cat names inspired by wine
It stands out among the Collins’ family of drinks. these are some of my favourite “alcoholic” pet names. Malo(lactic Fermentation): The process that makes the buttery, round, oaky Chardonnay that is always there for you. Long-Haired Cat: It could be a small cat, but you can’t tell because of all that hair. Named after Golden Dawn—a mixture of gin, apricot, and orange juice. Jeremy shares his house with the wife and wonderful Siamese cat. This alcoholic drink is obtained from cactus plants. It was the first Irish Cream on the market. Yes, We Treat Our Pets Like Family; But That’s Because They Are, Why I Now Prefer Top Entry Cat Litter Boxes, Stray Litter Drive You Nuts, Too? Today, it is made from sweet potatoes and tapioca. This is a blend of Christiania vodka. Have you ever named a pet – (or a group of pets!) Black Rose is a blend of tequila and black vodka. Does it feature an original alcoholic drink? Vermouth. An alcoholic drink in “A Clockwork Orange.”, Screaming Viking. All scotch is made and aged in oak barrels for at least three years. It’s a popular drink in Mexico. It is made from corn. It was named after the founder Arthur Guinness. Julep. Although a pub in the same area also lays claim to the name, Abita remains a great name for a cat. If you enjoy a cognac drink, why not let your cat remind you of one every time you pet him. Your cat’s name can be inspired by so many things. Facts about cats, training tips, odd behaviours, pet care advice - I talk as much as I can about it all here! The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & kick sticks. And among pets, wine-inspiration ran equally dry: It's all Charlies, Bellas and Lucies among's most popular names (although a vinous case could be made for " Cooper "). I have a thing for the name Remy! Brewed in Louisiana (United States) by a brewery with the same name. Couldn’t find a suitable name in this article? A beautiful name with ‘cat’ in it. Moonshine sounds like a name that would brighten your mood just by calling it. It simply means an alcoholic beverage. Cerveza Chango beer in “Dusk Till Dawn.”, Flaming Moe/Homer. Maya Magic. While choosing a name might not change your cat’s personality, using several aspects of your cat’s life to choose a name can be a great way of reminding you what he means to you every time you call him. Champagne: Like your baby; the best, even if you can’t afford it. This is a cocktail of gin, lemon juice, and egg white. In yesteryears, it stood for illegally-distilled spirits. Paloma. Riesling. Moscato. Somm(elier): “Sohm-mul-yay” After all, he’s already got the outfit. Also, they are not that common, yet at the same time, instantly recognizable. Fond of my fluffies? That. Riesling grapes are used in the making of this dry semi-sweet red wine. Creating new looks for cats and other pets is his passion. A fortified, aromatized wine, flavored with various botanicals that may include roots, barks, flowers, and seeds. Guinness. Made entirely of grapes naturally frozen to the vine. NameInspiration/ MeaningAlcohol typeGenderOriginAbbeyFounder—Lindores AbbeyGinFemaleEnglishAdvocatLawyerBrandyMaleDutchAlexBarman—Troy AlexanderBrandy CocktailUnisexRussianAppletiniApple MartiniVodka CocktailFemaleAmericanBees KneesThe BestGin CocktailUnisexAmericanBeringerBerringer vineyards in CaliforniaWineMaleAmericanBombayIndian StateGinFemaleEnglishChampagneNobility and LoyaltySparkling WineUnisexFrenchColleenYoung WomanWhiskeyFemaleAmericanCuervoFounder—Jose CuervoTequilaMaleMexicanDafneThe OperaGin CocktailFemaleItalianDaiquiriCuban TownRumUnisexSpanishDuffThe SimpsonsBeerMaleAmericanGimletPenetratingGinMaleAmericanGingerSpiceWineUnisexEnglishGrappaStrongBrandyUnisexItalianJ.DJack DanielsWhiskeyMaleAmericanJunmaiStyleWineUnisexJapaneseKamikazeDivine WindVodkaMaleJapaneseLauraSweetWhiskey CocktailFemaleAmericanMai TaiTahitian for 'good'Rum CocktailFemaleAmericanMamieNamed after Mamie TaylorWhiskey CocktailFemaleAmericanMapleMisty Maple LeafWhiskeyUnisexCanadianMezcalMexican for oven-cooked agaveSpiritMaleMexicanOuzoSuperior QualitySpiritMaleGreekPaulistaTiger BreathWineUnisexBrazilianSummerWarmthWhiskeyFemaleAmericanSvedkaFrom SwedenVodkaFemaleAmerican. Join me & my furries in our little corner of the feline-obsessed world. