computer science worth it reddit
After all, there are gaps in both approaches. That’s what the rest of this article will be focused on. As such, it’s helpful to provide an overview of some of the classes game designers and game developers might take. Do you plan to stay on top of new developments in the field, once you're working? Family has suggested CS to me When you're learning on your own, there isn't really a concept of being "finished". I did have six months more work experience, after all. Can You Get a Good Job with Only a Bachelor’s in Computer Science? Yes, the field is still prevalent, but I doubt industry will keep up with all the new entry level students trying to get their first job. Most computer science programs will focus on the elements of programming, information technology, and computer engineering. If you aren't willing to do a lot of work outside of your classes you won't have marketable skills and this is a field that hires on how good you are, not where your degree is from or what it's in. That applies to any degree though, not just cs. It parallels my current situation directly. And I'm not saying this to be mean to the computer science majors. It seems like everyone wants to get into the “hot” tech market. It's definitely an interesting field. Those who have the skills to do this job are very likely to land the job, and at the end of the day, the value of education often boils down to what the student is willing to put into it. As it stands, the demand for information security analysts is expected to grow by nearly 32 percent by the year 2028. It is your choice. According to Career Builder, almost 40% of employers now want employees who have advanced degrees. Now this sub convinced me that entry level positions are oversaturated with new grads and a lot of people are getting underpaid. Your article articulates exactly why I feel that way. While there are many pros and cons of a computer science degree, the pros far outweigh the cons, particularly for those who are willing to get an advanced degree in computer science. The scale of cost/reward would be challenging to evaluate in any case. One wonders how a degree from expensive high-reputation places, say, Waterloo, CMU, or Stanford would compare. It’s tough to master a specific skill or language when the course material jumps from subject to subject every month or so. In August 2018, I enrolled in college to get my computer science degree. They think their 2.2 GPA will lead to the 6 figure salary that everyone is promising them, but I really doubt that everyone will be living the dream. For those who specifically hold an MS in Computer Science, this could translate into salaries as high as $116,000 a year or more. Computer Science is an incredibly worthwhile major and career choice, because you can combine it with pretty much anything imaginable. For you? First off, I was almost 30 and already had a college degree from nine years earlier. But what does being “worth it” mean? Can you make the best out of your degree? You can do both of those things on your own. But I see a lot of kids not doing well because they only do it because of the money or parental pressure. I admit, I started by participating in an internship after which I got employed by the same company that organized the internship. You trade in your youth and time which might be a dead end in the long-term. From what I’ve seen, the computer science curriculum itself is not enough to prepare students for jobs. This isn't going to change. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Being a programmer for a finance firm can be a stressful job, but the pay is the reward. You'll need to prove to future employers that you have concrete experience in developing actual tools and programs beyond the curriculum. I can't switch companies easily, because most companies don't want to take the risk of hiring someone without a degree. Bootcamp or 2-year diploma may be good enough for some cases. Nevertheless, you can earn money quickly. My struggle is certain things such as math, algebra and calc I have a hard time being interested in and I’m wondering if being accountable will incline one to “eat your vegetables” as it were. However, that’s not to say that my CS degree was worthless. So why did I even go back to school if I was already a software engineer? In 1995, during my final year at IIT Kanpur, TCS and Infosys gave job offers to more than 60% of my class. They love their careers, so they stay in them for a long time. In terms of supplemental education on top of my self-taught background, it was perfect. new grads and a lot of people are getting underpaid. The reason why I want to major in this field is because I want to expand my knowledge on computers, computer technology is rather something I enjoy and I'm hoping to make a career out of it.


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