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Gender: Male Age: 26 Classifications: Leader of the Phantom Troupe, Bandit, Nen User, Heaven's Arena Floor Master, Human he is is the leader of the gang of thieves known as the Phantom Troupe. While able to cut a Zoldyck's skin, the blade is soaked a toxin so powerful that 0.1 mgs could kill a whale. - Itachi (Naruto) - Itachi Profile (outdated). The Elder Scrolls metaphysics & philosophy, No spam. The conditions Chrollo sets to acquire the ability is that must see the Nen ability with his own eyes, enter a dialogue with his opponent over said ability, and get them to touch the book cover within an hour. Chrollo is extremely intelligent, resourceful, and charismatic. Chrollo can also conjure the Double Face bookmark, normally placing on a page of his book o he can attack with both arms. To steal a Nen ability, Chrollo must meet four rigorous requirements. Easily charmed Neon Nostrade. Leader of the Phantom Troupe The loss of one's aura is losing the energy keeping the body alive, resulting in death. This nen ability allow Chrollo to steal someone elses Nen ability.

This led to the group slaughtering the Kurta Clan to make money off their eyes, an act that would come back to haunt them in the Kurta's last survivor.

- Basic Techniques: There are four fundamental techniques one must learn to fully grasp Nen. In essence, Hatsu is one's personal expression of Nen that creates a special and unique paranormal ability (colloquially called a Nen Ability). Nen: Chrollo's Nen Ability is called Skill Hunter (盗賊の極意スキルハンター Bandit's Secret). 5'9½" (177 cm) ), Stamina: Immensely High. He is known to have orchestrated the Kurta Clan Massacre, which set Kurapika on a path of vengeance. Recruiting six more members, Chrollo and his group made names for themselves as infamous thieves willing to commit acts of horrific murderer to get what they want. Chrollo Lucilfer is an antagonist in the Japanese anime/manga series, Hunter X Hunter. Orchestrated a memorial concerto while his subordinates slaughtered thousands of mafia members in Uvogin's memory. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tier: 8-A. ), Lifting Strength: Class 100 (Ranks 7th in arm-wrestling in the Troupe. But when Chrollo uses Double Face while turning to another page in Skill Hunter, he can use two stolen abilities at the same time. His physical strength ranked seventh in the group.

