dubai police number 911
Tourist Security. Fire Department. You can contact the relevant authorities at +971-4-224-5777. 911 for electricity failure 922 for water failure ... Dubai Police-Control Center of Human Trafficking on +9714-6082347 ... You can contact CDA on the toll-free number … This website includes CSS elements that your browser does not support. employers & recruitment consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & other Emirates in UAE. It’s vital to take the right steps to ensure that your time in Dubai is successful and rewarding on a personal and professional level. For health-related emergencies, you should call 998. Whether it is a crime, a road accident or a fire, you can do your part by making the right phone call. Emergency numbers: Dubai. As a Dubai resident or a visitor, there are a few Dubai emergency numbers you should be aware of. Whether you’d like to report a road accident, a crime taking place or a melee breaking out, this emergency number for the Dubai Police is the right one to call. We recommend noting down these numbers and ensuring your family members, friends and colleagues are aware of them. Dubai Foundation for Women and Children: Tel: 800 111 email: Dubai Police Tourist Security Department: Tel: 800 4438: Dubai Police Victim Support Programme: Tel: 800 8989: Alcoholics Anonymous: Tel: 056 149 6292 Website: Al-Anon Family Support Group: Tel: 050 697 4393: Consumer Rights: Tel: 600 545 555 For any issue with regards to Municipality Services, the emergency number in Dubai is +971-4-221-5555. 151. Although the usage of drones is not widespread yet, the Dubai Government is proactive and has created a hotline to report drone accidents. 997. Call Booking & Enquiry. Residents of Dubai can also contact 800-4888 to report crimes anonymously to the Dubai Police. 112 is the EU emergency number which works in all EU countries (alongside … For fire-related emergencies, the number to call is 997. In case of an emergency, it might be difficult to remember which number is for what purpose. While, a minimalist at heart, AK is expansive with his words. new updates! This completes the list of Dubai emergency numbers. In many countries, dialing either 1-1-2 (used in Europe and parts of Asia) 1-1-1 (used in New Zealand) or 9-1-1 (used in the Americas) will connect callers to the local emergency services.Some countries use other emergency telephone numbers, sometimes also depending on the emergency service.Some but not necessarily all emergency numbers are listed below. 991. It is vital to leave the premises and walk towards the exit calmly. Keep following MyBayut to learn all about living in Dubai. latest Dubai Vacancies from police, ambulance, fire brigade, coastguard, cliff rescue, mountain rescue, cave rescue, etc MyBayut has compiled a list of Dubai emergency numbers which could come in handy in different situations. Crime. ... Find latest Dubai Jobs & Vacancies from placement agencies, employers & recruitment consultants in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & other Emirates in UAE. It is sometimes unfortunate that you require Emergency Services in Dubai or any other emirate in UAE. You must mention your location and wait for the instructions from the authorities. Have them saved in your phone and write them down on paper, too. Authorities are vigilant and will take swift actions on complaints. For incidents related to harassment or safety, contact: Abu Dhabi Police through their Aman service on 8002626 or send SMS to 8002828; Dubai Police through their Al Ameen service on 8004888 from within the UAE or on +9718004888 from outside the UAE; Sharjah Police through their Najeed service on 800151, or send SMS to 7999.. For cybercrimes, report online. You should use the stairs and not the elevator. If you spot a product that might cause harm to the public, you can report it on +971-4-223-2323. Remember, if your emergency is serious, the police can also send a helicopter ambulance. This number should be used for safety-related emergencies. The Emergency response is quite quick in UAE and you are requested to keep these numbers handy at all times. Whether you’d like to report a road accident, a crime taking place or a melee breaking out, this emergency number for the Dubai Police is the right one to call. For any queries in this regard, you can call the toll-free number 800-8855. Moreover, Dubai also has a hotline for consumer rights, which is 600-522-225. You have to evacuate the premises immediately from a fire exit. According to the laws, the incident must be reported to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation within 24 hours. If there are any water or electric technical issues, you can lodge your complaint at 991. All ambulance services have been streamlined so they can manage emergency calls in a better way. Should you see any wanted individual, you could report at the Wanted Persons Department by calling on +971-4-266-0929. As responsible citizens and residents, it is your duty to report a wrong or disruptive situation to the authorities. Their numbers are 800-3267999 and +971-50-6416533. Ambulance And Police. Always on the lookout for things to write about, he is most interested in finding narratives in cinema and sports stories. There is a set protocol to follow if your property catches fire: Dubai Maritime City Authority looks after the management of ports in Dubai. Below is the list of Emergency Numbers in Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE: Police Emergency number UAE: 999 Ambulance Emergency number UAE: 998 It’s a good idea to have Dubai Emergency Ambulance number clearly displayed at home too, so even children can call for help when necessary. Please upgrade your browser to a current version, then come back and try again. As mentioned above, there are different emergency numbers in Dubai specifically for the Dubai Police. If you find yourself in such a situation, the emergency number to call is 999. All about the Sharjah Beach Library Initiative, Top hotels in Ras Al Khaimah with private pools. If you are new to the city, you may also want to know more about the hospitals in Dubai. This number should be used for safety-related emergencies. placement agencies, Dubai Police Emergency Number. Never stay back to collect any belongings and always close the doors to prevent the fire from spreading further. The number is +971-50-641-4667. Emergency Services. During emergency situations like accidents or fires, it’s crucial to know the contact numbers for the relevant authorities. Jobs & The 5 Best Schools in Mirdif: Curriculum, Fees, KHDA Rating and More! However, for any marine accidents, you have to call the Dubai Police at 999. It is best to save the different Dubai Police contact numbers with its specific purpose. Knowing who to call for help at the right time can help bring the situation under control and save lives. Book quality Dubai tours, best Dubai holiday packages with visas & Dubai hotel booking with special offers & discounts.


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