red-orange for autumn foliage, and a thin black line to represent the tree line.


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