east tyrone ira members
The bombing was at Teebane Crossroads near Cookstown. After the shooting they drove past the house of Tony Doris, the IRA man killed the previous year, where they fired more shots in the air and were heard to shout, "Up the 'RA, that's for Tony Doris". The South Armagh area was considered to be a liberated zone already, since British troops and the RUC could not use the roads there for fear of roadside bombs and long-range harassing fire. A support vehicle further compromised the getaway by flashing its emergency lights. It saw itself as the successor to the original IRA and called itself simply the Irish Republican A… [38] The IRA said that the men were legitimate targets because they were "collaborating" with the "forces of occupation". The IRA Northern Command, however, approved a scaled-down version of the strategy, aimed at hampering the repair and refurbishment of British security bases. [81] Two of the wounded were also off-duty UDR soldiers. This list includes members of the Provisional IRA as well as subsequent splinter groups including the Continuity IRA and the Real IRA. Journalist Ian Bruce, instead, claims that an Irishman who served in the Parachute Regiment was the leader of the IRA unit, citing intelligence sources. Of these, 28 were killed between 1987 and 1992. [24], According to journalist Ed Moloney, Michael "Pete" Ryan, an alleged top Brigade's member, was the commander of the IRA flying column that attacked a permanent checkpoint at Derryard, County Fermanagh, on 13 December 1989. [19] [62][73] An RUC reserve officer died after the explosion of a bomb attached to his car outside when driving along Lislasley Road, near Loughgall, on 24 February 1993. This was disputed by many, including other unionists.[93]. [79] His elder brother, Nigel McCollum, a civilian contractor to the Ministry of Defence, had died in a South Armagh Brigade mortar attack[80] one year earlier, on 8 March 1993, while working inside an Army base near Keady. CAIN lists Boyd as a Protestant civilian. Another IRA unit then directed heavy machine-gun fire at the front of the barracks, which provided cover for a bomb team to plant a 100 lb (45 kg) bomb inside. [42] Whereas the previous ambushes of IRA men had been well planned by Special Forces, the Clonoe killings owed much to a series of mistakes by the IRA men in question. For earlier groups such as the, The Official Irish Republican Army & Post-Independence: 1922-present. A 'senior security source' claimed that the IRA was responsible. The SAS ambush had no noticeable long-term effect on the level of IRA activity in East Tyrone. [16] Additionally, most of the attacks which took place in County Fermanagh during this period of the Troubles were also launched from south Tyrone and Monaghan. One of the workers killed, Robert Dunseath, was an off-duty Royal Irish Rangers soldier. The IRA men were intercepted by the SAS as they were trying to dump the lorry and escape in cars in the car park of Clonoe Roman Catholic church, whose roof was set on fire by Army flares. [87][88] The IRA retaliated on 5 August 1991 by shooting and killing a former UDR soldier leaving his workplace along Altmore Road, Cappagh. In October 1990, two more IRA men, Dessie Grew and Michael McGaughey were shot dead near Loughgall by undercover soldiers. [18] The checkpoint was stormed and two British soldiers (James Houston and Michael Patterson) were killed in action. [17] The checkpoint was stormed and two British soldiers killed in action. Five of them were bound over. In June 1991, three IRA men, Lawrence McNally, Peter Ryan and Tony Dorris were lured into yet another SAS ambush at Coagh, where their car was raked with gunfire and rocket propelled grenades. British military sources reported that other IRA volunteers from East Tyrone were involved in the assault. 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[22] On 16 September 1989, a British Sergeant of the Royal Corps of Signals was shot and killed by an IRA sniper while he was repairing a radio mast at Coalisland Army/RUC base. [60], On 19 January 1993 the brigade claimed that their volunteers uncovered and destroyed a British army observation post concealed in a derelict house in Drumcairne Forest, near Stewartstown. [79], On 17 January 1992, an IRA roadside bomb destroyed a van carrying 14 workers who had been re-building Lisanelly British Army base in Omagh. [26], On 11 February 1990 the brigade managed to shoot down a British Army Gazelle helicopter near Clogher by machine gun fire and wounding three soldiers, one of them seriously. Film report. The first phase of Lynagh's plan to drive out the British security forces from east Tyrone involved destroying isolated rural police stations and then intimidating or killing any building contractors who were employed to rebuild them. [20][21] This attack forced the British military to ferry their troops to and from East Tyrone by helicopter. [24], According to journalist Ed Moloney, Michael "Pete" Ryan (himself killed with two other PIRA volunteers on 3 June 1991), an alleged top Brigade member, was the commander of the IRA flying column that launched the attack on Derryard checkpoint in Fermanagh on 13 December 1989. 2 February 1996: The house of a part-time member of the RUC was riddled with gunfire in Moy. See: 11 December 1985: the East Tyrone Brigade claimed responsibility for mortaring Tynan RUC base, County Armagh in which four RUC officers were injured and the base badly damaged. 26 March 1997: A grenade was thrown by IRA volunteers to the Army/RUC base at Coalisland. A decade before Nigel McCollum's death, on 19 September 1983, the brothers' grandmother, Lilly McCollum, was killed by a booby trap bomb said to have been meant for her brother, at that time a member of the security forces. Her extradition from Northern Ireland was eventually denied in 2007 due to discrepancies in the claims against her. After being caught he was put up against a fence and killed. 5 February 1997: an IRA unit fired a horizontal mortar at an RUC patrol on Newell Road in Dungannon. The bomb detonated, destroying much of the base and damaging nearby buildings. See this British Commons account about the NI violence for the first month of 1990: See the 12 May and 17 May entries at the 1992 CAIN chronology: UTV News Report: In Pomeroy an IRA horizontal mortar hit an RUC car but failed to explode. 2 May 1974: Up to 40 members from the IRA's East Tyrone Brigade attacked the isolated 6 UDR Deanery base in Clogher, County Tyrone with machine gun and RPG fire resulting the death of Private Eva Martin, a UDR Greenfinch, the first female UDR soldier to be killed by enemy action. [10][11] It destroyed a substantial part of the base with a 200 lb bomb and raked the building with gunfire. 1st Battalion, the Staffordshire Regiment, Provisional Irish Republican Army campaign 1969–1997, Loughgall terrorist could not have been arrested, "GAA distances itself from IRA commemorations", "Calculating, professional enemy that faces KOSB", "Land Mine Kills 7 (sic) British Soldiers on Bus in Ulster", "IRA Claims Killing of 8 Soldiers As It Steps Up Attacks on British", "Ex-Para 'led attack by IRA which killed Scots soldiers'", "Fears of new IRA atrocity after attack on helicopter", "Cappagh (Incident) (Hansard, 3 May 1990)", "21 die, hundreds injured in Philippine new year revelry", Listing of Programmes for the Year: 1992-UTV news, CAIN – Listing of Programmes for the Year: 1992 – BBC News, 5 March 1992, "I.R.A.


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