elephant seal vs orca
Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Personally anyone who says the orca will win is being silly, the orca doesn't have strong enough teeth or aggression to beat the elephant seal. From their secret lives in the kelp (swimming lazily through it) to having super powers that helped it 'defeat' Megalodon, it even has the story arc of having a "villain" that made it so they couldn't stay the number one shark in South Africa. The largest carnivore is technically the blue whale. Animals of the same species that live in groups are known to band together to drive off a threat, to collaborate in complex construction projects, to hunt for food or to attack rivals. Can I ask a serious question as to why elephants don't have wings? A nearly flawless predatory machine, it outmuscles and outsmarts almost all other animals on earth. Comparing the two is like comparing pacifist Buddhist farmers with Mongol warriors because they are both human cultures from central Asia. You may opt-out by. Still have questions? And the shark just sank away.”. The largest carnivore is technically the blue whale. Even a 10,000 lb elephant seal is no match for the ocean s apex predator. Tweet; Habitat: Península Valdés. Elephant seals don't cooperate, while transient orcas do, and do so effectively enough to rip apart gray whales, which outweigh orcas by a factor of six. This FAQ is empty. You were right in thinking the killer whale. We don't know the dynamics between these two oceanic top predators well enough to say. The scientists documented four encounters between orcas and great whites at Southeast Farallon Island in the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, off San Francisco, California. Data collected from those tags, says Aquarium Senior Research Scientist Dr. Salvador Jorgensen, made it possible “to capture one of these rare events with the full force of our tracking technology.”. R2: Elephant seal should take this.Lepord seals have evolved to kill penguins while elephants have gone for big defence. 6 years ago. Silhouette of jumping Great White Shark. Yes, it can bite the head off a Killer Whale in one bite. Elephants are a lot heavier than orcas, but an Orca moving at it's top speed is going to do a lot of damage to an elephant. “Before we had seen anything like that, people would ask, who’s the baddest predator?”. The Indian Elephant stunned by Bangla Tiger.Do you... AN INTERESTING STORY! "These are huge white sharks. “In years where orcas appeared, the rate of seals being eaten by sharks decreased fourfold,” explains Sal. The idea that orcas are nice or ineffective predators comes from the behavior of fish-eating resident pods, which have not interbred with the dangerous mammal-eating transients for something like 10,000 years. Orcas mental capacity is equal to or greater than that of humans. Notes: An elephant seal to face a killer whale. The first scorecard came on October 4, 1997, when orcas killed and partially ate a white shark within view of a whale-watching boat. Anyone which is the largest? Get answers by asking now. Seems like you already have the answer you are looking for and arent really willing to accept anything but what you think.. so why ask? What do you think of the answers? That's like you crushing an ant by sticking your arm into an ant hill. Elephant seals are large, oceangoing earless seals in the genus Mirounga.The two species, the northern elephant seal (M. angustirostris) and the southern elephant seal (M. leonina), were both hunted to the brink of extinction by the end of the 19th century, but their numbers have since recovered.. The research team includes Jorgensen and Anderson as well as research partners from Stanford University, Point Blue Conservation Science and Montana State University. You also apparently have no idea about how an orca jaw is structured. Orcas prey on both adult and young elephant seals. How long does it take amphibians to reproduce? “It’s probably one of the densest sources of calories you could find in the ocean,” Sal says. Remember a bull elephant seal can weigh upto 11000 lbs and reach a length of upto 18 feet. Seasonal aggregations of elephant seals attract white sharks — and sometimes orcas — off the coast of California. I thought it would be the killer whale. I have a wooden elephant carving of black ebony we... How do you know an elephant has been in your fridge? One November afternoon in 2009, 17 tagged sharks were detected around the Farallones when two pods of orcas showed up. Since 2006, Aquarium researchers, along with, Since the 2009 encounter, the team combined tagging data with long-term seal and shark surveys conducted by collaborators at, Meanwhile, the white sharks that flee must compete for food elsewhere, which may undermine their fitness, since they need to build substantial energy reserves to, Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, There's one thing great white sharks are really afraid of-Times of News Australia, A great white shark’s biggest fear | Australia News. Have you ever seen something that touched your hea... IS Mike Membre a real person? What are those “small legs” in front of a spider called? The latest data reveals four to seven times fewer predation events on elephant seals in the years the white sharks left area due to the presence of orcas. Why aren't tankinis made with elephant print? Do Elephants Really Have Memories? Do you think Elephants have good memories? Elephant seal colonies in the Farallones were shown to indirectly benefit from the interactions between these two top predators. Large killer whales can be more than 30 feet long and weigh around 10 tons. It turns out they either huddled together at other elephant seal colonies farther down the coast or went completely offshore. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. To give you an idea of how ginormous the data sources that Tietz mentions are, here's the breakdown: the group is using data from 165 white sharks tagged between 2006 and 2013, and compiled 27 years of seal, orca and shark surveys at the Farallones. South Africa. So are the orcas simply targeting white sharks as their next meal or are they simply bullying the competition out of the way so they can munch on the calorie-rich elephant seals? 1 Comment Josh Asel 7 years ago. “You can really only have one apex,” says Scot, who coauthored the paper alongside Sal and several others. You might have seen me on Discovery Channel's Shark Week, National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, heard my TEDx talk or read my Scholastic books. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Great white sharks gather at the Farallones every year between September and December to hunt young elephant seals. The orcas departed just a few hours later, but the tagged white sharks were spooked. The other problem with your scenario? The electronic tags showed all white sharks leaving the area within mere minutes following the arrival of orcas, even if they didn't stay long! Remember a bull elephant seal can weigh upto 11000 lbs and reach a length of upto 18 feet. formerly_bob - not so on the killer whale, see above. Doing so will help us better protect the vital intricacies of our global ocean. And it seems this shark has a true kryptonite, not a one-time "villain" it is up against! It's hard to think that great white sharks, one of the larger species of shark in our oceans, can be afraid of anything. Was there any way to survive the jump from the twin towers? Orcas mental capacity is equal to or greater than that of humans. Elephant seal Vs Killer whale. Because these interactions are so rare, fully understanding this apex predator relationship will take time. Who wins this fight 1 on 1 in shallow water?


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