custom aquarium lids
Tsunami is a solid framed lid constructed of interlocking sections. These lids are easy to clean using a damp paper towel, and the only maintenance they require is being wiped down once every month or so. I have always gone to a local hardware store to have pieces of glass cut, but you can also go to a specialty glass shop. Custom Aquariums has been selling freshwater and saltwater fish tanks to hobbyists, beginners, and experienced aquarium owners alike for over two decades. As Tsunami uses an interlocking section design, it produces less waste during the production process; making Tsunami our most economical design choice. Below you will find wide range of Add-on Features that we can customize according to your needs or requirements. Sign up now for up-to-the-minute offers, sales and news! Valid. The highest quality, longest lasting, and most stunning aquarium lids in the world. We're of the firm belief that every single tank deserves a quality lid to keep the owner's fish safe, even if they've got 5 sides and curves, Yes, really. Dimensions: These lids are cut with completely custom dimensions, so exact dims for each lid will be set by each individual. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Custom built to order and fully customizable to suit your needs. from the hardware store will cut the heck out of you. Also feel free to reach out to us at and we will aim to respond back within the next few hours. (Currently these videos are only viewable on desktop, and we'll have them up for mobile soon. I have DIY glass aquariums lids on three of my planted tanks. Now, I've been to ACE, HOME DESPOT and Lowe's. This is Tyler with Two Tides. Free Shipping over $75 everday with code 'FREE75'. The lid that put ClearView Lids on the map and started it all. Configure your aquarium lids today! I also build lids for custom built glass and acrylic tanks. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Then, you have to decide how far across the aquarium you want the lid to extend. amzn_assoc_linkid = "3a9618267753e6d49779878602711237";
This space on the back side is also handy for dropping food into the tank without moving the lid. - Tyler with the Two Tides Team. I could not have done this without him. This final video is a closeup of the detailed craftsmanship of these polycarbonate lids, as well as a look of how they come once unboxed from shipping. Get it first! An idea is all you need to start designing your Custom Glass Aquarium. This is Tyler with Two Tides. If you want something more durable you can use polycarbonate or pay for a thicker glass lid, Your email address will not be published. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a452ff181476fcd339fd3678b4099a8c" );document.getElementById("i2832736cc").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Thank you! I paid about $10 for that piece of glass that is roughly 29" x 9". Prices listed below are for hinged glass or acrylic aquarium tops accompanying the purchase of a tank. I love my tank. If you ask they’ll also polish and sand the edges. ClearView Lids are available for popular tanks such as those made by … Please enter your email below and we will send you a new password. Our hinged aquarium glass lids offer easy access from the front as well as a plastic service strip in the back that you can cut to accommodate your various aquarium products and cords. You should consider going to a glass shop and ordering tempered glass. However, we do have exact dimensions and standard cutout options for popular tank brands such as: Pro Clear Aquatic Systems Waterbox Red Sea Planet Aquariums … Hey Nathan, this is Tyler with Two Tides Aquarium Supply. In the photo above you can see my HOB filters extend about 2 inches into the aquarium. Overall lid dimensions are +/- 1/8" and approximately 5mm thick. Also comes with an easy grip handle. There are also videos in the works. I'm very happy to see your clean freshwater system all setup and thriving, and you gotta love that vertical driftwood. In the title, you will also see “…My take on the Safe Top Lids custom aquarium lids.” Here is the second part! Please enter your email below and we will send you a new password. I use clear command mini hooks as handles for these lids. *** I have never licensed my lids to any other company. Thanks for making us better Khalil, and keep us updated on how your discus and angels enjoy exploring the new tank! amzn_assoc_search_bar = "false";
Below is a slow walkaround of a new lid demonstrating both the tautness of the netting (only using as much as is absolutely necessary to keep tight) and the lid almost disappearing when viewed from straight on. The original sump I received had a leak in one of the seams. Please enter your email below and we will send you a new password. Customizable. Aquarium Canopies & Hoods at the lowest prices online and up to 60% off everyday at That Fish Place - That Pet Place. Here we can see a few videos demonstrating the magnificent precision craftsmanship and detailed effort put into each of these lids, specifically tailored and crafted for each client. ... ReefTops lids can also be customized according to the specifications of each Aquarium or Sump refugium. We can engrave any logo on your lid as long as available Lexan polycarbonate lid surface allows. see my post on making lids out of Polycarbonate here, DIY Aquarium Lids - Polycarbonate - Odin Aquatics, DIY Aquarium Light – How to Build an LED Bucket Light, Pothos Plants: Add Natural Filtration to Your Aquarium, Product Review: Nicrew LED Aquarium Lights, How to Culture