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The Gein farm is located a few miles outside of Plainfield, WI on the corner of 2nd Ave and Archer Ave. They found a receipt in the shop for antifreeze and immediately suspected Gein of her disappearance. He lead investigators to the those graves, and three were opened to confirm the claims. DARK KNIGHTS 4 : The Dark Humor of Police Officers. 49 Steps deals with male life at forty. We have been visiting Plainfield, collecting stories, photographing locations, and exhuming original research into the life and continuing legacy of Ed Gein for years. While there have been numerous serial killers from Wisconsin, the particularly deranged nature of ol’ Eddie’s crimes and human art have made him the most notorious worldwide. Finally, Thomas Hewitt aka Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre also took inspiration from Ed Gein. His final victim was Plainfield hardware store owner Bernice Worden, whom authorities found hanging upside down, gutted and decapitated, in Gein’s old farmhouse on November 16, 1957. Ed Gein’s items also included organs and body parts in an old refrigerator and Bernice Worden’s head was found in a sack. The Big Book of Serial Killers Volume 2: Another 150 Serial Killer Files of the World's Worst Murderers (An Encyclopedia of Serial Killers) An Ed Gein movie was released in 2001 and it’s low budget but not a bad movie if you like very scary ones! A high quality digital reading experience. There are many movies based on Ed Gein. The gravestone, which had been defaced and vandalized over the years, was stolen from Plainfield Cemetery in 2000. After his arrest, he admitted to as many as 40 visits to local cemeteries to rob graves between 1947 and 1952, most of which he left intact as he said he came out of his “daze-like” state and returned home. Hooper’s aunt in Wisconsin called him to share the details of the gruesome finds inside Gein’s house, some of which he worked into Leatherface and the Sawyer family years later when he made the film. The land is private property, however, and trespassing is not tolerated. Ed Gein planned to use the women’s skin as a woman suit so that he could become his mother. When Ed’s mother dies and leaves him in charge of the hardware store, he jumps at an offer to bring her back from the grave. Ed Gein’s mother Augusta Wilhelmine Gein was devoutly religious and preached that all women were sinners. The Buffalo Bill killer in The Silence of the Lambs also took inspiration from Ed Gein as he also created a suit from human skin that he wore. Soon after the death of his mother Augusta in 1945, Ed began digging up graves in three nearby cemeteries (Plainfield Cemetery, Spiritland Cemetery, and Hancock Cemetery) to exhume the freshly buried remains of middle-aged women who reminded him of her. Within weeks of his arrest, macabre Jokes called “Geiners” became a statewide craze. She had been shot, mutilated and was suspended in the barn. It was then banned entirely by the state, and Gibbons returned home to Illinois defeated. Have a question? At the farm, dubbed the house of horrors, they discovered Bernice Worden’s body and other Ed Gein artifacts. The property and all of Gein’s possessions were auctioned off soon after. The best Ed Gein documentary, in my opinion is Murderous Minds: Ed Gein. The winning bid was placed by Zak Bagans of the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures. He used the remains to fashion furniture and clothing which he was at least partly inspired to create by the pulp magazines about cannibals, headhunters, and Nazi atrocities that he enjoyed reading.


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