The biggest source for fiction battles on the web. So I want to fulfill my dead friend's wish... to wreak havoc. Although the production of aura is unconscious and constant by all living beings, it is more than just 'leaky energy'. (Chrollo's stamina is far, far superior to those who take the Hunter Exam, which involved brutal and rigorous physical activities such as running 80 kilometers across different terrains. Much of Chrollo's past is a mystery. However, he was captured by Kurapika as revenge and his Nen was sealed off, but was released in a hostage exchange. Chrollo Lucilfer is an antagonist in the Japanese anime/manga series, Hunter X Hunter. Everything else, including a Nen user's specialized skill, is based on the basic manipulations of one's aura flow. Most of them are achieved by using a combination of the basics. Aura is an energy produced by all living bodies vital for survival. In the fight against the Zoldycks, he focused on stealing Zeno's ability amid combat and leaving no openings to Silva to exploit, proving himself to be an efficient multitasker, which has brought the praise of both Silva and Zeno. Muzan Kibutsuji (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Muzan's profile (Speed was equalized, both had full knowledge on each others abilities, battle took place in crowded park and Chrollo had prep time). Name: Chrollo Lucilfer, romanized as Chrollo in old translationsOrigin: Hunter x HunterGender: MaleClassification: Human, Leader of the Genei Ryodan, Nen UserAge: 26Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, agility, endurance, the ability to use Nen, can steal the Nen abilities of others and use them as his own using his book (Bandit's Secret), with his Nen ability; Skill Hunter, Bandit's Secret gives him great insight into the abilities of others in combat and strategy (such as when he deduced Kurapika having the ability to impose rules on others with his Judgment Chain), the ability of teleportation (Chrollo has the ability to teleport a person back and forth from one place to another, without that person's consent), his Indoor Fish can feed on human flesh, the Fun Fun Cloth can increase and decrease in size according to Chrollo's commands and whatever is covered in the cloth shrinks until it fits into the palm of a hand, can make accurate predictions of future events except his own (the target person writes the required information on a piece of paper, then hands it to Chrollo, who then calls the "Lovely Ghost Writer", a sort of green monster that attaches to the users arm and moves his pen, the user does not know what he writes, being in a trance-like state), can use his Nen for various other offensive and defensive purposes (see Notable Attacks/Techniques for more information)Weaknesses: The conditions to steal someone else's abilities are strict (he must witness the ability with his eyes, he must ask the ability and be answered by the victim, the victim's palm must touch the handprint of his book and all of this must be done in an hour)Destructive Capacity: Small town level (Chrollo's ability to fend off the attacks of the two most powerful members of the Zoldyck family of assassins, both Zeno and Silva at once is proof of his fighting skill and strength, also stronger than Bonolenov and Uvogin who can do this much)Range: Average human melee range, several meters with things like Indoor Fish and Fun Fun ClothSpeed: Hypersonic+Durability: Small town levelLifting Strength: Class 50+Striking Strength: Class TJ (Zeno stated that he would undoubtedly defeat Chrollo in a one-versus-one fight, but remarks that it would be a different matter if Chrollo were truly trying to kill him, instead of trying to steal his abilities)Stamina: Large, was able to battle both Silva and Zeno at the same timeStandard Equipment: A poisonous knife (0.1mg is enough to paralyze a whale)Intelligence: Very intelligent, tactical genius (is a quick thinker and is very able-bodied)Notable Attacks/Techniques: - Nen: The ability to use and manipulate the vital energy (Aura) present in the body of the user.

You'll also get the exclusive OBD Verse Tier List and other privileged information by your VIP subscription to OBD Monthly. Origin How to Create Your Own What-If Death Battles, General Death Battle TN and Template Blog, Though a Specialist, he is physically strong enough to lift a full grown man and throw him across a distance of meters with only one arm. Was able to keep pace with Zeno and Silva, two of the deadliest assassins in the world, and fought and defeated Hisoka after an intense match.). A highly intelligent and powerful man, his reputation lead to him being targeted by Hisoka Morow in his continuous search for powerful and worthy opponents to fight. He has complete dominion over his emotions, as demonstrated when captured by Kurapika, with Melody claiming that Chrollo had no fear of his demise and that he lived alongside death every day.

Please check your email and confirm the newsletter subscription. The exception to the latter is an Nen ability that intensifies after death. Got outwitted by Kurapika, losing his ability to use Nen until he got an Exorcist to remove the curse. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

Aura carries with it the desires and emotions of the one who deploys it, which is what allows for Nen to have incredible versatility to those who develop their skill at using it. However he must fulfill multiple difficult conditions making this unlikely to be used in spontaneous combat, especially against opponents of comparable or superior skill such as Hisoka or Zeno Zoldyck), Summoning (He can conjure ghostly skeletal entities called Indoor Fish), Biological Manipulation (With Indoor Fish, victims do not bleed, feel pain, and are unable to die even with fatal wounds until the Fish goes away), Size Manipulation and Sealing (Fun Fun Cloth shrinks any object or person to a size that can easily fit the palm of one's hand), Teleportation (Teleported Nobunaga to prevent him attacking Hisoka), Mind Manipulation and Body Puppetry (Black Voice allows Chrollo to completely control any living being's mind and actions by sticking an antenna in them, while Order Stamp will enable Chrollo to control corpses), Explosion Manipulation (By marking targets with the Sun or Moon, Chrollo can create explosions, once affixed, they do not disappear even if the book is closed.


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