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CLAP!!! r/HorrorNarrations. story. My time on cleverbot was funny lol. Trusted by 2,000 companies and developers. ;). Forestclan. As such, the disease became known as clapier bubo (or clapior bubo) in French. The ritual went horribly wrong, and the Unknowns outside are the souls of tormented jews that were sacrificed here. ). No, the Unknowns did not knew the couple. They waited for full sunshine before dashing out and runing for the foot of hill. CLAP! Copyright © 2020. KICK! “Why? story. Death! When they were far away, they turned to take one last look at the mountain when they saw, maybe thousands of people, in black dress, standing near the edge. CLAP! Gonorrhea, also known as “The Clap” or “The Drip,” can be transmitted by vaginal, anal or oral sex. It’s also quite fitting that a moniker for an STD might arise from a location where such diseases and infections are easily (and often) spread. In order for Jane and her friends to leave “jumanji” they have to go on a dangerous journey in orde... Like it says. Please wait... Clickety Clack. ), To This Day (Bullying Poem By Shane Koyczan), The Girl In The Mask (A Short Horror Story! Just like it says. It was chocol... Qfeast is the most popular network that let you create online. Many people have already heard the gruesome origin story of “the clap” as a term for gonorrhea. We’ll never sell your personal information. Continue browsing in r/HorrorNarrations. PUNCH! CLAP! Why would I want to find this place? ;-; SFK should make Phillipines ghost stories/urban legends! Is the paint blood? Search for: Advertisement. Horrible ones, every night. . thats better then the actual story lol. It seemed like it was not made of wood at all. One day, a young married couple went hiking in the mountains. CLAP! My life sucks... yeah. This website is designed to spook you, creep you out, freak you out, chill your bones and tingle your spine. This “treatment” could also involve essentially clapping (or smashing) the penis between a hard surface and a heavy item like a large book. CLAP! Well it seems something stran... Allison Black has nightmares. Gonorrhea is a highly contagious sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the bacteria Neisseria gonorrhoeae. CLAP! in memory of bob my middle finger. My big brother dared me to read it, for an exchange of 2 king size chocolate bars. Created in 2007 by ScaryForKids. CLAP! She's been on top of the world until Syd... 2 quizzes | 3 stories | 36 questions | 6 polls | 10 pages |, 2 quizzes | 1 story | 2 questions | 3 polls | 5 pages |, 4 quizzes | 2 stories | 17 questions | 6 polls | 3 pages |, 3 quizzes | 2 stories | 6 questions | 1 poll | 2 pages |. As the sun began to set, they realized that they were lost. “Clap Clap” | Scary Story. 80 reads 28 readers 38 by Your_Average_Fangirl. why so many word, i hate these "great" descripion. One is that it actually comes from the French word clapier, a term used to refer to a brothel. I couldn't say no to that! | Healthynomics. CLAP! “Are you the owner of this cabin?” he asked. Despite the creepy writing on the walls, they decided to stay the night. He assumed that whatever wrote it was near that wall recently. This story is not real I was bored so I decided to start a story because why not? Salem go's on a trip to locate his lost sister Katie. Scary urban legends, myths and true ghost stories to read online. Read the story and find out how to play the Candyman Challenge. “then how come you know us?” It’s a house in Philadelphia. CLAP! CLAP! If you fan girl over Offenderman your crazy. CLAP! Icky, we know. CLAP! What was clapping? Going upstairs, they found a moth-eaten mattress that was covered in stains. Idk I just wanted to do this cause it seemed really easy and quite honestly won’t be surprised if it is. Here it goes-. CLAP! As the couple cautiously looked around, they noticed a strange atmosphere and a peculiar musty smell. As the sun began to set, they realized that they were lost. The subreddit to post horror narrations created by you or your favorite narrator. I know im bad at this stuff. When he turned the handle, it slowly creaked open. I didn't make make this ok I copyed it it is a creepypasta that I got of the ... ok, my fifth one! CLAP! The diary went on telling how Hitler and most of his followers managed to escape with Satan’s help, but some of his followers got killed by the tormented souls. Sometime after midnight, the couple were awakened by a strange rustling noise. If you are a podcaster, the best way to manage your podcasts on Listen Notes is by claiming your Listen Notes AWESOME STORIES CREEPING ME ME OUT!! There was a family of 5. He swallowed hard and croaked, “Did you come here alone?”, “How many are with you? Suddenly, the corpse turned its head with a jerk and its eye sockets stared at them. The only person that was alive at the end was a Nazi guard who wasn’t able to escape. October 1, 2018. Maybe while the husband had teared down the wall, he had hit the chair cause it was swaying to and fro. ), The Expressionless (A Short Horror Story! saliq. ” You know who we are?” This is about a 15 year old girl and her friends, they get sucked into a vortex and dropped into a forest (kinda like jumanji). 