chase strangio before transition
I’ll also be speaking 2:00 on Friday here in Park City at the Park City Museum right next to Dolly’s Bookstore. Let’s Process This Electoral Nightmare Together. It's everything. And we are every day going to fight back against that. There's some level at which I intellectually think that it's all constructive, but just the mythos of it is so deep and so hammered into us that to me it takes actual intellectual effort, the undoing. Because to go back to the Appiah point, we're all swimming in the same water, which is society. In a sort of conceptual way, or is it in a more personal way? Learn the latest Coronavirus legal developments here. And it did come after the governor expressed concerns about the bill. Yes. Medical professionals who provide this care could face up to 10 years in prison under the terms of the Republican-backed bill, which was passed in committee last week. How do you sort of describe that conceptual category when the category itself rests, I think, in this really profound and liberatory way on the troubling of these categories that said 65-year-old might have as the pillars they've set up? CHRIS HAYES: It's currently, as a matter of both the interpretation of statutory law and Supreme Court law, that if someone walks in for a job and you say, "No, we don't hire women accountants," you can't do that. We’ll send you the top news, analysis and commentary from Truthout’s reporters and leading progressive thinkers, as well as the best reprints from other independent news sources. CHRIS HAYES: It's funny you say that because, even as I'm saying, "Well, it's nice to have things you can talk about that are nonpolitical," right? I sort of think the day after I graduated was like, "Oh, my god. I get that. And so that is very much part of the constitutional paradigm and you can really see that becoming more and more reinforced the more that the mainstream lesbian and gay rights movement, in particular, exclusive of bisexual and transgender people, was turning towards legal recognition and really assimilationist in construct. I mean, it sounds so similar to arguments made against abortion, legislators trying to say that it’s the abortion that will endanger a woman’s life, as opposed to a backstreet alley abortion. And so this was a struggle for me because people were like, "You're not butch." It’s the third bill targeting trans youth introduced in South Dakota this year alone and one of more than 25 anti-LGBTQ bills introduced around the country. And those bills, like so many bills we’ve seen in the past, are fundamentally connected to controlling the bodies of all people. CHASE STRANGIO: I mean, I think the first and most important response is that he’s actually killing children. That's just the way it is. CHRIS HAYES: I mean, Truman integrating the army is one of the first big 20th-century civil rights moments. Chase Strangio, he says he’s saving children’s lives. Before the Supreme Court, the United States is represented by the solicitor general from the Justice Department. It sort of kills me to read Justice Kennedy's opinion in Obergefell, which is the case that ultimately brings marriage equality to the United States. And she was a funeral director at a funeral home in Michigan, and she worked presenting outwardly as a man. It's just that no one believes me when I say it." Okay, so because of how it then progressed, it's easy to look back and say, "These are a bunch of white men and they had a lot of power." Chase is an incredible person. And so the sort of narrative of the mainstream LGBT rights movement looks a lot like an alignment with political power. And what troubles me about it is two things. The immutability is like a core thing, so if you want to get heard by the lawyers, you've got to say... And what you're saying is, if you want to get heard by the doctors, in this case, then you have to tell a story that fits... CHASE STRANGIO: They become the gatekeepers, and then the legal system becomes the next one. Faith-based health facilities are increasingly imposing their biases on the medical decision-making process.


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