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and start listing! … You can choose any of these names for either your female or male cat depending on your preference. If I decided to go with alcohol as a naming convention for future pets, those are definitely the ones I’d choose to use! It can also stand for a medicinal drink. Unique Cat Names. Spotted Cat Names: Exotic and Beautiful Names for Your... Snowshoe Cat Names: Find the Right Moniker for Your... Old Man Names for Cats: Monikers With a Bit of... Names for Cats with Green Eyes: Find the Perfect... Stupid Cat Names: Ridiculous But Funny Names For Your... Can Cats Have Strokes: How to Recognize It and Treat... What Does It Mean When You Dream About Cats:... How to Draw Cat Paws: The Cuteness on a Piece of... DIY Outdoor Cat House for Winter: Making a... Mixed Breed Cats: Jack of All Trades, Master of... Can Cats Have Strokes: How to Recognize It and... Asian Cat Names: Exotic and Unique Names for Your Pet. These cat names inspired by famous cats in history, film, mythology and pop culture are cat-tastic. Perfect for cats that can withstand the cold like the. Your email address will not be published. Pina. Choosing your cat’s name is as important as deciding, #1: Popular Alcohol-Inspired Male Cat Names. It is made by distilling fermented grape juice into a high proof spirit. I think I ll name her Who… To remind me not o be a Grinch because I am stuck here. It is frothy and sweet to the taste. This is a cool and classy name that’s easy to utter. Jack. It is not certain whether the name originated from Bourbon Dynasty, Bourbon County in Kentucky, or Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Imagine how much fun it would be to name two sibling cats, #2: Popular Alcohol-Inspired Female Cat Names. We have listed them alongside the shows in which they were featured. This is a malt or grain whiskey made in Scotland. You both love the world of smells and all the senses in general. Sambuca. Take our online Wine courses and learn about wine's many differences - big and small. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is made in Austin, Texas. Cordial. Picking one for your cat reminds you that no matter what you might be going through, there is a better, sweeter, and more enjoyable side to life. The name comes from Baileys Irish cream. Regardless of how attached you are to your cat, you cannot enjoy your special drink with him. Borrowed from Coco Chai. Here are some of the most popular alcohol-inspired male cat names out there. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases; learn more here. The name comes from Baileys Irish cream. It’s beautiful. A drink made in Japan from fermented rice. Guinness is a popular name for pets; do you fancy joining the list? However, you can use alcohol is so many non-abusive ways, like giving your kitty a befitting name. This name is well suited for cats with a pale green coloration of the eyes. This is a sweet mixture of light and dark rum plus passion fruit, lemon, and ice. Stella. This name is well suited for cats with a pale green coloration of the eyes. In this case, if the list of most popular alcohol-based names did not appeal to you, why not check out the table below? Oh my goodness too cute. 63 Clever Names for Cats That You’ll Absolutely Love – SheKnows Can you think of any more cute alcohol themed pet names? Skyy. Riesling grapes are used in the making of this dry semi-sweet red wine. A name borrowed from Christi Extreme cocktail. Lees: Lees is a popular winemaking method that makes white wines richer and creamier. Butterbeer. The name suits a resilient cat. I got a tattoo of grapes during veraison… does that make me a wine geek? The name means pine in French. Vodka. This is a cocktail of bourbon whiskey and orange juice. Check out this article on cool Russian cat names instead! Tuxedo Cat: The most dapper little kitty you ever did see. The fictional universes found in the media have brought to life some unique alcohol names. A beer featured in most independent Studio Services films and TV shows. If you get a kick from putting one foot on the dark side, this is the perfect name for your cat. This is a cool and classy name that’s easy to utter. Miranda. It is a fermented drink made from barley seeds. Even if you are not familiar with the world of liquor, rest assured that we will give you enough information to help you make a customized choice. Their names are Stoli and Remy. Tell us more about it. Figured I might as well blog about 'em. Merlot: In the new world, a lush warm hug of a wine, for your warm hug of a cat.


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