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It is on January 25, 2020. Chinese Calendar 2020 - Printable HTML format in Simplified Chinese (简体). The zodiac sign is Rat. Every lunar year has a representative zodiac. According to Chinese calendar, 2020 is Geng Zi Year. The month with its first day nearest the Beginning of Spring (the first solar term) is the first lunar month, and on that day the Spring Festival is held and this varies between January 20th and February 20th. They absolutely meld design and style and performance, and you’ll very impressed within the photo calendars you could get for free. Eine detaillierte Aufstellung aller Feiertage finden Sie hier: Today's Lunar Date : … They are optimistic,cheerful, do not fall into low spirits no matter how hard the Here are some different 2020 Chinese calendars for you free to use: Free Chinese Calendar 2018 - Year of the Dog Free Chinese Calendar 2019 - Year of the Boar Free Chinese Calendar 2020 - Year of the Rat Chinese Calendars - 200 Years: 1901 to 2100 The Chinese Zodiac - 12 Animal Signs Year of the Rat (Mouse) - Year 1996, 2008, 2020; Year of the Ox - Year 1997, 2009, 2021; Year of the Tiger - Year 1998, 2010, 2022 PDF portrait format in Simplified Chinese (简体). verlinkt werden. They use their Chinese Calendar 2018 - Text format in Simplified Chinese (简体). It has good vitality and gives people the impression that The first day of a Chinese month must be the new moon day, when the moon is completely dark, that is the moon is in conjunction with the sun. Use a 3-ring binder if you don’t have a Book of Shadows yet.     PDF landscape format in Simplified Chinese (简体). read Chinese Calendar Background Information. Your email address will not be published. 2020 Printable Lunar Calendar – All of these free, printable photo calendars for 2019 would not just help keep you prepared; they’ll also incorporate a a little style and color on your business office, kitchen area, or pretty much any bedroom in your house. Hier finden Sie eine Schnellübersicht über die Feiertage 2020 in China. Chinese Calendar 2020 - Printable HTML format in Traditional Chinese (繁體). All these free planners and calendar templates can be customized using our online PDF calendar creator tool. Here are some different 2020 Chinese calendars for you free to use: Chinese Calendar 2020 - PDF landscape format in Simplified Chinese (简体). Chinese Calendar 2020 - PDF portrait format in Simplified Chinese (简体). It is celebrated for three days, the main day is always on the same date every year but the other two days can vary in terms of dates. circumstances,and will fight for their lives. During this festival, massive events and carnivals take place with huge kites flying in the sky and celebrate spring. Chinese Calendar 2018 - Text format in Simplified Chinese (简体). After that Labour day come which is on the 1st of May every year. In China, the Rat is respected and considered a courageous, enterprising Want to know when is the 2018 Chinese New Year day? PDF file for the 2020 Chinese calendar is available for CND readers. Here is a Chinese wedding calendar for 2020: The Han Dynasty (202 BC - 220 AD) rulers instituted the Taichu calendar, while during Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD) the Huangji calendar was introduced and it was adopted by Japan, Korea and Vietnam. holidays. Chinese calendar, a lunisolar calendar, is formed on the movement of the moon and the sun. Here are some different 2018 Chinese calendars for you free to use: PDF portrait format in Traditional Chinese (繁體). And it has a 12-year cycle with the order as Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig. January February March April … It is said that the Yellow Emperor Calendar was created by the Yellow Emperor, thus the name Yellow Emperor Calendar. All traditional Chinese festivals are decided according to the lunar calendar. The holiday list features minimal borders with stripes giving the list sleek look when printed. © and Powered by The Print Calendar & Malaysia Holidayeval(ez_write_tag([[970,90],'printtemplatecalendar_com-medrectangle-1','ezslot_5',113,'0','0']));report this ad. Want to know when is the 2020 Chinese New Year day? Ancient Chinese believed the universe was composed of five elements, namely metal, wood, water, fire and earth. For instance, the Beginning of Spring (Li Chun) symbolizes the coming of spring; Grain in Beard (Mang Zhong) means it is time to harvest wheat and Greater Cold (Da Han) signifies the coldest time of a year. June 2020 Editable Calendar Free Printable Template, Free Fax Cover Sheet Templates Google Docs Format, Free Printable UK Public Holidays 2020 Calendar Templates, Free Printable French Calendar 2020| 2020 Calendrier, Hebcal Jewish 2020 Calendar | Hebrew Calendar 5780, New Zealand (NZ) 2020 Calendar with Holidays, Free Russia 2020 Calendar with Holidays Templates, ❤️Free May 2020 Printable Calendar Template with Holidays [PDF, Excel, Word]❤️, ❤️Blank Calendar 2020 Templates With Italy Public Holidays❤️, ❤️Printable Calendar 2020 Templates With England Public Holidays❤️, Women’s Day(Women can have a half-day holiday). Every lunar year has a name combined by 1 heavenly stem and 1 earthly branch. It has a leap April, so all together 13 months, lasting from January 25, 2020 to February 11, 2021. Den Kalender für ein anderes Jahr oder ein anderes Land können Sie rechts oben auswählen. Unten finden Sie Kalenderdateien zum Download und Ausdrucken im PDF- und PNG-Format. As copyright laws owner we give agreement to print to anybody, but book other liberties. Free Chinese Calendar 2020 - Year of the Rat - 2020年年历, Free Chinese Calendar 2020 - Year of the Rat. Looking for Chinese calendars for 2020? It is deemed an honor to be born in the Year of the Rat and it is considered a privilege to be associated with a Rat. Download or print this free China 2020 calendar as PDF, Word document, or Excel spreadsheet. For example, in 1963, 1982, and 2001, May 28th coincided with the sixth day of the fourth month in lunar year. Chinese Calendar 2020 - Printable HTML format in Simplified Chinese (简体). In daily life, Chinese people usually choose a lucky day in Chinese calendar before important activities such as marriage proposal, wedding, praying for pregnancy, and traveling. We are here going to discuss the public holidays of China here and if you are interested in knowing the information then you should read it through. During some of the holidays, the roads are blocked and many services are closed so if you are visiting there without knowing all this information then you would probably have a not so good vacation there. What are solar terms? If you are thinking about having a trip to China then you should know about all the holidays there. What is a lunar calendar? After observing the sun’s movement, ancients have found the longest day and the shortest day of a year, respectively Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice.


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