ea888 gen 3b

Founded in 1997, APR is the global leader in performance aftermarket products for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, and other vehicles. Bolted directly to the head; no separate exhaust manifold, Placement of lambda sensor (oxygen sensor for those that prefer that term) allows for faster control and correction of fuel mixture, Higher closing force allows maximum torque sooner in the rev range, Faster operating speed of the wastegate allows for faster boost pressure release on deceleration, Boost pressure up to 1.2 bar, 1.0 bar more typical on prior generation engines. ). Meant to reduce carbon build-up and improved partial throttle fuel economy. This is made possible through APR's optimization of the factory engine management system to take full advantage of the engine's capabilities, without needing any end user adjustment. VW/Audi EA888 Gen 3 (MQB/MLB) Engines Explained So the new VW/Audi EA888 Gen 3 motor has been out for quite some time, but I still get questions on what is new with this engine. At the end of the compression, both the Gen.3 and Gen.3B engines broadly show similar levels of pressure. Individual results may vary depending on vehicle setup, quality of install, environmental conditions, overall vehicle health, testing equipment and more. The APR Plus ECU Upgrade is the first step towards making more power, and it includes our limited powertrain warranty. The engineers opted for the modified Miller firing process. The Audi valvelift system applied on the intake side. All rights reserved. Jan 17th, 2019 Products Unitronic® Performance Software is NOW AVAILABLE for the 2.0TSI MLB (CYMC/CYRB) engine found in the 2017+ (B9) Audi® A4®, Audi® A4® Allroad®, A5® Coupe and A5® Sportback . The basic Gen.3B idea is to combine a shortened compression with a normal—i.e., longer in proportion to the compression—expansion phase to attain significant gains in efficiency. Cooling passages through the exhaust section area allows faster coolant heat up time. *Free Shipping & Handling only offered to the contiguous US on orders over $100, excludes clearance parts and oversized packages. The diagram shows a comparison of the piston position at time of intake valve close (Einlass Schließt, ES) for the 2.0L Gen.3 with the older, conventional combustion processes and the 2.0L Gen.3B with the new B-cycle combustion process. The software is installed to the vehicle's factory ECU through the OBD-II port once the ECU is unlocked, resulting in a clean and headache-free install. Audi’s new “rightsized” 2.0L Gen.3B engine maintains the displacement of the 2.0L Gen.3 and delivers the power of the 1.8L TFSI with the fuel consumption of the 1.4L TFSI. In addition to the Gen.3B advantages shown in the lower load range up to 10 bar, consumption in the upper load range could also be significantly reduced. The basic Gen.3B idea is to combine a shortened compression with a normal—i.e., longer in proportion to the compression—expansion phase to attain significant gains in efficiency.

This self-study programmme describes the design and function of the 2.0l 4-cylinder TFSI engine from the EA888 Gen.3 MLBevo engine series with power outputs of 140 kW and 185 kW. (Earlier post.) The higher the targets are, the longer the intake contour and the lower the compression ratio. In all the versions since, there is an ability in the software to detect stretch by measuring lash and warn safely.

A good starting point is understanding the differences between the FSI (or EA113) engine and the TSI (EA888). Pricing is in USD for the US market and all pricing and information is for reference only. The new Audi engine combines shorter intake events with a high geometric compression ratio; together with other refinements to the basic engine, the new combustion concept enables a reduction in combined cycle CO2 emissions of up to 10-12 g/km compared to its predecessor. 8-liter EA888 Gen 3 … Highlights of the Gen2 TFSI were the Audi exhaust valve lift system and a pressure- and volume-flow-controlled oil pump. Despite the increase in displacement, the fuel consumption of the new 2.0L EA888 Gen.3B engine in the class up to 147 kW (197 hp) compares with current smaller displacement TFSI engines. The engine, featuring a new combustion method based on the Miller cycle, will be used for the first time in the next generation of the A4. The new EA 888 Gen.3B features a combustion method with over-expansion (i.e, a Miller-type cycle). The best way to understand that is to first understand what is driving the change. The Audi valvelift system makes it possible to realize a very short intake opening period of 140 ° CA in the partial load range, while switching to a larger intake event at higher loads. Copyright© 2020 by APR, LLC. Audi’s new higher-efficiency series-production 2.0 TFSI turbocharged gasoline direct injection engine introduced at the Vienna Motor Symposium last week is the first of the company’s EA888 Gen.3B family. Click to enlarge. The EA888 Gen.3B resolves this trade-off through the use of the Audi valvelift system on the intake side. It is very cool, but I would still like a 1.4 or 1.6 version for smaller cars. Updated, and simplified, crankcase ventilation system designed to have a larger pressure difference to ambient air to reduce oil consumption. The faster we get up to temperature the lower the emissions. The Gen.3B approach. The key element driving the improved efficiency is the use of the Audi valvelift system on the intake side. Good.Could anyone know that the undivided or divided exhaust manifold used in this engine?One or two outlet?