72 comments. Clap Clap is a scary story about a man and woman who get lost in the mountains and come across an old cabin. Death! The man decided to scavenge the house for any kind of weapons to use against the unknown. He leaned out the window and his eyes scanned the darkness. KICK! He got out of bed and walked over to the window. Were they somehow related to Hitler or something? Maybe great great grand parent or such likes. CLAP! CLAP! report. Hello there, this story with be short/long ... A story inspired by someone who let me do this without a problem so yeah... She's trapped in her own prison, dark place, the only key to escape is to free herself, she says to herself: let me go … Tell these scary stories and horror tales around the campfire, at bedtime or on Halloween night. CLAP! There are a few theories behind why gonorrhea is referred to as The Clap: The fastest results possbile - available in 1 to 2 days. There inside was a bed, some cooking utensils, a bookshelf with lots of books, a small table with few more books, and a rocking chair that had a rotting corpse on it. 121 reads 35 readers 8 by theplaidunicorn. CLAP! how to turn online off! This could be an origin for gonorrhea’s byname stemming from common symptoms of the STD– burning, painful urination and a throbbing sensation of the penis caused by inflammation and infection. We, obviously, do not recommend this at all. Clap once for each person…”, CLAP! Guys I’ve made a lot of effort to write that ending. You pay and sign a waiver to get in. Eight ft tall is creeping me out so much and so is teke teke and Kashima reiiko. What about the 6th clinic? Clap Clap Clap (A Short Horror Story!) Clap Clap is a scary story about a man and woman who get lost in the mountains and come across an old cabin. CLAP! No matter where the name ‘the Clap’ comes from, getting tested for gonorrhea is something we can all clap too! Clap Clap is a scary story about a man and woman who get lost in the mountains and come across an old cabin. CLAP! (Some are not even enough to scare a little kid though :P). A mother, a father and 3 daughters. We will try to post 1 chapter a week. After claiming your Listen Notes podcast pages, you will be able to: Thank you for helping to keep the podcast database up to date. The man dragged her towards the wall and began searching for a secret door lock or a hole or something like that when he felt that the wall was quite soft. Due to the prolific sex lives rabbits lead, it makes sense that a brothel might be named after it. It is easily spread because individuals with the disease are often symptomless. CLAP! This is an x reader story between one of my ocs and you of course! Read true ghost stories, real urban legends and short tales of horror online. Carmen Winstead was one of my faves. story. Even more alarming, no one knows where this building is! **drawing using by @**, umm...this is a book i don't know what to say about it i'm not really good at this. spirit, horror, scary. They peeked out and saw it was early morning. If someone wasn’t there how can they clap twice for no? Just when they were about to give up hope, they came across an old cabin in a clearing. We will try to post 1 chapter a week. He wrote something on it, then symboled the man to sit down. 2. Get permission from authors and/or check their licensing before adapting their work! It was growing dark and the man and wife were getting desperate. Each floor is scarier than the last. Please tell us! Finally the clapping stopped after what seemed like eternity. The daughters names were Jennifer, Jade and Janine. 263 reads 28 readers 7 by molly1111111111111111111. Maybe there was a secret way out, but he continued searching. Then suddenly, outside the cabin, the unknown started to clap together. CLAP!!! CLAP! CLAP! He had brought the Jews he had captured to that part of mountain and using some dark magic books, managed to conjure Satan. Lyvia Simon is a professional gambler with lots of tricks up her sleeve that are almost undetectable. Created in 2007 by ScaryForKids. So i had just got done finishing reading about creepypastas, and i had came across Offenderman's story. Your email address will not be published. He looked around but found nothing, only some newspapers, and some rotting wood. read my brillant story about how garbage i am so please enjoy this garbage aswell, I don't need a description thank you very much qfeast please don't read with hoping it's good. hide. in memory of bob my middle finger. Opening the window, he stuck his head out. It doesn’t exist. story. I have a great memory of scary things for some reason. we make holidays on this hellsite so here’s a list of the holidays, dates, and how to celebrate them.


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