colin clouts come home again summary
But tell on further, Colin, as befel 'Twixt him and thee, what thee did hence dissuade. ‘They all,’ quoth he, ‘me graced goodly well. Help, O ye Shepherds, help ye all in this, Help Amarillis this her Loss to mourn; Her Loss is yours, your Loss Amyntas is, Amyntas, Flower of Shepherd's Pride forlorn. Book IV. my Love's Queen, and Goddess of my Life, Who shall me pity, when thou doost me wrong? And there is old Palemon, free from spight. Canto III. In loves soft laies and looser thoughts delight. But her old sire, more carefull of her good. 1579: Shepheardes Calender I: Januarye. 1590: Faerie Queene. Whence he them heares, and when he list shew grace. Spenser. Ne less praise-worthy I Theana read, Whose goodly Beams tho they be over-dight With mourning Store of careful Widowhead, Yet through that darksom Veil do glister bright. While he intersperses "grim realities" into the pastoral text, he does so in a georgic (didactic) tone, achieving a rustic effect that is more realistic than the strictly pastoral mode; and then the poem rises to "an exalted vision of cosmic love" in a way that gives the poem a cultivated complexity that was unique to English literature at that time and which became a model for many later poets. Colin Clouts Come Home Againe (also known as Colin Clouts Come Home Again) is a pastoral poem by the English poet Edmund Spenser and published in 1595. ‘Ah! 1590: Faerie Queene. The which art of so rich a spoile possest. Thus ought all Lovers of their Lord to deem, And with chaste Heart to honour him alway: But whoso else doth otherwise esteem, Are Out-laws, and his Lore do disobey. Or they their Days to Idleness divide, Or drowned lie in Pleasure's wasteful Well; In which, like Moldwarps, nousling still they lurk, Unmindful of chief parts of Manliness, And do themselves for want of other Work, Vain Votaries of lazy Love profess; Whose Service high so basely they ensue, That Cupid's self of them ashamed is, And mustring all his Men in Venus' view, Denies them quite for Servitors of his. More fit it is t’ adore, with humble mind, The image of the heavens in shape humane.’. And to the pitch of her perfection raised. Yet will I think of her, yet will I speak, So long as Life my Limbs doth hold together; And when as Death these vital Bands shall break, Her Name recorded I will leave for ever. But of great Cynthia's Goodness and high Grace Finish the Story which thou hast begun. The which to leave, thenceforth he counseld mee. Then do they cry and call to Love apace, With Prayers loud importuning the Sky, Whence he them hears; and when he list shew Grace, Does grant them Grace, that otherwise would die. Recommended Citation. Of her that first did stir that mortall stownd. That can empierce a princes mightie hart. Does graunt them grace that otherwise would die. 1596: Faerie Queene. And there is a new shepheard late up sprong. As men use most to covet forreine thing.’. And eke to warne yong shepheards wandring wit. He none was made, but scattred all to nought. She is the Bloom of Grace and Curtisie, Adorned with all honourable Parts: She is the Branch of true Nobility, Belov'd of high and low with faithful Hearts. ‘Shepheard, enough of shepheards thou hast told, But of so many nymphs which she doth hold. 1596: The Fifth Booke of the Faerie Queene. Reproduction Date: Colin Clouts Come Home Againe (also known as Colin Clouts Come Home Again) is a pastoral poem by the English poet Edmund Spenser and published in 1595. Seek waies unknowne, waies leading down to hell. Whose pleasing sound yshrilled far about. Good luck in your poetry interpretation practice! Canto IX. Cantos VII and VIII. Book VII. Then first 'gan Heaven out of Darkness dread For to appear, and brought forth cheerful Day: Next 'gan the Earth to shew her naked Head Out of deep Waters, which her drown'd alway. Who life doth loath, and longs death to behold. Formerly translated.


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