Thank you. Use this guide to remove your ECU. New, more compact turbocharger with electric wastegate actuator, and lambda probe upstream of the turbine. The Gen.3B combustion process takes place within a smaller combustion chamber volume and thus with a higher pressure level, leading to a further gain in efficiency. Click to enlarge. The Audi version of the EA888 Gen3B made its debut in the new A4. 0T Atlas and have been doing some research on the engine, which appears to be the EA888 Gen 3b.

That's excellent information. Pricing is in USD for the US market and all pricing and information is for reference only. When you are in need of expert Audi repair, Volkswagen repair or performance tuning give Alex’s Autohaus a call at (801) 566-6115 and we would love to help you get the most out of your vehicle. Another part of this has to do with the 3.6 adding almost 500 lbs to the vehicle's weight. Now you know all of what has changed. The low pressure pump upgrade requires over 400hp to prevent dangerous engine leaning. After a test drive, I'm convinced that the 2.0t manages to deliver sufficient torque to handle most of my needs for acceleration.

The 36 month/36,000 mile warranty is honored at over 10,000 service centers across the country. The Gen.3B approach. I would hope that Gen 3b addresses this issue, but the engine is so new that it's hard to know for sure. Mono Scroll or Twin Scroll? Dual injection (only in certain markets; meaning not the US) in the intake manifold. Dual injection (only in certain markets; meaning not the US) in the intake manifold. This allows operation at partial load with a short intake valve timing, thus significantly reducing the intake phase. The production of these engines continued until 2015. RON is Research Octane Number and MON is Motor Octane Number.

The range of engine performance is very broad. We do it the right way. Never use a lower octane fuel. When describing fuels, the North American Region (NAR) uses the Anti-Knock Index (AKI), (RON+MON)/2, or (R+M)/2. An increase of the compression ratio from ε = 9.6 to ε= 11.7 by decreasing the combustion chamber volume. Golf R Colour Program Becomes Color Program! Reduced oil pressure; modified chain adjusters and less tension with the rest of the chain drive system the same as the Gen 2, .5mm reduction in cylinder wall thickness, Use of more aluminum fasteners (remember single use on all of those when you are working on it at home). Our 80,000ft² state-of-the-art facility is home to some of the best engineers in the industry, who have mastered hundreds of engine management systems.
2.0 TSI EA888 Gen 3. Yes they did address that issue, I believe it was a problem in the Gen 2 engines from '08-'12, they had a faulty timing chain tensioner which has since been redesigned. The visualization in the center shows the resulting charge motion in a Gen.3 engine using Gen.3B timing—about a 2/3 decrease. Rainer Wurms, Dr.-Ing. However, the second part of the expansion phase and the subsequent exhaust phase show, due to the slightly different mixture masses in the combustion chamber and to a different heat transfer in both combustion processes even smaller differences, with the result being no no significant contribution to the efficiency differentials. Some products may not comply with local laws, and some may affect parts of the manufacturer’s warranty. 18 September 2015 at 12:44 AM, Smith Electric Vehicles and FDG form JV for commercial EVs in US; new joint EV platform, GKN Aerospace leading £3.1M collaborative research to develop titanium powder for 3D printing of aerospace parts, Behind Audi’s new “rightsized” efficient EA888 Gen.3B family, Kawasaki Motors Corp. USA pays $160k in penalties for small engine violations in California, Autonomous tech company Sea Machines completes a $20M B-round; Toyota AI Ventures in, European shipbuilder awards hydrogen fuel cell contract to Proton Motor, Electrify America launches new business unit to offer customized business-to-business charging solutions, Gulf Energy Information introduces hydrogen data with new platform, Mitsubishi Engineering-Plastics introduces new lower emissions polyacetal family, Gruppo FS Italiane and Snam collaborate to promote study in hydrogen rail transport, Toyota AI Ventures invests in robotic kitchen startup, Aluminum Extruders Council launches new interactive tool for automotive design engineers, General Electric sets goal of achieving carbon neutrality for its operations by 2030, 9 companies in Japan launch preparatory committee for Japan Hydrogen Association (JH2A), Electrify America installing 36 ultra-fast EV charging stations at Meijer stores in Illinois and Michigan, GKN Automotive, Tata to establish advanced global e-mobility software engineering center in India, Mayor of London launches new heavy vehicle scrappage scheme, 2020 NGVAmerica Industry Summit moves to virtual format this October, NIO hits new record for monthly deliveries of EVs, XPeng Inc. has record month of EV deliveries, ABB and Lion Electric partner to bolster e-mobility in North America. So the new VW/Audi EA888 Gen 3 motor has been out for quite some time, but I still get questions on what is new with this engine. Primary goal was for faster engine warm-up. The Audi valvelift system applied on the intake side. Alex’s Autohaus offers all customers the Bosch and Tech-Net Peace of Mind Nationwide Warranty.

The visualization on the left shows charge motion in the Gen.3 engine. 2020 Alex's Autohaus. However, a good starting point is understanding the evolution of the 2.0T engines and where we are today. So the new VW/Audi EA888 Gen 3 motor has been out for quite some time, but I still get questions on what is new with this engine.


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