creepypasta addon mcpe
Tails Doll The best, new herobrine skins for Minecraft PE, available for free. Thank you, I’m glad you think so, and yeah I try getting everyone’s requests in just I’m really busy so eventually everyone’s request will get in, but thanks again I really appreciate it. Smile.jpg – (day)passive 20 hp,(night)aggresive 5000 hp,45 damage. XF5MK. 1. Glowfic a minecraft youtuber used the mod, Wow that’s cool, thanks for letting me know, I’ll have to check it out rn, I could add both, but gorefeild would really help me get experience on marking more complex models, Hey Z3RO awsome addon, but there is a problem, when I spawned in the CreepyPastas, sometimes they just stare at me when they are under a 2 block height, Thanks for letting me know, I’m guessing their hit boxes are too tall. New, creepy creature in Minecraft. Mothman – 50 hp,10 damage,flying. Build factories to automate the processes of gathering the resources in Minecraft PE using the functionality of this addon. Other than that ur Addon is flipping lit bro it is awesome . Also so they won’t get destroyed by mobs from other addons. I never really tried your add-on yet, but can you improve the health and add more mobs? Jinmenken (“Human-Faced Dog”) Null is one of the oldest minecraft rumored legends out there. So cool! Like smile dog or ghostface. Very good! Thank you for the feedback. You can disable footer widget area in theme options - footer options. I like Baldi he is a indie game Hey can you update the sizes like making Granny bigger… And can you plz add the Russian sleep expirement, Herobrine, and Sonic.exe… Good work so far….. slenderia Kunekune (“Wriggling body”) Hey can you add Lazari Sally Scp-231 Scp-486 Scp-354 and that’s it. This creature does not bother players, but it scares the players, you can also play with your friend and scare them. Bloodly painter 4. Make Jeff the killer drop has knife and make it Covered with blood and have 5 or 7 attack damage, Thanks for the feedback, I’ll add this in the next update, © 2014-2020 are not affiliated with Mojang AB.Privacy PolicySubscriptionsContact UsAbout Us, Jeff’s knife was also added, but sadly the loot tables weren’t working. If you can, that would be great and I will try your add-on. Creepypasta Skins for Minecraft PE is the most popular collection of skins available for free. Make it so that eyeless Jack has 70 hearts of health, Slenderman has 1,500 hearts of health, the rake has 800 hearts of health, the seed eater has 500 hearts of health, and the strider has 400 hearts of health.


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