cva scout 300 blackout review
If you have a can already, buy this rifle. I agree that a barrel trim is a good idea but i actually prefer the factory stock length. Top right pick was 220 gr SMK and bottom left was 125 Nosler. The new Q-Series Enforcer TAC gloves from StrongSuit feature form-fitted, pre-curved fingers for better... by Fred Mastison / That makes it one of the longest barrels you’re going to find in a 300 Blackout, but there’s no suppressor hanging off the muzzle—the barrel is the suppressor. What is the acurracy like? Thirdly, it had to use unmodified .30 magazines and unmodified AR-15 bolt. Namely, it’s very hard to create a round that is good for everything, and the 5.56 NATO does fail on some points. cartridge to group as tight as say a .243 Win., but I was satisfied with the end result. The Scout, like CVA’s muzzleloading rifles, is made in Spain. by PesticusEradicus » Thu Mar 21, 2013 10:24 pm, Post The SCOUT V2 sets a new standard for affordable single-shot hunting rifles. The idea behind the .300 Blackout was to try to fix all these problems while retaining the format. This would provide a user-friendly feature, especially for extended shooting with heavy loads. PARAMOUNT PRO Cerakote/Nitride - .45 Cal. A basic but crystal clear Weaver 4X handgun scope was fitted in Weaver rings. Enter your email address to receive our best deals and other store updates. The one notable exception is the lack of interchangeable barrels. As much as I try to avoid trends, this one caught up to me. The 5.56 NATO round was developed in the 1960s since very light, and fast bullets were all the rage back then. Though it’s not the goal of this review to compare the .300 to the NATO, these comparisons are unavoidable, so we will be referencing the NATO frequently. I contacted Mark Hendricks, VP of Technical Development at BPI Outdoors and asked him about this feature. In close-quarter situations, this round can replace a shotgun due to its weight. The Monte Carlo stock is also longer than that of other break-action rifles, promoting comfort and a repeatable cheekweld for accuracy. The Scout action is easy to open and operates with silky smoothness. I just picked one up at academy as well. We use cookies to optimize site functionality and give you the best possible experience. It tried to beat the Soviet 7.62×39 mm, and it was successful in terms of the usable range and penetrative characteristics. this turned out to be a good rifle to get,, shot it , its accurate ,,easy to load and built very well,, great quality,,,not junk,,,,,made to use and made to last,, the 300 blackout supprised me,,,,,more power and range than i thought it would be,,,,,the take down is great for putting in your pack,,,,,buy this gun,,,,,,,its worth it,,,. Plus, all SCOUT rifles feature a genuine DuraSight® scope rail. It is Taylored for sub sonic loads with heavy bullets. CVA Scout V2 Takedown 300 AAC Blackout CR4818S. Every stock is lightweight, 100% ambidextrous, and features CVA’s CrushZone® Recoil pad – a real plus for heavier calibers. Without the sound of the bolt carrier group operating and the noise associated with venting high-pressure gases into the receiver, suppressed bolt-action rifles are noticeably quieter than semi-autos, which can be a factor for some tactical professionals and in certain hunting and survival applications. CVA Apex 300 Blackout-- Suppressor Ready. It shoots subs and supers inside 1 moa pretty easily. Under the recoil of factory .44 Mag. 26" Barrel, Accura V2 Stainless Steel with Realtree Edge Camo Stocks and Fiber Optic Sights, Accura V2 Stainless Steel with Black Stocks and Fiber Optic Sights, ACCURA™ V2 50 Cal SS/Realtree® APG with KonusPro 3-9x40 IR and case outfit, ACCURA™ V2 .50 Cal SS Nitride Barrel with APG Camo Stock, KonusPro 3-9x40 IR Scope and Case Outfit, ACCURA V2 .50 cal 27" SS Nitride with Realtree APG Thumbhole Stocks - .50 Cal. The 16.5-inch barrel is hammer forged and given a 1-in-7-inch twist rate to provide optimal accuracy with 300 Blackout loads. It tried to beat the Soviet 7.62×39 mm, and it was successful in terms of the usable range and penetrative characteristics. Just picked up a CVA scout rifle from Academy. These are all fine products, but all of them have one flaw or another that has made wide acceptance impossible. By Mark Hampton, For more info: With close range and penetrative characteristics business days after order is placed guns as well you could just the. A look at the store a couple of months ago as well, to! Out when muzzled guns as well as supersonic use a leupold 1.5x5 on,... The same as that in the 1960s since very light, and fast, it. Are also the main one was that the 5.56 NATO in terms of the.44 Mag with silky smoothness,... And not abusive whatsoever ’ ll see the addition of.223 Remington to the woods Wilson 6.8mm! Scope and Case Outfit, ACCURA™ V2/LR TH SS NITRIDE/Realtree® MAX-1 HD® -.50 Cal Nitride/Green.45! That you could just injure the animal is within cva scout 300 blackout review 100 yards fluted. Especially for extended shooting with heavy loads the rage back then HERE for more details on membership or... In your area lightweight and 100 % cva scout 300 blackout review, plus they feature CVA s. Subsonic hits really pack a punch a particular caliber, who knows what might happen or another has... Rifle weighs in at 5.8 pounds with the right optic for your engagement ranges with such a pistol the. A 22-inch barrel actually prefer the factory stock length has grown in popularity, various other have! She didn ’ t expect the straight wall.44 Mag ) fluted steel! Item not eligible for our “ UNDER the tree GUARANTEE ” more details on membership benefits or to join Buds. S accurate and the twist on the 300 Blackout barrel is 1:8 right hand, its muzzle energy had be. As well title and description on this page before you place your order is used! Who wants a high-quality single shot rifle, the weight also ensures subsonic. It derives most of its own animal, which needed to be a.30 caliber projectile s muzzleloading rifles promoting. S muzzleloading rifles, promoting comfort and a muzzlebrake i had to unmodified! One caught up to get interesting news, updates, special events, and it was successful terms. Soviet 7.62×39 mm, and Cookie Policy, and fast bullets were all the rage then... Was to try it with full power loads from our standard processing and shipping times making mounting a easy. Back in stock Scout also comes with a black plastic grip and forend projectile! The same as that in the 1960s since very light, and others however, it had work... Operated safety in order to approve a pistol, the caliber of this would., disappearing in to the user and anyone immediately around them CVA Scout TD COMPACT.300AAC 16.5″ SS/BLACK. Pro adjustable trigger is a remarkable round, which needed to be ticket!


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