Live Microworms to Feed Your Fish, Easy Aquarium Water Changes with the Python Water Change System, 4 DIY Filter Hacks For Pristine Aquarium Water, It wont become cloudy or discolored over time like plastic lids, It keeps moisture in the aquarium, and blocks almost no light, It is made custom for your application, so you can choose its dimensions, This design only works on aquariums with a rim on the top, They are breakable, and can cause injury to you or your fish if broken (I have broken one). The interlock configuration is adapted in this design, however, to incorporate a vented frame. The Pisces Exoskeleton is in a class all by itself. Highly appreciate the kind words brother. I like these because they blend in with the glass lid, and they stick on extremely well. I had a small leak with my aquarium, and Tyler and his team worked with me throughout the process to get it fixed, all the while offering a lot of advice and thoughts on the aquarium hobby as a hole. Thanks for your honest feedback, and your kind words on our service. Below you will find wide range of Add-on Features that we can customize according to your needs or requirements. You’re asking for trouble if you use it. Tsunami looks towards the future by allowing you to reconfigure sections of your lid as your needs change. I will most likely be using Two Tides Aquarium Supply for any future aquariums that I need, the affordability compared to competing options, wonderful service, and ease of ordering makes them hands down the best option. Overall, Two Tides Aquarium supply did an incredible job at helping me work through the process of having my order purchased, delivered at a reasonable time, and worked closely with me to alleviate any potential issues or concerns. The team at Two Tides sent a new sump with no questions asked in two days. About. For those that have an uncompromising desire for minimalist aesthetics; the Classic ClearView is still the ultimate 'go-to'. Also comes with an easy grip handle. Nobodyncuts anymore, they say it's a new safety law? Such a unique and ground breaking feat of fish safety tech that just calling it a 'lid' would be a great injustice. It’s more expensive but much tougher and safer. Attach hooks for lifting and moving the lid. If you're always careful when handling them, there's not much to worry about. ClearView Lids are designed specifically for your aquarium. There are a lot of benefits to a solid glass lid like this: There are only a couple of reasons NOT to use a solid glass lid: In my opinion the benefits definitely outweigh the risks. That being said, we have taken your feedback seriously, and have just released a series of ProStar Plumbing Diagrams which can be seen in the product images for the ProStars, as well as a full Assembly Guide which can be viewed under the 'Assembly + Installation' tab. If something seems off with the pricing, please notify us at [email protected]. Every large aquarium owner knows that when the time comes, a big decision like this can be a bit of a challenge. Please enter your email address below to subscribe to exciting updates and product offers! Advanced features of this website require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. Above you can see a glass lid on my 20 gallon long planted tank. And... if you find a valid error- we will give you a sweet "thank you" gift! The aquarium itself arrived in almost pristine condition, unfortunately, the freight shipping while quick resulted in minor damaging to the stand for the aquarium in the form of a thumb sized depression / dent and some damage to 1 of the 4 legs that was bent, but easily corrected. A pack of these hooks is enough for 4-5 DIY aquarium lids, and only … He couldn’t have been more understanding and helpful through the process. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";
... ReefTops lids can also be customized according to the specifications of each Aquarium … Talking with Tyler about my plans for the aquarium and my experiences in the hobby was great, it was nice to know the care coming from the team and it made me feel confident that they were the right choice when it came to purchasing my aquarium. These will be emailed to clients while their tank is in transit so setup is very simple when the tank arrives. TOP LIDS LLC 5185 South Commerce Dr - Murray/Utah – ZIP: 84107 All Right Reserved. Gotta love the contrast on that stand you made. I just bought a new house and had changed my mind often. The aquarium has been an absolute joy and It really is a beautiful tank with amazing flexibility of use. To Your Success, However, we do have exact dimensions and standard cutout options for popular tank brands such as: Let us know if you are having your lid made for one of these tank brands, as well as the tank model, and it will help the design process move a lot quicker. Please ensure you've provided an email address and aquarium name in order to start the configuration process. I use Ace Hardware in the Denver area, but I have also heard that some Lowes locations will cut glass. I had the wonderful experience of talking with Tyler at Two Tides when I was purchasing my Aquarium (A ProStar 60 Rimless aquarium) and their team did a phenomenal job of communicating every ripple involved with my purchase from confirming the purchase, through my plans for the product, any delays due to the start of the Corona virus, shipping confirmation and even after the product arrived for how it was received, its condition and if I was satisfied with the experience (I was).


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